UTM needs Usi now than never: Attempting to exclude him is tragic and suicidal for UTM


The past five days have been tough for UTM party. However, the next three days will be even tougher for the party and, if carelessly handled, we will not talk about UTM again in the next two months.


On Monday 10th June 2024, the party suffered a great loss: It lost Saulos Chilima—the president, the leader, the visionaire, the financier and, simply put, the party lost its source of power.

In the past five days, the party has been grappling with the loss and, just like what happened in 2012 when DPP lost Bingu wa Mutharika, the truth has dawned to UTM that they have, actually, lost their source of power.

As it stands now, UTM doesn’t have any powers—its disgruntled, disoriented and the supporters aren’t sure of what is in store for the party.

To regain its relevance, UTM, in the next three days, need one thing: Position itself in a way that moves President Lazarus Chakwera to appoint Chilima’s replacement in UTM.

You know what? If the post of Veep remains in UTM, it means UTM will have a voice in the cabinet, which is the source of power, something the party needs to consolidate itself and, eventually, have time to soberly plan for 2025.

The challenge, however, is that, already, internal wrangles are emerging with top figures accusing each other of who, among them, is more UTM than others.

Tongues, in fact, are already wagging with unconfirmed reports that the party’s vice president, Michael Usi, is being strategically sidelined and, on a tragic note, plans are at an advanced stage to fire him.

The reason, we are being told, is that Usi, they say, appear to be more loyal to MCP than UTM. The reasons, we keep being told, is that Usi, they advance, was always more loyal to Chakwera than Chilima.

So, they argue, Chakwera will appoint Usi as Veep and, if that happens, its better Usi goes to become Veep without the blessings of UTM. So, they reason.

Well, I just shudder to think that UTM, as this critical juncture, would be within its own instead of coming together, pull a strength in numbers, and position itself as organized so that Chakwera shouldn’t be left without a choice but continue working with the party that SKC left.

With Chilima gone, what names, in UTM, comes to the fore as political stalwarts that can fit in SKC’s shoes? You can count: Kambala, Felix Njawala and Patricia Kaliati.

For UTM to roar again it needs a charismatic, respected, calm, collected, exposed and trusted person who cannot just speak in wisdom to the disheartened followers—but also one with capacity to fund and also court funders for the party.

Michael Usi, unfortunately, is the only person who the cap fits.

Usi won the heart of SKC. That is why when SKC brough UTM to alliance with MCP, he went with people such as Usi because he believed in their capacity.

Sidelining Usi today is both tragic and suicidal for the party because, lets face it, the rest are either having trouble with law or facing some credibility and political relevance issues.

UTM is better, stronger and relevant with Usi not just on the lead; but also, as a replacement of Chilima as Veep.


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