Bayer Malawi launches new maize variety DKC80-23

Wirima (middle in a wrapper) and Ng’ombe (fourth left) pose in front of a demonstration field with Bayer Malawi officials

Bayer Malawi has launched an early maturity and high-performance maize seed variety touting it to be the most profitable seed investment for both smallholder and emerging farmers.

Launching the DKC80-23 variety at Nkwenya Village, Ndolera EPA in Dowa district, Bayer Malawi Country Head Chikondi Ng’ombe said the company was launching the new maize seed variety named ‘Mzati the Pillar’ following successful identification of farmer needs and country wide field trials of a new maize variety.

“The new maize variety stands out for its early maturity and high yielding characteristics which makes it the most profitable seed investment for both smallholder and emerging farmers. The new variety will transform the maize production in the country and that this new innovation walks the Bayer Brand talk of creating a world where health is for all and hunger is for none,” said Ng’ombe.

Wirima speaks during the launch as Bayer Malawi officials listen on

She said some of the unique features of the new variety include higher yield in the early segment, tolerance to most foliar diseases in Malawi adding that DKC80-23 performs excellently across all locations in Malawi and delivers highest net profit against competitor varieties in the same segment.

“It is scientific breakthroughs like these that inspire us as a brand to do more in pursuit of Health for All Hunger for None. Tibzale zimenezi and we look forward to a fruitful season,” said Ng’ombe.

She said the variety will be available across the country for the 2022 – 23 agronomic season.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Madalitso Wirima thanked Bayer Malawi for the new variety and encouraged farmers to plant the variety to maximize yields.


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