Kalindo warns Batatawala over his letter threatening NPL Journalists


Political activist Bon Kalindo has issued an audio, warning Asian Business person Abdul Karim Batatawala over his letter, threatening and demanding an apology from National Publications Limited Journalists who he claims are doing biased reporting on issues connected to him to stop the act.

In an audio, Kalindo says the letter that Batatawala has issued threatening Journalists is a clear indication that he does not know the freedom of press in Malalawi and that he is rude and disrespectful to the Malawian press.

He says, threatening a Journalist in any means is an act against Malawi’s Constitution that guarantees freedom of press among the Journalists.

” I have seen your letter, warning and threatening Journalists to issue an apology for covering issues connected to you. I wish to let you know that this is against the law that guarantees the freedom of press and anyone found threatening Journalists should face the court of law”, says Kalindo in an audio.

Kalindo says Batatawala should withdraw his letter demanding an apology within the seven days, warning that failure to do so will force him to lead the demos on the issue.

” We have seen the letter that you have wrote, demanding an apology from NPL Journalists who you claim are misreporting issues connected to you within the seven days. I Bon Kalindo also giving you the same seven days to withdraw the letter and if you fail to do so, I will organise demonstrations that we will go and march at your house.

Let the Journalists cover what they feel is for public interest and remember there is access to information law that allows them to do so without being threatened with anyone. No one is above that law,” says.

He challenges that he is ready to be arrested again until Batatawala withdraws his letter .

” I am ready to be arrested again until you withdraw your letter within the seven days. I am ready to call all Malawians to demonstrate against this,” says Kalindo.

He adds that his silent in leading anti-government protests in the country is not that he has given up but he is helping and reaching out Moderate Cyclone Ana victima with various donations.

On March 2, 2022, Nation Publications Limited published an article covering four top government claims list, including Batatawala who is said to have claiming about K250 billion through 20 business entities.


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