Israel workers to send remittances through TNM Mpamba

TNM Mpamba General Manager Christopher Sukasuka

BLANTYRE, March 27, 2024–TNM Mpamba Limited, a wholly subsidiary owned by TNM Plc has introduced a landmark service to help Malawians working in Israel send money back home through Mpamba mobile money.

The development emanates from a sound partnership that Mpamba has with Thunes Hub which onboards various Money Transfer Organizations and Mobile Network Operators for purposes of enabling the transfer of funds within different countries.

The ground-breaking service which is earmarked to enhance financial inclusion and facilitate seamless cross-border transactions, enables locals to receive money from Israel into their Mpamba wallets that will be withdrawn at any TNM agent across the country.

TNM Mpamba General Manager, Christopher Sukasuka said the company has leveraged cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships to launch a service that provides convenience in the receiving of money sent from Israel.

“TNM has in the recent past observed the developments around the Malawi labour market where locals have gone to work in Israel. As an innovative company, we have introduced the service to provide convenience, security, and accessibility when our people in Israel are sending money back home,” said Sukasuka.

The introduction of the service reaffirms Mpambas’s position as a pioneer in the fintech industry, driving innovation and delivering tangible value to Malawians across borders.

“We are thrilled to introduce this service to Malawians in Israel, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to transform financial services. This initiative underscores our dedication to empowering individuals and businesses worldwide, enabling them to transact with confidence and convenience,” he said.

Mpamba has assured customers of more innovative financial solutions aimed at improving access to user-friendly services with a focus on leveraging technology to drive positive change, redefining the future of finance in the process promoting financial inclusion on a global scale.


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