Phyzix Mzuzu concert ticket sales on TNM Mpamba


Blantyre, July 5, 2024 – Fans of Phyzix’s Mountain Goat Concert starting on Saturday in Mzuzu will gain exclusive access to the show via TNM Mpamba e-ticketing, the organisers have announced.

TNM Plc Group Head of Brand and Marketing Madalitso Jonazi said TNM Mpamba’s e-ticketing is the way to go when it comes to entertainment events and will be handy during the Mzuzu show.

“Mpamba’s e-ticketing is designed to handle any event from football to entertainment. Using the Khadi Mbambande, TNM Mpamba is leading the way in e-ticketing for concerts, ” said.

Jonazi said to buy tickets for the Mountain Goat Concert, Mpamba customers can use the TNM SmartApp, select eTicketing or dial USSD short code *444#, select 6, Eticketing then 2, Concerts & Music Festivals to buy.

“The use of mobile money for ticketing makes transactions easy. Fans can buy tickets anytime, anywhere, directly from their phones. This means no more long lines or last-minute stress, giving fans a smooth experience,” he said.

TNM Mpamba praised the partnership with Phyzix, whose real name is Noel Chikoleka, saying it will improve the concert experience. “E-ticketing fits with the trend of moving towards digital and contactless payments, offering a safer option than traditional tickets. By using Mpamba e-ticketing, we aim to make the concert experience better for everyone,” Jonazi added.

Phyzix also expressed his excitement about the partnership, announced two months ago. “It’s an honor to have the support of a big company like TNM. This will help make the concert amazing. By promoting e-ticketing for concerts, Mpamba is setting a trend for future events and encouraging the use of digital solutions in the entertainment industry,” he quipped.


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