Naturopathy and Wellness centre opens in Blantyre


Beatitude Naturopathy and Wellness Centre has opened its doors in Blantyre after operating for years in Balaka.

The Centre’s Director, Francis Malunga said in an interview that they moved to Blantyre to diligently serve the large number of clients operating from the commercial city.  

“We want our clients to access naturopathic treatments by professional naturopathic practitioners and chiropractors. Naturopathy or Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct, integrated system of primary health care, based on the vitalistic principles of Naturopathic philosophy and holism. Fundamental to the practice of Naturopathy is recognition of the integrity of the person, as a whole entity, and not merely as a set of symptoms or afflictions,” explained Malunga.

He further distinguished naturopathy and wellness from hospital care citing the former provides respect for the healing processes of nature while empowering the individual to take responsibility for their own health process.

“Naturopathy takes into account physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, genetic, social and environmental factors. Although it is both a concept of healing, and a way of life, modern naturopathy has evolved to become a science-based system of healthcare requiring four years of full-time training in primary health care, based on the vitalistic principles of Naturopathic philosophy and holism,” he said.

Some of the services offered at the center include diabetes and blood pressure reversal,  massage therapy, asthma reversal, back alignment, hydrotherapy, aroma therapy, colon cleansing for the constipated, cancer treatment  and others.

One of the patients who has received treatment at the centre Mike Phiri hailed the opening of the wellness centre.

“I used to travel to Balaka for naturopathic treatment which was a bit of a challenge in terms of transport. I am happy that they have now opened here in Blantyre to help more people who have different ailments,” said Phiri.

The centre is located at Manase in Blantyre.


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