FDH Bank donates K3 million towards buy a gadget campaign at Polytechnic

Dr Ngalande (right) presents a dummy cheque to Dr Chitera

Listed FDH Bank plc has donated K3 million towards the ‘buy a gadget’ campaign at the Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi (Unima) to enable needy students access quality education under Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) platforms.

FDH Bank plc Managing Director Dr Ellias Ngalande said FDH Bank plc under its Corporate Social Responsibility flagship “FDH Cares” is dedicated to creating a sustainable society by supporting various causes in education and health and other important areas.

“Due to COVID 19, we would like to contribute the sum of K3 million to the Buy A Gadget Campaign for the Polytechnic Students to enable them access quality education under Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) platforms. These students are our future leaders and therefore as a Bank we are proud to support them grow,” said Dr Ngalande.

He also said FDH Bank has been supporting and continues to support underprivileged students enrolled in various universities including 10 students at the Polytechnic on scholarships valued at K45 million for 4 years, 6 students at Chancellor College on scholarships valued at K27 million for 4 years and 10 students at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) on scholarships valued at K62.5 million.

“We look forward to seeing this partnership grow and are committed to supporting The Polytechnic where possible,” said Ngalande.

Receiving the donation, Acting Principal for the Polytechnic Dr Nancy Chitera thanked FDH Bank plc for the donation saying it will help needy students in accessing quality education.

“We have received this donation with a very big excitement. The excitement is based on the background that we have about 6500 generic students and from our research close to 300 students do not own a phone, another category has 300 students with phones that cannot accommodate the google platforms and the last category has 700 or so students that have phones that are too small to access the study materials.”

“As a college we prioritized the first category but we cannot cover everything. You can therefore see that the coming in of MK3 million from FDH Bank plc will go a long way in assisting the particular students. The students will be able to access the learning platforms because we will buy the tablets,” said Chitera.


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