NBS Bank Plc introduces EazyApp for corporates


NBS Bank Plc has expanded its digital offerings by launching a Corporate EazyApp to cater to corporate client’s needs.

The Bank’s Acting Head of Marketing and Customer Experience James Chikaonda said in an interview yesterday that the strategic expansion complements the existing retail application, enhancing the bank’s digital ecosystem by providing a tailored, efficient, and secure online banking experience for corporate users.

“This application is a testament to NBS Bank’s innovative approach, aiming to provide corporate clients with a comprehensive suite of digital banking tools that empower them to manage their finances effectively and make informed decisions swiftly.”

“With the Corporate EazyApp, NBS Bank reaffirms its status as a forward-thinking financial institution that understands and responds to the evolving needs of its corporate clientele, while continuing to uphold the values of care and convenience that define its brand,” said Chikaonda.

He added that the application signifies the ‘Caring Bank’s commitment to facilitating seamless financial management and operational efficiency for businesses, aligning with its promise to make banking ‘Eazy’ for all customer segments.

The Corporate EazyApp, among other advantages, facilitates easy and quick transfer of funds between intra-banks and inter-banks, allows users to access and review bank statements, and maintains a structured system for transaction verification.

According to the bank, the new application also incorporates roles for inputters, auditors and authorizers to ensure security and compliance, providing an audit trail and accountability for financial activities.


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