NBM launches ‘Popanda Chifukwa’ promo

Kaunda briefing the press

National Bank of Malawi Plc has launched the Point of Sale (POS)/Mo626 Pay (MoPay) promotion dubbed ‘Popanda Chifukwa’ worth a total outlay of K60.8 million.

The promotion will run from December 18, 2023 to April 18, 2024, with almost 186 NBM customers expected to win various prizes.  

Speaking during the launch of the promotion at NBM Towers on Tuesday, NBM plc Head of Digital Financial Services William Kaunda said the promotion is meant to recognize and reward customers who have been loyal to the Bank.

“We expect our customers to keep on using our electronic services including debit cards, credit cards, and our Mo626 digital plus platform that enables customers to perform transactions from their mobile phones. In that device, there is a feature called Mo626 pay (MoPay) that will make you win. We want to promote the usage of electronic payments.”

“To qualify, customers will have to make purchases or payments for a minimum amount of K20,000 using NBM POS, MoPay on Mo626 Digital plus on mobile banking platform or Mo626Pay USSD version on Mo626ice,” said Kaunda.

During the monthly draws according to Kaunda, 40 lucky customers transacting on the mentioned platforms will be rewarded with a Purchase Cashback of a maximum of K75,000 each.

Three customers, two from NBM POS transactions and one from Mo626Pay transactions will be rewarded with a cash prize of K150,000 each, while 30 customers, 20 from NBM POS transactions and 10 from Mo626Pay transactions will each win a Gift Pack for a medley of NBM branded novelties like T-shirts, Mugs, Umbrellas, and Flash Drives.

Kaunda added that top five MoPay merchants with the highest number of transactions will also win a Gift Pack for a medley of NBM-branded materials.

He also said shopping mall activations will take place once or twice a month on a weekend during the promotion, allowing NBM digital platform users and cardholders from other local banks to participate in the Instant Draws upon making their purchases through the NBM payment channels of NBM POS or Mo626Pay.

The Bank, will during this period, also date any select entertainment joints like popular bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and lodges in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu, and Zomba, to promote usage of NBM POS and MoPay.

During the grand draw, 10 lucky winners, seven from NBM POS transactions and three from Mo626Pay transactions will each win K300,000 as the second grand prize, while four customers, three from NBM POS transactions and one from Mo626Pay transactions will each win K1.5 million as the grand prize.


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