Hip-Hop Artist Tay Grin Slams Magu University for Cancelling Performance Due to Cultural, Religious Intolerance


International award-winning and Iconic Hip-hop Artist Tay Grin, born Limbani Kalilani, has expressed profound disappointment and concern after Malawi Assemblies of God University (Magu) cancelled his scheduled performance at the institution’s Mr. and Miss Magu event. 

The university’s Vice Chancellor cited that Tay Grin’s music is rooted in Nyau culture, which is deemed incompatible with the institution’s Christian values as an Assemblies of God affiliate.

Tay Grin has spoken out against the decision, emphasizing the importance of cultural inclusivity and respect for diverse heritage.

 In a press statement posted on official facebook page, he said, “How can a church-affiliated institution, which should embody principles of inclusivity and acceptance, choose to segregate and censor cultural expression? This decision is not only baffling but also deeply troubling.”

The artist, known for his pride in his Nyau heritage, highlighted the irony of the situation, stating, “The event features a traditional section meant to celebrate our diverse heritage. This blatant contradiction exposes a troubling double standard that warrants serious reflection and discussion.”

Tay Grin called upon his fans and supporters to join him in advocating for cultural inclusivity, emphasizing that culture and tradition are the bedrock of identity. 

He urged, “Let’s question why certain traditions are celebrated while others are shunned. Let’s challenge the norms that seek to divide rather than unite.”

The artist’s statement resonated with his fans, who took to social media to express their support and solidarity. 

Many condemned Magu University’s decision, labeling it as intolerant and discriminatory.

Tay Grin’s message of inclusivity and respect for cultural diversity has sparked a broader conversation about the importance of embracing all cultural expressions, regardless of religious affiliations. 

As he aptly put it, “Let us stand together in advocating for a world where all cultural expressions are honored and respected.”

Tay Grin’s statement has sparked a wider conversation about the relationship between religion and culture in Malawi. 

While Magu University’s decision has been criticized for its intolerance, other churches in Malawi have been embracing and celebrating local culture.

For example, the Catholic Church in Malawi has a long history of incorporating local culture into its practices. The Mua Mission in Dedza, a renowned Catholic mission, is a prime example. 

The mission has been promoting and preserving Malawian culture through its museum, which showcases traditional artifacts and artwork. 

The mission also encourages local artists and craftspeople to showcase their talents, providing a platform for cultural expression.

Furthermore, the Catholic Church in Malawi has been incorporating local languages and customs into its liturgy, making it more relatable and accessible to the local community.

 This approach has helped to promote a sense of ownership and inclusivity among the faithful, demonstrating that religion and culture can coexist and enrich each other.

In contrast, Magu University’s decision to cancel Tay Grin’s performance has been seen as a missed opportunity to promote cultural understanding and inclusivity. 

By embracing and celebrating local culture, institutions like Magu University can play a vital role in promoting national identity and unity.


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