Mpamba adds UNIMA to payment ecosystem…Partnership to help ease tuition payments


Blantyre, July 26, 2023 – TNM Mpamba Limited, the wholly owned subsidiary of Malawi’s pioneer mobile network services provider, TNM PLC has partnered with University of Malawi (UNIMA) to provide convenience in payment of tuition fees for the university.

The integration enables parents, guardians, and students to make safe tuition fee payments through the Mpamba mobile money platform.

TNM Mpamba General Manager Christopher Sukasuka said the partnership speaks volumes of Mpamba’s growth and expansion of the payment eco-system and strides to further deepen financial inclusion.

“Mpamba strives to provide seamless payment capabilities to Malawians for their enhanced experience with financial technology. The partnership with UNIMA today is a witness of our growth in the payment ecosystem,” said Sukasuka.

According to Mpamba, UNIMA tuition fees payment is initiated in two categories preferred by customers.

“Under this integration, Malawians have two options when making UNIMA payments; using account number or invoice number. Option number one allows students to enter their account numbers while the second option valued clients use invoice numbers,” he said.

Sukasuka added that based on the payment option of their convenience, students and clients are required to follow simple processes on Mpamba platform.

“Mpamba is an integrated mobile money platform with a proven effectiveness in payments and financial services. With this partnership, parents, guardians and students need to follow simple and secure steps to finalise their payments in both options,” said the general manager.

Recognising the multiple benefits embedded in the integration, UNIMA’s Deputy Registrar Alfred Iteta Banda said that Mpamba platform is a breakthrough for the university.

“Mpamba is big in Malawi; it provides convenience for our students and clients. We are taking advantage of Mpamba’s wide footprint across the country which reduces distance and queues for our clients,” said Banda.

He said that TNM Mpamba is providing value in terms of records keeping as the platform works 24/7.

“Clients and students have the luxury to make payments around the clock which means they can meet their payment deadlines in a click of a button. Furthermore, Mpamba keeps records that could be used as evidence in future. Therefore, the advantages are endless,” he said.

To make the payments, clients and students need to dial *444# or use the TNM SmartApp.


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