EXPOSED: DPP’s “Madala” Team Prints Fake T-Shirts to Decampaign Nankhumwa…Ignore Fake News KN Not Launching Any Party


Some disgruntled Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials, who are enjoying support from party’s leader Peter Mutharika, have launched uncivilized attack on Dr. Kondwani Nankhumwa, who is party’s vice President for the South.

The publication has exclusively established that with full support from Page House the ‘DPP Madala’ team has printed fake T-shirts bearing Nankhumwa face and further spread fake news claiming that Nankhumwa is planning to launch his political party on Sunday, which is a total lie as Nankhumwa remains a dedicated DPP die hard.

The ‘misguided’ DPP gurus, who are being led by Party’s Vice President for the Central region, Zeria Chakale went a step further parading people on social media in the fake branded T-Shirts.

The attack on Malawi’s next president Nankhumwa, who is also leader of opposition in Parliament, aims at disturbing Nankhumwa’s Mother of all rallies slated for Sunday at Mgona Ground, area 25 in Lilongwe.

Meanwhile, Over 50 Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Members of Parliament (MPs) have thrown their support towards Nankhumwa rally where he (Nankhumwa) is accepted to address the people alongside Party’s Secretary General, Grezelder Geoffrey.

The rally will be graced with live music performances by Annie Matumbi, the chiphaso star Lawrence Mbenjere, Atoti Manje and traditional dances such as Gule Wa Mkulu which is common in Lilongwe.


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