NBM fulfills promise: Delivers 3 braille machines to Nazombe School for the Blind


National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc on Wednesday lived up to its promise by handing over three braille machines worth K9 million to Phalombe-based Nazombe School for the Blind.

The donation is a response to the call made by former cabinet minister, hiker, and renowned author, Ken Lipenga to the corporate world to assist in acquiring braille machines for the school earlier this year.

According to Lipenga, only NBM responded to his call, until Wednesday when it was time for the Bank to physically give the students the machines.

NBM Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager Akossa Hiwa said National Bank looks out to give to communities that are in need in the areas it serves.

“As National Bank of Malawi, we were approached by Dr [Ken] Lipenga and he emphasized to us the need that Nazombe School for the Blind has in terms of shortage of braille machines, and when he did that in line with our corporate social investment policy, we thought it wise to come to Nazombe and present the Braille machines,” said Hiwa.

The Resource Centre’s teacher-in-charge Nickson Chikapenga, thanked National Bank for being the only corporate entity that responded to the plea made on behalf of the school.

“This year we are accommodating 29 learners 15 boys and 14 girls and among the challenges we are facing are inadequate teaching and learning materials like braille typewriters, to cater for 22 learners who need this kind of typewriter.”

“I am very excited that National Bank has come to assist these learners. The three braille machines are going to assist us in examination preparation, by reducing teachers’ workload, and they help learners improve typing speed, accuracy, and efficiency,” said Chikapenga.

Lipenga also appreciated the kind gesture by NBM.

“I know that all companies know about the concept of corporate social responsibility and a lot of them do make an effort in that direction but not everyone gives back to the community, so National Bank is setting a very good example,” said Lipenga.

Nazombe School for the Blind, an appendage of Nazombe Full Primary School at Chiringa, Phalombe was established in the 1970s. The school also has some children living with albinism. 


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