MCP and its savagery tactics wont solve Malawi’s economic crisis situation



One Professor P. L. Lumumba once said if a leader is asked to say what they have achieved and it take hours explaining just know they have done nothing. According to Lumumba leaders that have done something do not waste their time explaining. In few seconds they simply say let the works of my hands speak for me.

Today, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) regime has literary nothing to show for the two years they have been in office, and forget the Tonse Alliance hoax, all what we see is the old MCP trying so hard to register its bouncing back into power after over 26 years in the wilderness.

Even the events can attest that this is the only MCP, think of the arrest of human rights activists, shrinking civic space, the gaging of the media including arrests of journalists, and more recently, the Chakwera regime is trying to wage war against the business captains.

For starters, in 1975 MCP led government under dictator Kamuzu Banda made a decree that forced all the Indians to move from wherever they were prying their trade to the cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe.

Kamuzu was a dictator and he got away with it!

However, over 47 years down the line, and in this day and age, Rev. Chakwera is trying to repeat the same mistake but he will not get away with it!

Chakwera government is using the Nsundwe gang that was trained at Ntakataka Police training school in Dedza to terrorize Malawians that are contributing immensely to the development of this country. People that have literally used their hands to build and shape this economy.

In a space of one week business magnet Leston Mulli of Mulli Brothers has been arrested twice! At a time when the voters were expecting answers on the worsening economic situation compounded by job losses as companies are closing down, shops shelves are empty and unprecedented foreign exchange shortages, MCP is redirecting negative energy arresting innocent sons of the soil.

In a futile attempt to divert peoples attention from the rampant corruption that has rocked the Tonse Alliance government, the ever increase in cost of living and the imminent fuel increase MCP was at it again, this time launching a character assassination campaign on a long-time investor and business guru Shiraz Karim of Kukoma cooking oil.

Karim is providing jobs to over a thousand Malawians who may become jobless if he may decide to invest elsewhere! Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) stand to lose billions in taxes if the Karim’s may decide to invest in another country!

The MCP media team was all over claiming Karim was found in procession of a whopping US$ 4 million, when in fact the whole thing was just silly, to sum it all up.

The amateurs just sent one Nsundwe boy who hurriedly took a photo of the sign post at the gate and used the details to cook up a junk of a warrant of arrest using Shirazs late father’s names in the process.

Isnt that embarrassing as to how MCP is abusing our police?

After failing to get what they thought they would get, we are told Shiraz was taken to Soche police station where he was detained for five hours and released unconditionally! Isn’t this a good example of arbitrary arrest?

What if Shiraz decides to sue, isn’t this a good example of unnecessary burden to the heavily taxed Malawians who can no longer afford Nirma soap now at MK400 up from MK80 before this clueless and corrupt Chakwera regime?

Shiraz is known to be a legitimate business person who often times travels and just like any other person from time to time would have a change in foreign currency.

But wait a minute, where on earth would 20 pounds, and three notes of US$100 value each add up to US$4 million, an equivalent of over MWK4 billion? Is that arithmetic the MCP way?

That things are going south we all agree. That Chakwera is under pressure to deliver on his promises we all agree. But what we dont agree with is the character assassination campaigns and torture of the very same people that work around the clock to pay the very same taxes that Chakwera and his bunch of crooks are looting. This must stop!


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