FDH Group hands over K26 million building to Ndirande Police Station

Dr Ngalande (right) shows a ribbon at the new building with Chingaza

FDH Financial Holdings Limited under its Corporate Social Responsibility flagship programme ‘FDH Cares’ has handed over an extension building for offices for Ndirande Police Station worth K26 million.

FDH Bank Managing Director Dr Ellias Ngalande said through the ‘FDH Cares’ programme, which aims at creating a safe and sustainable society, FDH Financial Holdings Limited has also provided furniture to the offices worth K3.3 million.

“FDH Financial Holdings Limited has a strong working relationship with the Malawi Police Service and the Group greatly values the work the Malawi Police Service carries out in the country in maintaining law and order that allows businesses to operate.”

“FDH Group has done this to ensure that the officers have a conducive working environment as they carry out their work that protects our customers, our businesses and create a safe and better society,” said Dr Ngalande.

Commissioner of Police for the South West Region Chikondi Chingaza hailed the FDH Group for the support that has come at the right time after Ndirande Police was recently been upgraded to a full police station thus needed adequate office space.

“The structure will make a great difference with a great impact on serving the people of Nyambadwe and Ndirande. With the increased space, the standards of service will be highly improved because our response time will be increased since more officers will be on duty,” she said.

She said Ndirande Police Station as a parent station has 150 police officers but did not have adequate offices with some offers operating under trees.

“The extension of the police station means that these officers will be accommodated in the new officers therefore improving the service standards required by the community,” said Chingaza.

In February, FDH Money Bureau, a subsidiary of FDH Financial Holdings contributed Covid-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) worth K3.5 million to Kamuzu International Airport Police to enhance the effectiveness of their work in enforcing security and in the process taking care of communities.


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