Youth Minister Msungama Sticks Out A Middle Finger To Malawians…Undergoes Luxurious Hair Transplant In India On Taxpayers Money


Impunity at its best! Minister of Youth and Sports Ulemu Msungama has raised a middle finger at Malawians by going to New Delhi, India to undergo hair transplant on tax payers money at the expense of well deserving Malawians.

Msungama lied to the ministry of Heath that he has fracture on his knee so that he gets a free ride to India.

According to government working conditions for cabinet ministers, they are entitled to health insurance and if need be to seek specialist doctors in the country or outside Malawi but duly approved by Ministry of Heath. But unfortunately hair transplant is a not a disease that Malawians must pay for the Minister to get treatment for.

Some social commentators have described the move as an insult to poor tax payers who are currently struggling to make ends meet with the recent fuel hike that has resulted in skylocating in prices of goods and services.

“Malawi has a lot of serious cases of poor people who are need of seeking medical treatment outside the country but they can not afford to do but here is the whole Minister of President Chakwera, misusing hard earned taxes to pay for his hairstyle,” said of the well known commentators.

There is a video that is flying on social media that is showing Msungama chatting with a medical doctor in India with his head in bandages.

Ironically the doctor who conducted the transplant is bald -headed!


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