Former Reserve Bank Governor Dr Dalitso Kabambe has threatened to take legal action against one of the DPP officials, Frederick Malata, over a WhatsApp message that alleged that Dr Kabambe was sending them to fight DPP President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika in court.

In a demand letter from Kabambe’s lawyers Silungwe Law Consultants, Kabambe is asking Malata to retract the story, make an apology, or provide evidence within 24 hours, failing which he will take legal action.

“Our client therefore firmly demands that you should immediately issue a candid retraction of the defamatory publication and apology through the same medium or, if you are minded, you should produce evidence of the wild allegations you have made in the said post” reads part of the letter.

In the post, Malata was demanding to be paid K20 million, or he would make available evidence of recordings as evidence on Friday by 1pm, of which he didn’t publish any.

Malata and others took Prof. Mutharika to court seeking the courts to interpret if he, Mutharika, is illegible to stand as DPP presidential candidate in 2025.

Dr Kabambe, popularly known as economic engineer is also DPP presidential aspirant.

As Governor of the Reserve Bank, Dr. Kabambe was responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership, in line with the principles dictated with the role of a central bank.

During his tenure of office as RBM Governor, the Central Bank managed to provide government with accurate economic advice.

Fuel prices were properly cushioned in avoidance of human suffering (Inflation).

Previously, Dr Kabambe worked in the Malawi Government Economic Service for a period of 19 years from 1998.

He held different positions such as Principal Economist, Chief Economist, Deputy Director of Economic Planning and, Budget Director in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development.

Dr Kabambe also served as Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for close to 2 years.

Dr. Kabambe holds a PhD and a Master’s Degree in Development Economics from Imperial College – University of London, United Kingdom which were obtained in 2008 and 2001, respectively.

Workaholic economist Kabambe also holds a BSc Degree from the University of Malawi, obtained in 1998.


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