ACB COMING UP WITH A LIST OF BLACK-LISTED PERSONS: Wahid Kassam, Farook Gani, Dipak top list

FAROOK GANI: Crooked fella

The Anti-Corruption Bureau will next week come up with a list of black listed Malawians of Asian origin and there after all their property shall be seized for good.

Topping the list is Wahid Kassam of Manobec who has issues with the tax collectors MRA for his companies and Sun Seed being the main source of tax scam. Wahid is pushing the blame to his cousin Nazim Kassman and partner Ataf of transNabila and AS Investment.

As of now Wahid is at the ACB headquarters together with his managers answering a number of questions.  Already, Sun Seed Oil limited is being advertised amongst the Asians in their community and his son Wasim is now operating at Cross Road where manobec is housed.

Another culprit who has milked the national treasury is Farook Gani of Victoria hotels who has used the Malawi Defence Force as a cash cow. He also milked the Central Medical Store Trust with used and recycled synergies and allied materials. This time there is a case of Fraud and Fiscal Police just completed its investigations and has  since forwarded the file to ACB.  

Gani had been under supplying of goods which was food stuff and meals. He used to give tiny portions and poorly cooked to the Malawi Defence Force units and Barracks while the training college was the main victim of his evil deeds. All that has been documented through pictures taken by soldiers who were unhappy and forwarded the same to ACB for action.

Last week Farook Gani was interviewed by both the fiscal Police and ACB. Some of the issues were hinging on tax of goods bought into the country without paying the determined value.

In this case Farook Gani has mentioned Ms Roza Mbilizi as a silent business partner.  He was quick to bring in the name of Norman Chisale and the former first lady Gertrude Mutharika.

ACB has also been investigating Dipak Jevant of Sealand Investment Limited for getting paid for services and goods not rendered at ministry of Agriculture and Health. 

Dipak used to front three companies and all get the contracts to supply fertiliser for the subsidy project and documented delivery notes and other papers which made it real.

At the end Norman Chisale would come to get millions for the president then.  Fiscal Police have found all this and more than seven people are ready to testify against him in a court of law.

ACB has also zeroed in on Rafik Gaffer for his issue of getting contracts at the Ministry of lands under his company Solid Construction Limited by passing the tendering process as stipulated under the PPDA act.

Once these merchants are under the spotlight the fight against corruption will be a great success. Wahid is planning to bribe the Investigating officer has since pleaded to have their numbers.


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