CDEDI to the rescue of Mchitanjiru primary school


By Iommie Chiwalo

Center for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has embarked on environmental and sanitation drive with Mchitanjiru primary school in Lilongwe as its premier beneficiary.

The human rights organization which focuses much on general wellbeing has donated 500 tree seedlings and other utensils which include basins and soap.

Speaking during the donation CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa said his organization thought it wise to make the donation because the school is almost bare and that is close to the waste refusal area which poses danger to the lives of dangers.

He said the place was identified strategically whereby apart from willing to revamp the environmental status on the school, CDEDI wants to nurture spirit of ownership among learners so that they can become ambassadors in the environmental protection drive.

Namiwa said time has come to take a step further in preventing cholera and that authorities should be transparent when handling issues that affects the general welfare of the masses.

He has since asked well-wishers to join hands with CDEDI in improving the welfare of the masses including environmental protection.

“If you are doing business, there must be customers and the customers must be alive. So as a quest to ensure that there is appreciation, business entities must come forward as a way of paying back to the communities,” he said

The headteacher for the school, Stella Mastala was all smiles and has since expressed gratitude for the gesture.

Master has also assured the public that in collaboration with surrounding communities as well as the Msamba Parish leadership will take care of the donated seedlings so as to ensure larger percentage of survival rate.

 “Trees are important in so many ways and will do everything to ensure that the woodlot reaches maturity state.

“On sanitation equipment, we are also grateful because it will improve the hygiene practices at the institution knowing that this area has been highly hit by the current cholera outbreak,” she said.

She disclosed that one standard two learner was diagnosed with cholera and the donation is timely as it will go a long way in improving the situation.

On his part the Catechist Yohane Kamwaza as Mchitanjiru primary school is under Msamba Parish, said the help from CDEDI is not only timely but also beneficial.

Kamwaza said will use church as a platform of encouraging people about the importance of taking care of the environment, a situation he hopes will help maximizing survival rate of the donated trees.

Speaking at the same function, Chief Golombe said the trees will improve the area by not only beautifying it but also through contributing to environmental restoration.

The local leader has promised to take care of the trees especially by coming up with bylaws that will be followed especially on people found on wrong side of the law.

Golombe also thanked CDEDI for sanitary kits such as soap and basins saying are a milestone towards improving the current situation whereby cholera cases kept on rising each passing day.


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