Malawi Gaming Board releases two senior officials


Malawi Gaming Board has not renewed contracts for two of its senior members of the management team, it has been learnt.

The board of directors has declined to renew the contract of Ted Nandolo, 71, who was Director of Social Services and Dave Saweruzika, 63, who was Director of Operations.

Malawi Gaming Board Chairman Benard Ndau neither confirmed nor denied the developments when contacted for comment.

“Contractual issues are private in nature. The board of directors will look at these issues and inform the concerned individuals of its decision,” said Ndau.

Insiders said Nandolo, a former Chief Executive Officer for Blantyre City Council, asked the board for the renewal of his contract despite reaching the mandatory retirement age of 60.

On the other hand Saweruzika also wanted a contract extension despite reaching retirement age.

Malawi Gaming Board Chief Executive Officer Foster Mulumbe and Company Secretary and Head of legal Services Ofa Alide are yet to know their fate on the extension of their contracts which also expired.

Inside sources said  Malawi Gaming Board was taken as a ‘dumping ground’ for people who fell out of grace with the government during the past DPP regime.

For example, Mulumbe was sacked at Admarc where he was Chief Executive Officer over his involvement in the procurement of K30 billion maize from Zambia.

Nandolo too had his contract not renewed at Blantyre City Council and was appointed Director of Social services at Malawi Gaming Board, a position which is not found in the Board’s organogram.


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