BINAULI: The choice of black aims to connect with the nostalgia of great memories by imbibers

Castel Malawi limited on Friday night officially launched the black edition of its Kuchekuche brand as part of celebrations marking the brand’s 21st anniversary.

Speaking to journalists during the celebrations in Lilongwe, Castel Malawi’s Head of Marketing Frank Binauli said the company was delighted with the response the Kuchekuche brand has had over the years.

“The choice of black aims to connect with the nostalgia of great memories by imbibers. As Castel Malawi we look back and reflect on the milestones the Malawian Beer – Kuche Kuche has recorded since 2002. As such we have redesigned the look and feel of the brand, we chose the black color to connect with the old memories around Kuche Kuche since historical photos are shared in black and white,” Binauli said.

He however said that the black edition of Kuche Kuche brand will be on the market for few months.
On the taste and make of the black edition Binauli said it is only the design of the bottle that has changed but the beer remains same.

“We would like to assure our customers that the black edition is the same Kuche Kuche beer. For this limited edition, we have only changed the label and packaged it in the amber bottle.” Binauli said.
During the celebrations there were performances by renowned poets Quabaniso Malewezi, Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa and musician Lawi.


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