CFCAN’S Apostle Dr. Nyirongo to hold ‘Holy Spirit sanctioned’ prayers in Chitipa


God’s servant Apostle Dr. Mc Hellings Nyirongo of Christ Fellowship Church for All Nations (CFCAN) is set to hold Holy Spirit sanctioned prayers themed 3 days and nights of TRUE GOD’S ANSWERS in Chitipa district. 

The theme for the prayers, according to Apostle Dr. Nyirongo, has been generated from Jeremiah 29:10-13 and Exodus 3:7-10.

In an exclusive interview with the publication on Sunday, Apostle Dr. Nyirongo said the prayers will be held from 24th to 26th of November at Kanyenjere after Kapoka trading center in Chitipa district. 

He said, among others, at the prayers, they will be manifestation of real Holy Ghost power that will set people free from the bongages of sickness, disease’s, poverty, family and business problems and many more.

“The Holy Ghost has commissioned these prayers to set people free and bring their in born freedoms, blessings, prosperity and good health.

There will be healing, deliverance from severe bondage like those in Babylon and Egypt which represent different spiritual and physical oppression from evil spirits and devils,” said Apostle Dr. Nyirongo

Apart from the host Apostle Dr. Nyirongo, some of the Pastors that will share the words of God during the prayers are Isaac Masingi, Kelly Kaluwa, Precious Ngambi and Elder Willy Chipeta.

CFCAN Praise team, CfCAN youth, CfCAN women of Grace and Christ Melodies will minister to the people through music during the three days of prayers.

Apostle Dr. Mc Hellings Nyirongo is well known in Malawi and across the globe for his accurate prophecies, miracles healing and deliverance.

He was called and sent by HOLY GHOST (Act 13 V 2) and he does what others cannot do except they have Holy Ghost too.

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