Activist Munlo hits back at AG Chakaka Nyirenda…Pali ponse tingakumane ndiza kuswa makofi


Leader of the Mass Movement for Revolution Comrade Redson Munlo has challenged Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda to go ahead and sue him for ‘defamation’.

Comrade Munlo made the challenge after Chakaka Nyirenda threatened legal action against him over a viral audio.

In the audio, Munlo accused the office AG of practicing selective justice and torturing Norman Chisale, private bodyguard for former president Peter Mutharika by taking Chisale’s case personally.

Revolutionary Munho further accused Chakaka Nyirenda’s office of being used by governing Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to silence critics.

However, the audio did not go well with Chakaka Nyirenda who on Saturday told Zodiak Online that he will decide whether to take a legal action against Munlo or not.

But in reaction through a fresh audio clip, Munlo said: “Chakaka Nyirenda you are just a small boy, you can go ahead to sue, I will take you head on…You are not my size, ndiwe mwana kwambiri.

Ndipo even titakumana town nditha kukupasa makofi. In Fact, in the audio I was addressing the office of AG, not you as Chakaka Nyirenda.”

In a 20 minutes long audio clip, the fearless Munlo added: “I will show you that I fear no one. People like you {Thabo Chakaka} are the ones misleading the president, and it’s unfortunate that the president does not take action against you.”

In the controversial audio, Munlo called upon AG Chakaka Nyirenda to soften his hearts on Chisale and allow him to access his bank accounts. He further asked him to stop fighting personal battles using public office.

The audio came about after AG and Director of Public Prosecution, (DPP) lead counsel, Pilirani Masanjala objected to an application by Chisale to have one of his bank accounts unfreeze to withdraw some money to settle legal costs


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