Malawi told not to open embassy in Jerusalem


Forum for Democracy and Rights Defenders (FDRD) has asked Malawi President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera to reverse government’s decision of opening an embassy in Jerusalem due to the Israel attack on Hamas in Gaza.

FDRD Chairperson, Shaibu Ajassie made the call on Wednesday at Chichiri Upper Stadium in Blantyre during a solidarity march in support of global condemnation of Israel attack on Palestine, adding that this was also intended to call for the United Nations to join hands in fighting for Palestine freedom.

“Many people in Gaza are dying due to the recent situation in Gaza and this is the reason we organised the solidarity march.

“Almost 12,000 people in Palestine have been killed amongst them are 6,000 children while 5,000 are women and the numbers comprised of people of different faith including Muslims,” said Ajassie.

He added that government and other stakeholders should not take this war as a single-faith freedom fight.

“They should work hand in hand in encouraging unity among the countries,” he said, adding that FDRD will continue demonstrating until Palestine is free from Israel attack.

FDRD marched from Chichiri Upper Stadium to Ginnery Conner roundabout and disclosed that it will conduct other solidarity marches in Lilongwe and Mzuzu to condemn Israel attack in strongest term.

Sheikh Muslim Abbas Vinjenje for Islamic Schools Council-Malawi said all people that have power to change the situation in Palestine should take part in ensuring peace in Palestine and further called Israel to stop killing innocent people in Palestine especially women, children and the elderly.- ( Story Credit: Petro Mkandawire)


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