Dr. Kabambe to be Guest of Honour at Tamandani Chauta Album Launch in Zomba, also attends Mass at Zomba Cathedral


Dr. Dalitso Kabambe, former Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, will be the Guest of Honour at the launch of Tamandani Chauta’s album by the UNIMA CSO Choir at Robins Park in Zomba today.

According to Dr. Kabambe’s Facebook post, he will attend the launch after attending Mass at the Zomba Cathedral in the morning.

“It is so good to be in the House of the Lord… and let’s meet at Robins Park this afternoon to sing unto the Lord,” he wrote.

The album launch will be hosted by award-winning comedian Mr. Jokes (born Andireya Khonyiwa) and will feature supporting artists and several performing choirs, including UNIMA CSO Alumini Choir, St. Charles Lwangwa Choir, UNIMA CCAPSO Choir, St Anthony Choir (Thondwe), Zomba Cathedral Choir, UNIMA NNASCO Choir, and Zomba CCAP Choir, among others.

Dr. Kabambe’s presence at the launch is expected to add a touch of elegance and dignify the event, which promises to be a memorable one for music lovers in Zomba.

The launch of Tamandani Chauta’s album is a highly anticipated event in the music circles of Malawi, and with Dr. Kabambe as the Guest of Honour and Mr. Jokes as the host, it is expected to be a resounding success.

Dr. Kabambe is fondly remembered by all Malawians for bringing stability to the Malawian economy, which resulted in low prices of basic needs and services.

During his time at Reserve Bank of Malawi, Dr. Kabambe managed to reduce inflation rate to a single digit within the first year from 24% to 7.1% in 2017 and effectively manage the exchange rate, keeping it stable at K732 to the US$.

His achievements have left a lasting impact on the country’s economy and have made him a respected figure in Malawi’s financial sector.


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