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NBS Bank engages SMEs for improved service delivery

Malawi Stock Exchange listed NBS Bank on Thursday organized a clinic for the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector to transfer knowledge to each other and enable small businesses to participate in economic development successfully.

NBS Bank Deputy Chief Executive Officer Temwani Simwaka said such clinics enable the Bank to understand the SMEs better and service them to their needs.

“As NBS Bank we believe that the future of the country is dependent on the businesses coming through from the SMEs because for us to strengthen the industry base we need a lot more, and also these are the people who will be able to save us forex by producing products locally but at the same time create jobs that the country so much needs.”

“So, as NBS Bank, we believe in partnering with SMEs for them to grow their businesses but at the same time we also believe in creating a platform for the SMEs to network,” said Simwaka.

One of the speakers, Chief Executive Officer of Maestros Designs Charles Lipenga said a lot of Malawians need access to loans but need some guidance and therefore making such clinics is important.

“This is something that Malawi needs especially with access to finance being a big challenge. NBS Bank is offering us a brilliant thing for the country and individuals. We rely on a lot of Malawians with small and medium enterprises which need access to loans but the challenge is that they need some guidance that’s why these clinics are important,” said Lipenga.

One of the participants, Honest Chirwa of Royal Medical Centre and Kateya Farms Limited in Rumphi, thanked NBS Bank for the initiative which he said gives room for entrepreneurs to learn from each other.

“In life not only in business, we learn from each other or somebody’s experience may teach you lessons whether it is failure or success. I believe that failure is part of success as long as you keep on moving,” said Chirwa.

Last year, NBS Bank Plc relaunched its SME offerings to cater for individuals who run small and medium businesses.



Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives-CDEDI suspects that developments unfolding at the Salima Sugar Company Limited-SSCL smack more of politics than institutional governance and have far-reaching consequences on the company’s survival if left unchecked.

It fears this might also scare away both existing and potential investors; warning politicians to take their hands off the company.

CDEDI has made the observation following revelations that High Court froze the company’s bank accounts until it owes Audit Consult K623 million for conducting a forensic audit.

Executive Director for the local governance grouping, Sylvester Namiwa further demands that the company’s executive chairperson Wester Kosamu should make public the scope of audit work justifying a claim of that figure.

In a statement, Namiwa demands Kosamu provides all other related reimbursements including any relevant documentary evidence that validate to validate the K623 million claim.

He has since called on Attorney General Thabo Chakaka-Nyirenda to vacate the injunction which he argued has crippled the company’s operations.

“Malawians may wish to know that the initial contract for the audit signed in June 2023 was pegged at K160 million, and was duly paid but by the time the draft audit report was released the cost for producing the audit had ballooned to K250 million.

“In the same vein, Cdedi demands an explanation from SSCL former executive chairperson Shirieesh Betgri on why he accepted liability for an audit that was commissioned by government in exercise of its oversight role,” reads the statement in part.

CDEDI has given concerned parties seven days “to do the needful; or we will be forced to take drastic action in the interest of the common good.”

A month ago, Secretary to President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba ordered deployment of state security at the company’s factory after an interim audit report exposed that payments amounting to K50 billion could not be validated.

Veep tees off in major Standard Bank golf tourney


Vice President Saulos Chilima has led a field of 110 golfers in today’s Standard Bank individual stableford tournament under the theme;”We Believe in Malawi” at Lilongwe Golf Club.

First to hit the greens was Chief Executive Phillip Madinga and Chairman Chris Kapanga, as corporate golfers including Tourism Minister Vera Kamtukule cheered on. The weather in Lilongwe is cloudy with a chance of rain, but visibility of the green is clear.

LGC Captain Duncan Chidzankufa has welcomed the partnership with Standard Bank saying the bank ranks as one of the most prestigious sponsors of the game of golf in Malawi.

“Lilongwe Golf Club is thrilled to be part of this exciting event. Golfers can anticipate a competitive yet enjoyable tournament with the support of such a prestigious sponsor of Standard Bank’s caliber,” he said.

Corporate journalist Thomas Chafunya, who is also Vice President of the Golf Union of Malawi says he looks forward to an exciting, but very competitive tournament and thanked Standard Bank for returning to Lilongwe Golf Club.

ROAD TO DPP CONVENTION: CEO Grezelder Jeffrey calls for NGC meeting on Dec 6

Main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general Grezelder Jeffrey has called for a party’s National Governing Council meeting to be held on Wednesday, December 6.

Jeffrey annouced the news during a press briefing held at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe.

According to Jeffrey, the delegates at the meeting, will among others agree on the date to hold party’s elective convention.

In her words, Jeffrey who has already informed party’s president Peter Mutharika on the impending NGC meeting, said the decision to have NGC meeting follows a high court order.

In September, the High Court in Lilongwe ordered the DPP to hold a convention within 90 days.

Initially, the former governing DPP was supposed to hold a convention mid this year but the conference was pushed to next year.

Nico supports Misa Malawi fundraising dinner with K2.5 million


Nico Holdings plc has supported the Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) Malawi 2023 fundraising dinner with a K2.5 million donation.

Speaking in Blantyre during a cheque presentation event, Nico Holdings plc Corporate Affairs Manager Mbumba Mlia-Ndasauka said the donation is evidence of their commitment towards initiatives that involve the media industry.

“The donation we are making today is a small part of this commitment and we truly value the relationship our media practitioners have always had. At NICO, we believe that the media plays a very important role in disseminating information to the masses and we are proud to be among the corporates that can support this sector,” she said.

Mlia-Ndasauka also said NICO has been able to send over 10 journalists to South Africa for training with the Sanlam Summer School for Financial Journalists and fully supports Misa-Malawi fundraising for the construction of a training centre at its Mtolankhani House in Lilongwe.

“Let me encourage our media practitioners to remain professional in their reporting of matters, especially business and financial space and to make good use of the facility that will be put up for them,” she said.

Receiving the donation, Mc Donald Chapalapata a member of the Miss-Malawi Fundraising Committee, who was accompanied by Misa-Malawi Board Member Nathan Majawa, hailed NICO Holdings plc for the support.

“We thank NICO for this support, it will go a long way towards making our project of constructing a training centre which is pegged at K50 million a success. We value the relationship we have with NICO as they also support journalists with various training sessions in South Africa,” he said.

He said the fundraising dinner is scheduled for Saturday 2 December 2023 at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe under the theme ‘Media as a strategic partner for private sector growth and viability’.



Mobile network and ICT service provider TNM has contributed K6 million towards the Misa Malawi fundraising dinner and dance scheduled for this Saturday at Sunbird Capital Hotel Lilongwe.

Speaking during the cheque presentation ceremony TNM’s Corporate Affairs Manager Limbani Nsapato said TNM believes in media freedom and professionalism hence supporting Misa Malawi towards construction of the training centre through the fundraising dinner and dance.

“Trends change and they continue to do so. And we believe as a company that for a more vibrant media in Malawi there is need for the media to undergo regular and continuous training. And it is through the construction of a training centre at Misa Malawi that this can be achieved.

“And the benefits of such development can be enjoyed by all including us the private sector. For the past 27 years that we have been operating as a company in Malawi, we all our success to the media hence our support towards this noble cause,” said Nsapato.

Receiving the donation on behalf of Misa Malawi Chairperson for the Fundraising Committee Wisely Phiri said the media in Malawi is encouraged with the support it is is receiving from partners including TNM.

“As of today all preparations for the dinner and dance are complete. We are excited with the support we have received from partners like TNM which has today given us 6 Million kwacha which is a big chunk for us.

We are targeting to raise 50 million kwacha from this event and two other functions in future. We want to have everything done by mid next year,” said Phiri, who is also founder of ICT Company Sparcs Ltd.

Misa Malawi is set to hold a fundraising dinner and dance this Saturday under the theme media as a strategic partner for private sector growth and viability.

William Mpinganjira of FDH Bank is set to deliver a keynote address whilst musician Faith Mussa will perform at the dinner.

Triephornia Mpinganjira drums up Malawi Spelling Bee team support


Philanthropist and businesswoman, Triephornia Thomson Mpinganjira has drummed up support for the six young Malawian children who are going to represent the country at the Africa Spelling Bee competition in Uganda next week.

Triephornia, wife to business mogul, Thom Mpinganjira, made a surprise visit to the Team’s camp in Lilongwe Wednesday to motivate them to do well at the competition after donating some air tickets to the travelling team.

“I just wanted to encourage them because this is something big for the nation and I even challenged them to bring the trophy home because they can do it,” she said in an interview after the visit.

The Malawi Spelling Bee Team who are in the age range of 8-17 leaves the country on Tuesday next week through Kamuzu International Airport to take part in the competition in Kampala, Uganda, which runs from 6-9 December 2023 and is expected back home on 11 December 2023. The team will be accompanied by officials and members of the press.

In her motivational speech to the team, Mpinganjira pledged to give the team a ‘special convoy’ from her Diplomats Car Hire to ferry them to Airport and shuttle them back.

“From today onwards, I would like to be part of the Spelling Bee competition. We will support it from the grassroots and to any level that it gets to in the coming two, three or even 10 years,” she said.

One of the six children taking part in the competition, Michelle Makwelero from Kamuzu Academy said the visit by Mpinganjira has boosted their confidence.

“I feel more confident and encouraged. I have a strong motivation that I have to bring back home the trophy. This is not only for me, but for every Malawian out there,” she said.

Puma predicts growth for MW aviation sector

Lilongwe, November 25, 2023 – Puma Energy Malawi Limited says the aviation sector in the country has great potential for growth a catalyst for sustained contribution to the overall development.

Managing Director for Puma Energy Malawi Limited, Sipho Uaeca, was speaking on the sidelines of the sponsorship Puma made towards Malawi’s first-ever Aviation Career Fair and Air Show organized by Phantom Aviation in Lilongwe.

According to Puma, vast investment in the multi-beneficial aviation sector presents numerous opportunities that enable the growth of other sectors. He further said that by applying a holistic approach and good investment, the aviation sector has great potential to grow.

“The aviation sector is important in the country because it contributes significantly to various sectors such as tourism, energy, and transport. Malawi is a landlocked country where aviation plays a great role in the country’s economy.”

He said that the aviation career fair brought visibility of the sector to the kids, a development that motivates them to consider an aviation career path.

“As Puma, we are thrilled to be part of this great occasion, which provided kids an opportunity to come and explore the aviation sector as a career path. We believe that kids in Malawi will be motivated to consider taking up aviation careers,” he said.

Uaeca added that the sponsorship resonates with Puma’s mission statement, which states ‘Energising Communities.’

“For many years, Puma has been an effective supplier of jet fuels in Malawi. It is interesting for us to witness the growth of the sector. The sponsorship augurs well with our mission, which seeks to add value to Malawian communities,” he added.

Outlining the objectives of the air show and career fair, Chief Executive Officer for Phantom Aviation, Lusekelo Mwenefumbo said that the events aimed at bridging the knowledge divide around aviation industry.

“As a key player in the aviation industry, we felt that there is information gap around the sector that needed to be closed. Therefore, we thought of organising this auspicious occasion to build capacity that elevate the capabilities of the industry,” said Mwenefumbo.

Counting the successes of the aviation events, Mwenefumbo expressed satisfaction with the overwhelming attendance.

“This occasion presented a platform for people to appreciate the abilities of aviation industry and what our air force is capable of doing. We are delighted with the attendance which shows that people of all ages have clear information about aviation sector,” she said.

She hailed the working collaboration with various sponsors like Puma who made the air show and career fair to be very successful.

Kamuzu Academy student Michel Khanje who witnessed the events of the day said she is determined to pursue aviation carer.

“This has been an amazing event for me, usually I wanted to be a lawyer but with what I have seen I wish to be a pilot in future. I was motivated with the skilful flying of the planes, it was stunning seeing such talents,” said Khanje.

During the Air Show, patrons were entertained with performance from South African-based Nigel Hopkins and Jason Beamish. Locally the event had performances by Malawian Airlines, Malawi Airforce, Derek Macpherson, African Parks, Nyasa Express, FCB Bank, Makokola Retreat, Conforzi Plantations.

Bullshit MNSC should investigate the change of money in the North by Haiya

Coming to the 16 December, 2023 elective Conference, the letter by MNSC is misguided and an unwarranted attempt to influence and meddle into the elections in favour of one particular candidate. This is irresponsible. What MNSC should have done if one has to take their cries seriously should have been to call for all the Reports and Minutes for all the Affiliates where they feel delegates were influenced.

Targeting SRFA only and not SULOM and NRFA simply because MNSC is against other candidates is very unfair, illogical and unprofessional. One even wonders as to the legal basis for their interference. Reading their statures closely you find ‘none’. MNSC should investigate the change of money in the North by Haiya.

The bulldozing of his candidature at SULOM. They are happy to allow Haiya contest while still serving as a Director of Nyasa Big bullets. This is bullshit on the part of MNSC. Let this body learn that favouring a candidate won’t do them any good. Let them wait for the 16th.

EXCLUSIVE: Unmasking “deadly” Malawi-Israeli labour export deal


The airlifting of hundreds of young people by an Israeli Airbus A321-251 planes overnight Saturday will go in the history as one of the ‘deadly’ and selfish’ decisions by President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera’s administration; No sane parent can send his or her child to work in a country that is at war.

The ‘secret’ deal to send the youth to Israeli was revealed in Parliament by leader of opposition Dr. Kondwani Nankhumwa, who said: “Government opted to keep the issue secret because it knows this is an “evil transaction.”

An independent investigation by this publication has revealed that some top government officials including State House and Cabinet Ministers are benefiting in the ‘secret’ Malawi-Israeli labour export deal, ‘evil transaction’ as to borrow the words from Nankhumwa.

They even shared the $60, 000 which Israel government donated to Malawian government as a token of appreciation for the labour export deal.

To begin with, the master-minder for the deal is Nir Gess, Honorary Consul of Malawi to the State of Israel. The publication has learnt that Gess is a trusted friend of President Rev Chakwera. He was recently caught in camera welcoming the Malawian delegation upon landing in Israel.

Gess, the founder for Inosselia Group, a firm which is recruiting Malawians youth to work in farms located in areas that have been heavily affected by the war, has his son Or Gouaz working as a middle man for the deal.

Gouaz is working hand in hand with Chifundo Danny Banda, a relation to the Minister of Finance Simples Chithyola Banda. Banda under his briefcase company ‘Lions Human Resource Management Services is at the centre of recruiting Malawians to work in Israel.

The Israeli Agriculture Ministry is on record as having said that between 30,000 and 40,000 workers have left the country’s farms, half of whom are Palestinians who were barred from entering Israel from the occupied West Bank since the Oct. 7 attacks.

The Government of Israeli is further on the record to have declared some areas War Zones, to the surprise some Malawians and other people will be deployed to farms in those war zone areas.

The publication has also learnt that some Malawians will be helping soldiers wounded during the war.

“The Israeli army has thousands of newly wounded soldier’s and by law, Ministry of Defence offers full subsidy for foreign workers to work at their houses and help them recover,” reads one of the communiqué from Israeli government.

NBM awards winners in ICT Innovation Jam


National Bank of Malawi (NBM) plc at the weekend awarded eight youthful ICT innovators in the ICT Association of Malawi (ICTAM) Innovation Jam competition in Mangochi.

The awards which were presented during the ICTAM annual lake conference, saw Richard Mtukula of Angle Dimensions winning in the Fintech and Digital Economy category with his Smart Identity software which allows customers to update their ‘Know Your Customer (KYC) details in the comfort of their home using a phone or computer device.

Mtukula got K1.5 million for the feat.

Innovators were competing in eight categories namely Agri-tech, e-Health, Fintech and Digital Economy, Emerging Technologies, Open Source, She Codes Spotlight, and Overall Open category.

Patrick Hambeyani and Christina Mapwele won the Agri-tech category with their Secure IOT Chicken Monitoring System, while e-health went to Matthews Jere and Tadala Mabulo of Khungu Langa Innovation on top of an overall open category award which saw them got an extra K500,000 from the K1 million prize.

Ronald Chikusa won the Emerging Technologies award with his Dwell Malawi innovation, while in the Open-Source category, Eliot Kalenga emerged winner for his Fees Collection Management System (FECOMAS).

Sarah Makina’s Drip monitor innovation won the She Codes Spotlight category. All the winners got a K1 million prize and will get incubation support from NBM and ICTAM.

Mtukula was elated with the award and said; “There is a need for innovators and ICT personnel to look outside the country where they can be able to showcase what they have developed because the young people in this nation are capable of exporting quality software just like the one that we have the ‘Smart Identity’. We believe that if we can export these skill sets and software products, they will be able to contribute towards the development of the country by bringing in forex.”

NBM plc Head of Information and Technology Operations Management (ITOM), John Mitchell said there is evidence that the world is now revolving around technology innovations hence the support from the Bank.

“Whatever is exciting people in the world is coming from the technology sector, Malawi can’t be any different so we have to drive this sector if we are to compete on the world stage. National Bank believes that the youth and technology best drive the future of Malawi. A sector that doesn’t invest in ICT technologies cannot compete on the world stage.”

“National Bank is interested in the goodwill of the Malawi nation and thinks that it can play its role by supporting ICTAM which is trying to assist the youth in the ICT sector to develop their products to a level which they can compete on the international stage,” said Mitchell.

Last week, the Bank announced a new partnership with ICTAM until 2026 where among other things, is injecting K75 million annually for the innovation incubation support, apart from the K40 million for the Innovation Jam awards.

ICTAM President Clarence Gama said he was excited that the 2023 innovation awards have revealed some of the top-notch technology that will transform the nation.

“We have received three times as much in terms of the innovation that we have been receiving in the past, this just tells you there are a lot of young people that are thinking how best they can transform this nation using technology,” said Gama.

NBM started sponsoring the Innovations Jams in 2019.

Kalulu, Hiroshi win NBM Inspire Greatness Golf


A team of golfers Mike Kalulu and Hiroshi Baba emerged champions of the National Bank of Malawi (NBM) plc Inspire Greatness Invitational Golf played at Lilongwe Golf Club on Saturday.

The Inspire Greatness Golf comes after about two years since NBM plc hosted and attracted interest from 126 golfers including the country Vice President, Saulos Chilima, Minister of Tourism, Vera Kamtukule, retired Malawi Defense Force (MDF) commanders, General Henry Odilo and General Vincent Nundwe among others.

Kalulu and Baba amassed 47 points to win the tournament.

Kalulu said teamwork helped them to win the tournament.

“I had a new playing partner, but we collaborated well. We thank NBM plc for organizing the tournament which has attracted great golfers, so you should understand that it was not easy to win by beating all those golfers,” said Kalulu.

NBM plc Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mcfussy Kawawa commended the golfers for patronizing the tournament saying the aim was just to interact with the customers as they discuss business matters.

“While playing, your shot might have inspired someone to keep playing. On the course, we shared stories that may have inspired someone. At NBM plc, we believe in ‘Inspiring Greatness’,” he said.

On the possibility of returning on the Golf course with a similar tournament, Kawawa said: “Of course, but we do not want to commit because we only organize such tournaments when we feel we have to do that, unlike in the past when we had a calendar that we will host a National Bank of Malawi golf on such a day.”

NBM donated K3 million for the maintenance of the greens at Lilongwe Golf Club.

PIL donates textbooks to Mchinji school


Petroleum Importers Limited, a consortium of four oil marketing companies in Malawi, has donated 405 textbooks worth K4.5 million to Takondwa Community Day Secondary School in Mchinji.

Speaking after presenting the books, PIL General Manager Martin Msimuko said the company which comprises Puma, Total Energies, Vivo Energy, and Petroda, felt the need to help the school as part of its corporate social responsibility.

“As a company, we commit to supporting the health sector, education, and safety. We all know that education requires collaborative effort because the Government alone cannot manage to supply all the needs. We believe that our contribution to the development of education will go a long way in motivating these students to work hard and pass with flying colours because we have brought textbooks for different subject codes and all classes.”

“Our hope is that the students and teachers will take care of the books so that they also benefit the other crop of students coming behind them,” said Msimuko.

Takondwa Community Day School deputy headteacher Samson Fredrick Katchere commended PIL for the donation saying books were part of the numerous problems the school is facing.

“We teachers are curriculum implementers, but it becomes a problem when you do not have proper and enough materials to achieve that. This support will enhance learning and teaching at our school,” he said.

The school’s head girl, Verina Henry, also thanked PIL for the donation saying it will help girls to work hard in class.

“We face a lot of challenges as girls, and to have proper books for our studies means we will be able to study after classes. We commend PIL for choosing to help our school,” said Henry.

According to the deputy headteacher, Takondwa CDSS has 280 students with 16 teachers. Only four of the teachers are housed at the school, while the rest stay at Kalulu Trading Centre, a distance of about eight kilometres.

Total Energies distributes helmets to Kabaza operators


Total Energies Marketing Malawi Limited (TMML) has launched a safety campaign dubbed ‘Helmet 4 Life’ where among other activities, the company will distribute helmets to Kabaza motorcycle taxi operators to enhance their safety on the roads.

Speaking during the launch of the campaign at Tsiranana Service Station in Limbe, where the company distributed 300 helmets to Kabaza operators from various areas in Blantyre, TMML Managing Director Nerusha Govender said as a responsible corporate entity, the company realizes that road safety is fundamental to their business and a value to the company.

“We are targeting 1520 Kabaza operators for Malawi, but 100,000 in 40 countries where Total Energies operates. We have an important philosophy ‘safety for me for you for all’ and what we want is for the Kabaza operators to be safe for themselves and also to be safe for their passengers,” said Govender.

In his remarks, Road Safety Alert Foundation (ROSAF) Executive Director Joel Jere said he is thankful that the long-time discussion between his organization and TMML has finally materialized.

“It has been a long discussion that we should be able to help these Kabaza operators as one of our target groups and also looking at the increase in the number of accidents. So, we are very happy that Total Energies have taken a good step to distribute these helmets today,” said Jere.

Kabaza Association of Malawi spokesperson Tonex Yakobe thanked TMML and ROSAF for the initiative.

“As an association, we are going to make sure that the helmets are being used correctly and that no-one has sold his helmet because Total Energies wants us to be safe,” said Yakobe.   

According to TMML, 28 percent of road accidents in the world involve motorbikes and can reach 75 percent in certain countries.

TMML is celebrating its 60-year presence as a major player in the energy distribution sector in Malawi.

Standard Bank customer wins K10m in Switch Your Salary and Win promoBa


After making four customers millionaires and transformed lives with fabulous cash prizes, Standard Bank Plc has made a Mchezi-based customer, Elemiya Mariko K10 million richer in the Switch Your Salary and Win promotion.

He emerged a grand winner during the final draw of the promotion that was launched in June to convert salary earners into Standard Bank Plc customers with access to flexible loans and seamless financial services.

Reacting to the good news of his winning, excited Mariko thanked Standard Bank for the promotion that has transformed his economic status.

“I can’t believe that I have won such a huge amount of money in the promotion. This is a great opportunity for me as I am optimistic of a financial transformation that will help my family. All I can say is thank you Standard Bank for Switch Your Salary and Win promo,” said Mariko.
Standard Bank Plc has expressed satisfaction with the positive social economic impact the promotion has made on customer lives.

Speaking during the grand draw, Standard Bank’s Chief Executive Phillip Madinga said that the prizes have uplifted lives of customers.

“Before this grand draw, we conducted four draws where we distributed over K18 million in cash prizes. From the sentiments we got from winners we are compelled to say that winners made opportune use of the money,” said Madinga.

Madinga disclosed that through the promotion the customer base has grown by 14%.

“We are glad to note a 14% increase in new customers joining the Bank and 4% more loans processed and approved since we launched this promotion. Switch your salary and Win aimed at engaging customers through the bank’s value proposition, advanced solutions, and improved service. The cash prizes were deliberately chosen so that winners can then direct funds to their most urgent needs,” he said.

Switch Your Salary and Win promotion presented numerous opportunities to customers because they enjoyed excellent banking services while reaping better rewards.

“Our purpose is to drive the growth of Malawi, therefore, we believe that the promotion has helped contributed towards our core value. While we strive to provide amazing banking services, we are enabling customers to win great prizes,” he said.

He said that the promotion has seen more Malawians moving to join Standard Bank, which in turn is taking over their loans while offering them flexible repayment terms of up to five years.

“Standard Bank has several market leading products, and we are one of the few Banks that offer a seamless loan process. These services position the bank as a solutionist in the financial sector a long time aspect we preserve with great honor,” added Madinga.

Through the promotion, Malawians were encouraged to move their salary accounts from other banks to Standard Bank, which in turn takes over their loans and offers a flexible repayment of up to five years.

Malawi Govt hails partnership with Huawei


Government through the Ministry of education has lauded Huawei Technologies Malawi for playing an integral role in the implementation of Malawi digitalisation plan which is enhancing service efficiency and delivery.

Director of Science, Technology and Innovation in the Ministry of Education, Professor Chomora Mikeka was speaking in Lilongwe during the closing ceremony of Huawei’s flagship initiative dubbed Seed for Future program.

According to Mikeka the intervention by Huawei is contributing significantly towards the National Digitalisation Strategy which seeks to enhance the uptake of technology.

“Malawi government has put digitalisation top on the agenda to enhance service efficiency and delivery, therefore, in our ministry digitalisation is part of transforming education. This training by Huawei is very critical because it is providing cutting edge digital skills that are important to propagate our digitalisation strategy,” said Mikeka.

Mikeka emphasised on the need to invest in digital skills for young people saying such initiatives augurs well with Malawi Vision 2063 plan.

“Young people need to be invested in technology right now because we are planting the seeds not only for future but even now. Once these are digitally empowered as part of human capital development which is useful for all the sectors, will help in the attainment of our MW2063 vision,” he said.

He added that through digital skills, Malawi could be able to export jobs virtually and enable the growth of the country.

“Huawei has strategically pulled a good chunk of young people in both public and private universities which could work virtually for international organizations such as Huawei and Microsoft,” added Mikeka.

Managing Director for Huawei Technologies Malawi, Gu Mu expressed optimism for Malawi’s digital transformation agenda.

“At Huawei we are proud to successfully implement this year’s Seed for the Future program which has equipped Malawian youths with newfound knowledge and cultural experiences. We believe that the application of such knowledge will help Malawi’s digital transformation journey,” said Gu Mu.

Gu Mu argued the trained student to make good use of the acquired knowledge as it presents great opportunities for growth.

“To the bright minds who participated in this program your dedication, curiosity, and resilience have helped you to succeed in the program in order to improve yourself and Malawi as a country. As you return to your various universities, remember the knowledge and skills you have learned so that you can apply it in your lives and share it with others,” he said.

He expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Information and Ministry of Education for making this year’s training a success.

“We would like to thank these ministries for their support towards our program. Together, we are shaping a future where innovation and technology knows no borders, and the seeds we have planted today flourish for years to come,” added Gu Mu.

Castel Malawi offers employees post devaluation bail-out package


Giant alcoholic beverages producer Castel Malawi has responded to the recent 44% devaluation of the kwacha by offering its employees the 15% on the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (Cola) and a once-off shopping voucher worth K150,000 for its 620 strong workforce effective 1 December 2023.

In an internal memorandum circulated to all staff members dated 21 November 2023 signed by Human Resources and Corporate Affairs Director Gloria Zimba indicates that management has decided to offer the 15% increment across the board.

“I am also pleased to announce a 15% adjustment on the following allowances; car allowance, fuel allowance, travel and accommodation allowances, driver allowances, flexibility allowances and depot lunch allowances.”

“Management also appreciates the economic hardships which its employees are facing due to the devaluation. To help cushion the immediate negative impact, management has decided to give a once-off shopping voucher of K150,000. This voucher will be given to all employees by the first week of December 2023,” reads the memo in part.

Zimba said Castel Malawi trusts that with the interventions, employees will continue to remain resilient, committed and hard working ‘in these turbulent times’.

Castel Malawi Workers Union (Camawu) president Rueben Kapito commended Castel Malawi for its decision to cushion workers from the impact of the devaluation of the kwacha.

In an interview yesterday, Kapito however said they notice the that ‘gap is too huge’ and that they will enter into more negotiations with management on the issue.

“While we applaud management for adjusting the ‘Cola’, we notice that the gap is too huge and we will engage management more on this. But we also understand that we are both living in difficult times. We know that this adjustment is for Cola and we still have to bargain for a salary increment in a month’s time, that is where the consolation comes in,” said Kapito.

Government announced a 44% devaluation of the kwacha two weeks ago to align it with the value of the main trading currency, the United States dollar and the development has seen the rise in prices of goods and services including fuel and food stuff.

Concerned Northerners ask MLS to probe bogus ‘lawyer’ Mc Lean Mkandawire


A group under the banner Concerned Northerners has asked the Malawi Law Society to probe ‘bogus’ lawyer McLean Mkandawire.

According to sources, Mkandawire was an associate Lawyer to Mustapher Amidu.

The concerned group says the bogus lawyer Mkandawire was caught pants down in town issuing suspicious lawsuits under different law firms such as Atkin Chambers.

However, the sole owner of Altkin Chambers is on suspension and Mkandawire was not supposed to run the film since he is just two years in practice.

“He is busy filing law suits sometimes under Altin chambers and you sometimes under MN Patrick’s. This is so shocking,” said leader for the concerned group.

The publication understands that his Licence is renewed under MN Patrick’s but he is not either on the letter head as a partner or an associates, but he keeps on serving people with summons for either these two law firms.

NBM invests K345 million in ICT initiatives


National Bank of Malawi Plc has committed K345 million in the development of Information Communication Technology (ICT) initiatives in the country for the next three years.

The Bank’s Head of Information Technology Organisation and Methods Division, John Mitchell disclosed on Tuesday when the Bank renewed its partnership with the ICT Association of Malawi (ICTAM) until 2026 that the Bank has set aside K115 million as annual budget to support the ICT initiatives.

“This renewal is not just a continuation of our past efforts but an evolution into new, exciting territories. A key part of this evolution is the introduction of the Innovation Incubator Hubs, an initiative that promises to transform ideas into successful business ventures and foster a new generation of technological entrepreneurs in Malawi.”

“This budget is allocated between two key areas, the NBM Innovation Jam Competition, which we have earmarked K40 million for this competition, recognizing its pivotal role in identifying and rewarding outstanding technological talent in our country, and the Innovation Incubator Hubs where a larger portion, amounting to K75 million will be invested in establishing and running these hubs, ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary resources and infrastructure to nurture and support upcoming entrepreneurs,” said Mitchell.

Earlier this year, NBM Plc sent to Uganda three innovators who emerged winners in last year’s Innovation Jam awards to attend an ICT conference.

ICTAM president Clarence Gama commended NBM Plc for committing more to the development of information technology in the country.

“It feels great because this is an amount that will transform our efforts to make sure that ICT innovation is very impactful here in Malawi. National Bank has been with us in supporting the Innovation Jam which awards outstanding innovation ideas. Now, with the introduction of Innovation Hubs, it means we are going to see those ideas turned into solutions which make an impact on the Malawian economy,” said Gama.

ICTAM will be holding its annual lake conference in Mangochi this week where ICT innovators are expected to be awarded in the Innovation 

NBS Bank ‘Savings Always Win’ promo extends to December 31


NBS Bank Plc has extended the ‘Saving Always Wins’ promotion to December 31 this year to enable customers to benefit from saving with the ‘Caring Bank’.

NBS Head of Retail Banking, Victoria Chanza said in an interview that the ‘Saving Always Wins’ promotion is a testament to the Bank’s commitment to creating a culture of savings among the wonderful people of Malawi.

“You may wonder why we’ve decided to extend the promotion. Well, it’s because of the overwhelming interest and enthusiasm we’ve seen from our customers. The promotion was originally set to end on the 31st of October, but after careful deliberations, we’ve decided to extend it until the 31st of December 2023. We want to give more people the opportunity to participate and experience the benefits of saving with NBS Bank,” said Chanza.

Grand prizes are tiered in three different bands with those depositing K50,000 minimum standing a chance of winning K1 million, those depositing K100,000 to K500,000 winning K3.5 million and lastly band three for those depositing K500,000 above to win K6 million cash prize.

“By creating these tiers, we aim to make it accessible for individuals from all walks of life to participate actively and benefit from the ‘Saving Always Wins’ promotion’,” she said.

Chanza said participants also have a chance to win monthly prizes like Grocery vouchers worth K50,000.00 to help ease the cost of living, experiential return trips to fly with Malawi Airlines, offering memorable travel experiences between Lilongwe and Blantyre bill payments totaling K25,000.00 to alleviate their financial burdens.

NBS Bank shines, scoops 3 Global Brand Magazine awards


The Malawi Stock Exchange-listed NBS Bank has won three awards in different categories at this year’s Global Brand Magazine, an annual event that celebrates the accomplishments of the world’s leading brands across various categories.

NBS Bank plc was named the ‘Most Innovative in Digital Banking’, and ‘Best Bank for Diversity and Inclusion’, while its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kwanele Ngwenya won the ‘Best Banking CEO of the Year award’.

Reacting to the feat, the Bank’s Head of Marketing and Customer Experience Tamanda Ng’ombe said the awards will help the Bank to push for more improved services.

“NBS Bank is always moving in the direction of excellence. You may recall we just won three awards at the IMM conference recently. These awards therefore are a reflection that is cementing the change and hard work that has gone into reforming the Bank. We are honored to be recognized both locally and internationally,” said Ng’ombe. 

This year, NBS Bank Plc intensified digital transformation by upgrading the mobile banking platform to ensure customers are rewarded accordingly from the EazyBank digital transactions.

During the Institute of Marketers in Malawi (Malawi) Excellence awards last month, NBS Bank also shone by bagging three awards namely the ‘Best Customer Service’, ‘Outstanding SME Initiative’, and ‘Commercial of the Year- Print’.

The Marketer’s Excellence Awards recognize the effort by marketers as a way of encouraging quality and professionalism.

The Global Brand Awards honor brands across various categories including innovation sustainability, and customer experience among others.

BSC Team One retain Ethco Ladies championship


Blantyre Sports Club (BSC) Team One retained the 2023 Ethanol Company (Ethco) InterClub ladies golf tournament for the fourth time in succession at the Lilongwe Golf Club over the weekend.

BSC Team One comprised Roza Mbilizi, Bose Kamphulusa and Zitta Rodrick.

Kamphulusa in an interview said they faced stiff competition from opponents

Speaking on behalf of the winning team, Kamphulusa said the competition this year was tough especially from Lilongwe Golf Club teams but teamwork helped them to retain the championship.

“We played as a team plus experience from our colleague Mbilizi worked well for us. We are very excited to win the tournament for the fourth time and we look forward to more championships,” she said.

Ladies Golf Union of Malawi president, Ulemu Luhanga commended Ethco for being a consistent sponsor for the past three years.

“This year we included the championship division and the outcome has been good. Apart from BSC retaining the championship, we have seen junior golfers being among the top performers, which is our aim of including them into the tournament to ensure we nurture their talent by giving them an opportunity,” she said.

EthCo Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lusubilo Chakaniza, whose company pumped in K6 million for the tournament, also expressed satisfaction saying the goal is to see more women participating in the sport which is mostly-male dominated.

“It starts from our company which is male-dominated, and we are trying to break that dominance. That is why we are at the forefront ensuring that women are empowered. Next year we are also bouncing back and we will be at our home, Kasasa Golf Club. We promise to give the women the best,” said Chakaniza.

For being champions, the BSC team one received a Crocodile trophy, CapeStars products and shopping vouchers of K250,000 each.

Lilongwe Golf Club Teams Two and One finished second and third respectively, while Bertha Sagwirika emerged winner in the junior category.

This year’s tournament attracted about 60 golfers, including six senior ladies and seven junior players.

Batatawala’s Wife in Money Laundering, Registers New UK Company


Sabina Karim Abdul Batatawala, the wife of troubled business mogul Abul Karim Batatawala, has recently registered a company in the United Kingdom. This move has raised suspicions among money laundering experts, who fear it may be an attempt to launder funds from the couple’s Malawian companies to the United Kingdom.

According to the UK’s company registry, Sabina, 47, is listed as the sole director of Anarco International Ltd, with company listing 11837821. Despite being identified as a Malawian national residing in Malawi, the correspondence is c/o Gibraeel & Co, 1 Mychell House, Pincott Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 2NN.Abul Karim Batatawala, who owns multiple companies and properties in Malawi, is facing ongoing court cases related to fraud and corruption.

As a result, his companies are prohibited from conducting business with the government.

A money laundering expert based in Blantyre, who chose to remain anonymous, suspects that Batatawala is using his wife to front his money laundering scheme. The expert stated, “He knows it has become difficult for him to conduct business in Malawi, so it’s safer to move his money to the UK.”The expert raised concerns about the UK government allowing someone under corruption trial in Malawi to conduct business in the UK and suggested that the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) should follow Batatawala’s money trail.

Efforts to obtain comments from the Batatawalas were unsuccessful.

Allegations of Fraudulent Activities:

Abdul Karim Batatawala, an Indian-origin Malawian, rose from a shopkeeper in Limbe to a business kingpin. Investigations by the Platform for Investigative Journalism (PIJ) reveal that Batatawala allegedly scammed the Malawi army, Police, and Immigration Department through fraudulent tactics violating Malawi’s procurement and anti-corruption laws.

The PIJ’s report details instances where Batatawala failed to deliver goods for over a decade, providing substandard quality items to the Malawi army. Despite rejected procurements, he allegedly manipulated the army and other public departments to secure payments through political connections.

Not limited to the military, Batatawala reportedly used similar tactics to dupe the Malawi Police and Immigration Department, both falling under the Ministry of Homeland Security. The investigation discovered delayed and overpriced procurements, with some not even included in the initial tender documents and contracts.

Dubious Connections and Legal Representation:Batatawala’s choice of legal representation, including former Justice Minister Henry Duncan Phoya and ex-director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Alex Nampota, has raised eyebrows.

There are also allegations that Batatawala financed Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera’s presidential bid with a substantial amount.

Following his arrest for fraud and corruption, Batatawala sued President Chakwera’s Chief Advisor on Rural Transformation and Development, Adamson Mkandawire, for allegedly failing to repay a loan of K378 million taken on behalf of the President.

From Rags to Riches:

Born Abdul Karim Batatawala, the businessman arrived in Malawi from India in 1992 and initially worked as a shop assistant at Okhai Electronics in Limbe. Over the years, he transformed into a business tycoon, establishing various companies and accumulating significant wealth.

His businesses, including Africa Commercial Agency, Kasco Enterprises, SS Express Agency, Lido Electrical Engineering Limited, HG Suppliers, Zam Zam General Dealers, Gratorite General Dealers, Novateck Engineering Suppliers, Elegant Suppliers, and Pamodzi, a real estate company, have come under scrutiny amid the allegations of fraud and corruption.

Govt commends Huawei for bridging digital divide

Minister of Information and Digitalization, Moses Kunkuyu has commended Huawei Technologies Malawi for its continued efforts to propel digital knowledge and digital economy that are key enablers of Malawi Vision 2063.

The Minister was speaking during the opening ceremony of the 7th edition of Seeds for the Future program which is Huawei’s flagship Global Corporate Social Responsibility program that was started in 2008.

Through the initiative, students from public and private universities undergo training in technology courses including 5G, Cloud, AI, and Digital Power, and leadership courses.

Furthermore, the participants also enjoy Chinese cultural experiences, and participate in the “Tech4Good” group project with outstanding peers around the world.

Elaborating the benefits of the trainings, Kunkuyu said that Huawei is fostering the growth of ICT industry in the country.

“Recent digital statistics for Malawi indicate that 74 percent of men and 54 percent of women do not have basic ICT skills. As government we commend Huawei for this program which is contributing significantly in accelerating digital uptake while narrowing the digital knowledge gap,” said Kunkuyu.

Through the MW2063 vision, Malawi earmarks the youth as catalysts for achieving the desirable results.

“Trainings being offered through Huawei’s program are relevant to Malawi because every sector of our lives is going digital. The youths are pinnacle to complement the aspiration of MW2063 with their vast knowledge in ICT ecosystem,” he said.

Counting the gains of the Seed for the Future Program, Gu Mu, Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Malawi said that the initiative demonstrates the company’s commitment towards fostering innovation and building a sustainable digital future in Malawi.

“In a world that is rapidly evolving, the importance of information and communication technology (ICT) cannot be overstated. It is the driving force behind progress, connecting people, ideas, and opportunities like never before,” said Gu Mu.

The Managing Director said Huawei will continue to invest in the youth to contribute to the digitalization of Malawi.

“Malawi’s 2063 vision recognizes that the country’s youth is one of its greatest assets. Therefore, Huawei supports the government’s vision and goals by investing in talent cultivation amongst young Malawians. Huawei always believe in the potential of young minds, and through Seeds for the Future, we aim to provide them with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to thrive in the digital age,” he said.

Wang Hao, Charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in Malawi said his country is committed to help Malawi explore abundant ICT potentials.

“The Chinese government have dedicated efforts to contribute positively towards Malawi’s ICT for All initiative. Our digital enterprises like Huawei are working tirelessly to empower Malawi in the attainment of great human resources in technology,” said Hao.

He added that China will continue collaborating with Malawi government and Huawei to help develop digitalization sector and train many youths with relevant skills.

Martin Manyozo who is Seed for the Future alumnus hailed Huawei for the multi-benefit training saying the skills present various opportunities in the fast-paced world.

“The skills from the program are profound and eminent. After attending the program last year windows of opportunities opened in the areas of social entrepreneurship and cultivation of digital power that helped me collaborate with different sectors,” said Manyozo.

Since its inception in 2008, Huawei Seeds for the Future program has been held in over 139 countries, training more than 15,000 students.

The program was initiated in Malawi in 2016, and from 2016 to 2019, 10 students travelled to China to learn about the latest ICT trains and enjoy a cultural exchange experience.

However, from 2021 onwards, the training has been done locally in Malawi, allowing Huawei to increase the number of students who benefit from this enriching program.

Mai Mbambade apologizes to business tycoon Triephornia Mpinganjira: “we take full responsibility of our omission”


Mai Mbambande Foundation, a non – Profit Organisation that focuses on the lives of elderly People, has apologized to business tycoon Triephornia Mpinganjira for not acknowledging her 2.5 million kwacha donation.

The foundation, which is run by a 23-year-old Deborah Mbale, made the apology in a statement posted on its official facebook page on Monday.

“Recently, Mrs. Mpinganjira donated K2, 500,000 to our cause. However, there were miscommunication which has resulted to a public mess.

“We would like to sincerely apologize to Mrs. Mpinganjira for not acknowledging Her donation as soon as it was received, as we would normally have done.

“Bearing in mind that this was a trying moment for us, we take full responsibility of our omission,” reads the apology in part

It further reads: “We have managed to engage with Mrs. Mpinganjira and have explained to her what happened. It is safe to say that all queries with her have been resolved.

We would also like to appeal to the public and apologize for the confusion this issue has brought. After all is said and dusted, we have innocent elderly people that rely on us.”

Meanwhile, the foundation has since disowned a group which is sourcing funds on behalf of the foundation to refund to Mpinganjira.

“We have been made aware of a group sourcing funds to repay Mrs Mpinganjira of her donation. We plead with you to not use that route.

“We appreciate the love and passion you continue to show us, but we kindly ask that we not throw stones or act with hurt in our hearts.
Rather, let’s not lose focus and instead use these resources for the furtherance of our goal,” said the foundation

Mai Mbambande is an elderly home based in Lilongwe which hosts elderly men and women, providing them food, accommodation and other basic necessities.

The foundation is building an elderly home consisting of hostels and an office. For the project, the organization usually appeals for assistance from the public through its Facebook Page.

In October, Mai Mbambande asked for assistance saying it was raising K800,000 for roofing of its project.
On November 1, Mpinganjira responded to the appeal by sending K2.5 million.

MK16.5bn Mapeto tax evasion case: CDEDI seeks disclosure of conditions for out of court settlement


The human rights body, Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) is requesting office of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to make public the terms that have led to the out of court settlement agreement, within seven (7) days or else Malawians will be forced to make their own conclusion and decide to take action.

In a letter addressed to DPP Masauko Chamkakala and copied to Minister of Finance, CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa is seeking clarity on how the department in the ministry of Justice arrived at a decision to announce withdrawing the MK16.5 billion tax evasion case involving Mapeto David Whitehead and the Malawi Revenue Authority(MRA), that led to the arrest of three of the companys directors and some MRA officials in 2021.

“It is worth highlighting that your action has attracted huge public interest, since it is coming at time when government is contemplating casting its tax net wider, in the face of the shrinking revenue collection, amid the ballooning public debt and expenditure,” said Namiwa.

Meanwhile Social Media is awash with a notice from the DPP to the High Court Registrar, dated October 17, 2023 titled REVENUE CASE NO 11 OF 2022-THE REPUBLIC vs FAIZAL GAFFAR LATIF AND OTHERS; BEING CRIMINAL CASE NO. 397 0F 2021, BEFORE THE CRM, SOUTH,”

The clarity from DPP is sought after CDEDI also wrote the MRA on October 12, 2023, over the same.

The DPP is yet to respond on our query regarding his decision to opt for out of court settlement despite tax evasion case falling under criminal category.

Malawi’s Next President Dr. Kabambe turns 50, foresees exciting future


Former Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) Governor Dalitso Kabambe says he is looking for the future with ‘excitement and anticipation’ as he celebrates his 50th birthday.

Dr. Kabambe, who is also Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential aspirant, made the sentiments in his special birthday statement posted on his official facebook page.

He said reaching 50 years of age is a momentous occasion that calls for celebration and reflection.

“Turning 50 is a noteworthy accomplishment that denotes fifty years of existence. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what has been accomplished and to look forward to the future with excitement and anticipation,” said Kabambe

In his opinion, Dr. Kabambe said his 50th birthday serves as a reminder that as the time goes on he becomes stronger, wiser, and more equipped to handle any obstacles that may arise.

He says: “I am also grateful for the opportunities I have had to make a positive impact in the lives of others through my work and contributions to the country. Looking ahead, I am excited about the opportunities that the future will bring.

“I am conscious of the significance of making time for the people and things that give my life purpose and happiness as I continue to pursue my goals and aspirations. I’m resolved to cherish the times of happiness, laughter, and connection and to make the most of every day.” posted Kabambe, who is also a DPP presidential aspirant.

Dr. Kabambe holds a PhD and a Master’s Degree in Development Economics from Imperial College – University of London, United Kingdom which were obtained in 2008 and 2001, respectively.

Workaholic economist Kabambe also holds a BSc Degree from the University of Malawi, obtained in 1998.

Chakwera cancels foreign trips

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has with immediate effect cancelled all his international trips for the remainder of the 2023/24 financial year, leading by example in making painful adjustments in view of the current economic status.

In his address to the nation, Dr Chakwera said he has also put a freeze on all international trips funded by public coffers for public officers at all levels.

“All cabinet members currently abroad on public-funded international trips must return to Malawi with immediate effect,” he emphasized.

Dr Chakwera also directed that fuel allocation for Ministers, Principal Secretaries, Directors and all senior officers who are entitled, should be cut by half.

The President also said the practice of spending taxpayers’ money on useless activities in the form of allowances should be put to an end.

The Malawi leader said all the spending cuts will be channelled towards procurement of food and fertilizer to ensure the country has enough food.

He has also directed the Minister of Finance to include in the upcoming mid-year budget review provisions for cushioning Small to Medium Enterprises to protect the jobs they create, provisions for a reasonable wage increase for civil servants and review Pay as You Earn tax to remove tax burden from civil servants.

President Chakwera has also ordered Ministers of Finance and Trade to work with the Competition and Fair-Trading Commission to investigate price increases and hold into account all those involved in raising prices in violation of the law.

Dr Chakwera also announced that he has ordered the secretary to the President and Cabinet to ensure the recent hiking of the price of water is absorbed by the operating cost of those boards for now, and not placed on Malawians.

President Chakwera Diverts Cyclone Relief Funds to Unaffected Districts, Sparking Outrage


In a shocking turn of events, President Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi is facing intense criticism for diverting millions of dollars in relief funds intended for victims of Cyclone Freddy to residents of his home district, Lilongwe, where the catastrophe did not strike. The generous donation, personally made by philanthropists Melinda Gates and Michelle Obama, was aimed at aiding the recovery efforts in the southern region districts of Malawi that were severely affected by the cyclone in March 2023.

Eyewitnesses report that hundreds of villagers from Kasiya and Malembo in Lilongwe were seen receiving K500,000 each through mobile money agents, even though Lilongwe was untouched by Cyclone Freddy. This diversion of funds has raised questions about the ethical use of relief aid and the accountability of the Malawian government in ensuring that assistance reaches those in dire need.

The affected areas, including Nsanje, Chikwawa, Phalombe, Mulanje, Blantyre, Thyolo, Chiradzulu, Blantyre City, Mangochi, Machinga, and Balaka districts, continue to grapple with the aftermath of the cyclone, which displaced over 18,689 households and approximately 84,000 people. The decision to channel relief funds to Lilongwe, far removed from the disaster-stricken regions, has left the intended beneficiaries without the critical support they urgently require for rebuilding their lives.

Critics argue that such misallocation of funds undermines the trust placed in the government to handle humanitarian aid responsibly. Calls for transparency and accountability are growing louder as citizens demand an immediate explanation from President Chakwera and his administration.

The situation has ignited public outrage, with citizens expressing their disappointment at the misuse of funds meant to alleviate the suffering of cyclone victims. As the story unfolds, many are hoping for a thorough investigation into the alleged diversion and appropriate action to rectify the injustice perpetrated against those in genuine need of assistance.

NBM supports Orthopedic meeting with K5 million


National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has supported the Malawi Orthopedic Association’s National Emergency Trauma Consultative Forum with K5 million as they discuss formulating a guiding policy document on emergency and trauma care in Malawi.

Henderson Street Service Centre Manager Tamara Mtuwa, who represented NBM Plc during the cheque handover ceremony said by partnering with the association, the Bank aims to engrain its bond with the medical community further and showcase a staunch commitment to the highest standards of community welfare and advancement.

“We are here to declare our unwavering support for the mission of the Malawi Orthopedic Association and the vital efforts to advance emergency trauma and orthopedic care in our nation. It gives me immense pleasure to announce our sponsorship of K5 million. This is not just a financial commitment but a testament to our enduring partnership and our shared vision for a safer, healthier, and more prosperous Malawi.”

“Through active participation and interactions, we anticipate to emphasize our financial expertise tailored to meet the distinctive needs of the medical community,” said Mtuwa.  

The association’s patron, who is also a Professor of Orthopedics at Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS), Nyengo Mkandawire thanked National Bank for supporting the forum.

“We believe the forum is vital because, at the National level we need a guiding policy document on emergency and trauma care, there are currently some documents that guide us in this aspect but they are not comprehensive and all-inclusive. This consultative meeting will bring together all stakeholders involved in trauma care,” he said.

The meeting will take place on November 15 and 16 in Lilongwe.

Chakwera challenged to demonstrate servant leadership



NAMIWA: Malawians no longer expect time wastage with the usual rhetoric

If President Chakwera speech writers are used to mere rhetorics, this hour they might be busy strengthening their Master’s epistle as Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives has asked him to demonstrate servant leadership than ever before. 

CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa says as the President addresses the nation this evening; Malawians no longer expect time wastage with the usual rhetoric since Chakwera challenged to tackle real crucial issues affecting the nation.

This comes after Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Simplex Chithyola-Banda recently failed to inspire hope with his statement purported to provide measures put in place by Government to cushion Malawians from the adverse effects of the 44% devaluation of the Kwacha.

Chakwera has since been tasked to be sincere in furnishing Malawians with evidence illustrating the country’s economic gains from the previous 25 percent devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha before justifying the recent 44 percent meltdown.

CDEDI also demands transparent leadership that can provide evidence of gains from his 40-plus international trips against the drain of the much-needed forex by the same.

“We ask him not to only spell out cushioning measures to effects of the devaluation of the Kwacha but also spell out austerity measures that demonstrate that he and his Cabinet colleagues are ready to share the pain the Tonse Alliance administration has inflicted on Malawians,” he said. 

Adding that for the avoidance of doubt, CDEDI and, indeed, Malawians that mean well for the country, contend that devaluation of the Kwacha brings nothing but more  harm given that in the past three years Malawians have endured ever increasing cost of living, compounded by shortages of food, fuel, fertilizer, forex  and essential drugs as well as medical supplies.

“In view of the above, CDEDI hereby implores President Chakwera to consider accepting that the country’s ailing economy cannot sustain a 35-member Cabinet and 26 presidential advisors, hence the need for a leaner Cabinet and a handful of advisers.

Namiwa has also asked Chakwera to borrow a leaf from the late Tanzanian President John Phombe Magufuli who used to work from his office at the State House, and suspended local and international trips. 

As if that is not enough, in the interest of servant leadership, Namiwa proposes a cut of presidential salary and fuel allowances, saying the same applies to his Cabinet ministers.

“Over and above, is time to talk less and do more action, work in silence and let the results do the talking for him,” he said. 

On the persistent blame game even after staying in government for three years, Namiwa has asked Chakwera to spare Malawians attempts to shift blame for the suffering of Malawians to the previous administration bearing in mind that Malawians, actually, voted him into the high office to make the country a better place to live in. 

“Otherwise, the blame game is construed as an admission of failure in that regard. In the spirit of transparency and accountability, CDEDI wishes to put it to the  President that the Tonse Alliance regime that he leads has become a sure threat to the survival of Malawians it was supposed to serve and protect,”

FOOTBALL JUSTICE IS ABOUT FAIR PLAY: Chancy Gondwe commends National Coaches Association for nomination


….Promises to fulfill campaign promises

Private practice lawyer cum football administrator Chancy Gondwe has commended National Coaches Association (NCA) for nominating him for the post of Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Executive Member ahead of the AGM slated for December 16 in Mzuzu.

In a vote of thanks message posted on his official facebook page, Gondwe said the nomination has demonstrated the trust which the Coaches have in him in steering the game of football to greater heights in the country.

“I would like to thank the National Coaches Association for nominating me for the position of Executive Member. This nomination demonstrates the trust the Association has in me as a person who is capable of contributing towards the transformation of football in Malawi,” said Gondwe, who is the Board Secretary for Mighty Mukuru Wanderers.

He further said: “As we count down to the elections, let me pledge my commitment that once elected on December 16, I shall stand by my campaign promises which have led me to securing this nomination.”

“I pledge to work with all member associations regardless of where my nomination has come from. Lastly, I would like to congratulate and wish the best of luck to all candidates who have been nominated to different positions ahead of the elective AGM.”

Who is Chancy Gondwe?

Chancy is a senior law practitioner and is the Managing Partner at Gondwe & Attorneys, a private law firm based in Blantyre. He has been in practice for more than 14 years.

He graduated from the University of Malawi with bachelor’s degree in Law (honours) in 2008. From the same university, Chancy also obtained an Executive MBA (2018). He then went back to the same University of Malawi where he obtained Master of Laws (Commercial Law) with credit in 2023.

Chancy may never have played football at a serious level, but his passion for the game is beyond reproach.

The senior positions he has in football management attest to his love for the game. He served as Mighty Mukuru Wanderers FC Legal Advisor from 2017 to 2019. He also served as the Club’s Chairman from March 2021 to October 2021 during which period he was influential in spearheading its commercialization drive as he played a legal advisory role throughout the process.

From October 2021 he proceeded to assume the position of Board Secretary and Legal Advisor a position he still holds currently. Chancy brings to the Football Association of Malawi his vast knowledge of the game as well as leadership skills he has obtained outside football.

Outside football, he has held several senior leadership positions such as Board Member of the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) as well as Agricultural Development Marketing Corporation (Admarc). He also served as Board Chairperson of the Roads Fund Administration from 2018 to 2020.

Kabambe tears apart govt cushion measures: “It is like quenching fire with flammable materials”


Former Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) governor Dr. Dalitso Kabambe has taken a swipe on measures government has just announced to cushion Malawians on the effects of 44percent kwacha devaluation saying it is like quenching fire with flammable material.

Politician cum economist Dr. Kabambe says the 44 percent lethal weapon of mass human suffering devaluation was caused to a large extent by fiscal excesses in the budget and weak monetary conditions.

“To counter effects of the same, government is proposing to inject further liquidity in the financial system which will further weaken the monetary conditions, in turn leading to another massive devaluation in the near term.

“This is like quenching fire with flammable material, that’s s illogical,” said Kabambe, who is also Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) DPP presidential candidate for the 2025 presidential elections.

Last week, RBM announced a 44 percent devaluation of the Kwacha which has resulted in the rising cost of almost all basic commodities on the local market.

However, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Simplex Chithyola Banda on Monday shameless claimed that government is with Malawians now and will not allow them to suffer.

He further went on to outline ‘unrealistic’ measures which government has put in place to cushion Malawians from the effects of the devaluation.

Good infrastructure improving ECD enrollment, NBM plc supports Yamba Malawi in project


Some three-hour drive from Mangochi Boma to Ntonda, there lies a beautiful structure one would think is a house of the head teacher for some primary school. But it is a Community Based Childcare Centre (CBCC).

Traditional Authority Ntonda calls the structure ‘Ku tauni’ (Town) and discloses that people around the village patronize the structure for wedding photoshoots during weekends because it has transformed the face of the village.

Such is the case with other four centres: Kalira in Mitundu and Chilowa in Kasiya, Lilongwe, and Kapandajuba at Ekwendeni in Mzimba where new structures comprising two classes, and an office for caregivers lie some meters away from the dilapidated structures being used by the children aged between three and six.

The four centres are part of Yamba Malawi Early Childhood Development (ECD) projects funded by National Bank of Malawi (NBM) plc to the tune of K100 million.

Christina Izeki, a Caregiver at Ntonda CBCC, said last academic year they had 103 children. This year they have registered over 70 with more coming every day and expect the number to surpass last year’s figure.

“The structure we were using is thatched with grass and no cement on the floor if you compare with the new one National Bank of Malawi plc in partnership with Yamba Malawi has built. It was so inconveniencing especially when it was raining because we would suspend classes for as long as two weeks until it stopped raining,” she narrates.

At Chilowa in Kasiya, Lilongwe, chairperson of the CBCC, Henry Mponda, says they started working with Yamba Malawi in 2020 where they realized the importance of early child development.

“The new structure has ignited interest from the children to be in class and we expect this to help improve their performance at primary school level,” he says.

Martha Silumbu, a caregiver at Kapandajuba CBCC in Ekwendeni, Mzimba expects enrolment to increase from 42 children because the new structure is able to carry more pupils.

“The old structure was not suitable for a classroom because it had cracks and parents feared the room could collapse on their kids. But with this new structure, it gives confidence to the parents to send the kids to learn as we prepare them for primary studies.”

“A kid who has attended ECD classes is different from those who haven’t, because this is a preparatory stage where we train them not only to memorize things, but also to socialize with others. So, if they graduate to primary school, they are already used to school set up,” explains Silumbu.

At Kalira in Mitundu, Herbert Chikumbe, director of Luzi Community Based Organization where Kalira CBCC falls under, discloses that the structure is now a model for 114 other CBCCs under his jurisdiction.

“We expect children from other villages to enroll at this school once opened because we demolished the old sub-standard one. However, I can confirm that other CBCCs have started mobilizing materials with the hope of finding funders for their projects just as Yamba Malawi did with Kalira CBCC,” he says.

Yamba Malawi Grants Manager, Sothini Ziba commends support from NBM plc. He says the organization has 96 CBCCs in its catchment and less than eight are improved structures.

“We support an average of 65 kids per CBCC varying around school calendar, community, incentives programs and high interest by the kids in more organized facilities,” he says.

With the ECD week hosted by the Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare coming early November under the theme ‘Nurturing Bright Futures: Promoting Access to Integrated Early Childhood Development Services’, the ministry’s spokesperson, Pauline Kaude also commends NBM plc for their commitment in promoting education from grassroot.

“What National Bank of Malawi plc has done is exactly what the Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare is expecting from the corporate world to support early childhood education in this country.”

“If you read through our policy, it is the role of every individual, companies and government to support and promote Early Childhood Development (ECD).”

“ECD is an investment that gives back to society. To address economic challenges, there is a need to improve educational performance as a way of building vibrant human capital in Malawi,” she says.

National Bank of Malawi plc Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager, Akossa Hiwa, says their commitment to aid Early Childhood Development is one among many of the Bank’s initiatives to develop the nation and give back to the clientele that help them grow.

“We believe that the support we have given to Yamba Malawi will improve its service delivery for the development of children in need. Because Early Childhood Development is an important component of an individual’s subsequent development and education, we felt it right and proper to commence our expansion through this avenue.”

“We value child development, because we believe that well-developed children will grow into productive citizens that will develop our country and benefit the Bank,” she explains.

NBM plc and Yamba Malawi signed the agreement in December last year and the project is expected to benefit more than 300 children per intake. 

CDEDI demands well documented gains from previous 25 percent devaluation


By Iommie Chiwalo

As authorities are struggling to justify the current 44 percent devaluation, Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has challenged Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Simplex Chithyola-Banda to provide documentary evidence, complete with figures, to illustrate the country’s economic gains from the previous 25 percent devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha.

In press statement made available to this publication, CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa, says the documentation evidence is necessary before justifying the 44 percent devaluation of the local currency.

Minus documentation, Namiwa says as it stands only demonstrates the Minister’s clueless attempt to offer
Malawians a mockery of what the Tonse Alliance administration thinks are measures to cushion devaluation effects.

He said CDEDI is challenging the minister to rise above party politics and give tangible evidence of what Malawians have gained from President Lazarus Chakwera’s 40-plus international trips whose costs do not require
anyone to go into class to understand that they are partly the reason there is shortage of forex in the country.

“CDEDI and, indeed, all Malawians that mean well, have realised with shock that the much touted press conference Chithyola-Banda addressed yesterday, purportedly to outline measures to cushion vulnerable Malawians
from the devastating devaluation, was a disappointment as it failed to provide the desired hope. If anything, after the briefing Malawians were more troubled at heart than before,” he said.

Considering that Finance and Economic Affairs Minister is the bedrock of the well-being of the country,Namiwa has tipped that devaluation has never, and will never work in Malawi.

“Therefore, Chithyola Banda should stop insulting the intelligence of Malawians by justifying devaluation, a vice has pushed millions into misery while push public debt, which will hurt generations to come, to haunting levels overnight,” he said.

At the presser the Minister never allowed journalists to ask questions, which according to Namiwa, the Minister sent a clear message that he neither believed nor understood what he read out in his prepared statement.

“This validates the notion that President Chakwera and his government are not only clueless, but also selfish as they are busy prescribing bitter pills to everyone, save for themselves and their cronies,” he said.

From what came from the press conference dubbed “government speaks”, majority feels what was read out was an insult to Malawians, especially the rural masses, owing to the fact that they have endured ever-increasing cost of living, aggravated by shortage of food, fuel, forex, fertiliser and essential drugs and medicines in hospitals for the past three years.

The CDEDI Chief says it is strange that the President and his administration continue to show no remorse for the deliberate pain they are inflicting on the citizenry, especially the poor majority whose only crime was to vote them into power.

“This has been manifested through callus attempts to shift the blame for their clueless leadership to the previous regime, and by not slowing down on the endless global and local trotting, on top of running a wasteful government that has pushed up public debt to unsustainable levels,” he said.

According to the Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee (MVAC) report, 650,000 people lost everything to Cyclone Freddy, and most of the employed earn the K50,000 monthly minimum wage and that 4.4 million Malawians are facing life threatening hunger, all this despite that 91 percent of the employable Malawians are unemployed.

Namiwa has since said that it is a no brainer to announce a measure targeting 100,000 people in a population of 20 million, and in the process saying nothing about the small and medium enterprises, which literally drive the country’s economy.

He said in the spirit of transparency and accountability, the much-talked-about 57 percent increment in social cash transfer is far from buying anything impactful, given that most of the beneficiaries were receiving money in the ranges of MK4,000 to MK20,000 per month, which cannot afford them a 50kg bag of maize, even if the package were to be increased by 100 percent, since the price for a bag of maize was hovering at around MK40,000 before the 44 percent devaluation.

In line with Section 12 of the Republican Constitution which is clear as to who owns the authority to govern and the conditions therein, CDEDI has called upon concerned Malawians to join hands to liberate Malawi (the only country we call home), from destruction beyond repair.

“It is deeply regrettable that the current regime has become a sure threat to the survival of the very same people it was supposed to serve and protect. Malawians we are left alone (tili tokha) and the earlier we realise this and do the needful, the better for us and generations to come,”

Soon after the 44 percent devaluation, it was not the private sector that led the increment of commodity prices but it was government entities beginning with ESCOM and MERA. Prices of fuel and electricity tariffs were increased midnight and people following morning woke up to news of the hiking prices of transports and other basic commodities..

NBS Bank gives air conditioners to Thyolo DC office


NBS Bank Plc has donated four air conditioners and one executive office chair worth K10 million to Thyolo District Council.

In her speech after presenting the items at the council offices on Thursday, NBS Head of Retail Banking Victoria Chanza said the Bank thought it was good to donate to the district council as part of their corporate social responsibility.

“NBS Bank got a request from Thyolo District and they told us that with the heat that we have had these years, they are working in an unconducive environment, so as a ‘Caring Bank’ today we came to donate the air conditioners as per request so that they can now work in a conducive environment.”

“The total cost is around K10 million because we bought the air conditioners, they are double split and we are also going to cover the installation cost,” said Chanza.

Thyolo District Commissioner, Hudson Kuphanga thanked NBS Bank for demonstrating that it is indeed a ‘Caring Bank.’

“As Thyolo District Council we are very happy that NBS Bank has donated these modern air conditioners because this is going to make our life at our office conducive. It was tough to operate from the office as you see there is climate change so Thyolo is one of the districts that is now very hot. You could not work in the office from 2 to 4 o’clock when the sun is about to set, so the coming of the air conditioners is a relief to the council,” said Kuphanga.

Thyolo District Council offices are still housed in the old building built around 1900 while awaiting the completion of a new three-storey office complex under construction.

FDH Bank seals US10 million ATEX deal


FDH Bank Plc has become the first Southern African bank to access a US10 million Africa Trade Exchange (ATEX) facility agreement set to reshape the agricultural landscape in the region.

ATEX is an online platform developed by the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and African Export-Import Banks (AfreximBank) stands as a beacon of transparent and competitive access to critical supplies like food, fertilizer, and agricultural chemicals.

FDH Bank Deputy Managing Director George Chitera sealed the deal with Afreximbank Director and Global Head, of Trade Finance Gwen Mwaba, on Saturday at the ongoing Intra-Africa trade fair in Cairo Egypt.

In reaction to the agreement, Chitera said the Bank is pleased with the facility which has come in very timely manner.

“Malawi is an agro-based economy, and its staple food is maize cultivated between December and June. For a good harvest, there is a need for fertilizer that is not locally produced. The facility will assist the Bank in supporting its clients in the timely importation of this fertilizer for the 2023/2024 growing season.”

“The facility will also allow the Bank to increase its support to the Government of Malawi by increasing its credit facilities to importers of petroleum products.”

“Through the ATEX facility, the Bank will be able to support fuel importation by bridging the gap between the ordering and delivery of the fuel and the actual settlement of the payments to the suppliers,” said Chitera.

He added that the deal is coming in when most foreign banks are de-risking from the African markets, reducing their exposure to African economies and limiting the level of financial support to the trade within and outside the continent.

“The provision of the facility therefore asserts Afreximbank’s commitment to facilitating and promoting trade in Africa. With the increasing impact on global supply chain disruptions emanating from the challenging macroeconomic environment at the back of the Covid-19, the Russia/Ukraine war, and locally, the impact of Cyclone Freddy, such financing products from Afreximbank go a long way in cushioning the supply chain disruptions that may exist due to limited resources,” he said.

According to Chitera, by participating in the ongoing fair, the Malawi Stock Exchange listed Bank strives to become a leading financial services provider in Malawi and in the region to facilitate trade between Malawi and other countries by engaging businesses and demonstrating financial solutions that help importers and exporters to effectively do their business assisting with solutions to mitigate international trade risks and provide financing to enable growth.

On his part, Mwaba said apart from reinforcing the bond between the two parties, the deal also positions FDH Bank as the first bank in this African region to access the facility.

“This facility agreement will empower FDH Bank to effectively pool procurement for the upcoming 2023/2024 growing season, aligning with Malawi government strategy to bolster agricultural activities,” he said.

The Third Intra–African Trade Fair started on November 9 and will end on November 15 under the theme “Building Bridges for a successful AfCTA”, recognizing growth opportunities for Intra- African cross-border trade and investments.

FDH Bank was the only Malawian company sponsor of IATF

EthCo pumps K6 million in Inter-club ladies golf tourney


Giant ethanol distiller, Ethanol Company Limited (EthCo) has pumped in K6 million sponsorship for this year’s Crocodile Inter-Club Ladies Golf Tournament scheduled for Lilongwe Golf Club on 18th and 19th November 2023.

Speaking during a cheque presentation event recently, EthCo Chief Executive Officer Lusubilo Chakaniza said as per their promise during last year’s tournament, they are back to support the lady golfers.

“It is my pleasure to announce EthCo’s sponsorship of the Inter-Club ladies golf tournament, contributing a generous amount of K6 million. We believe in supporting and empowering women in sports, and we look forward to a successful and exciting tournament ahead,” said Chakaniza.

She also said the tournament will help the company interact with its customers.

“We see this as an opportunity for us to interact with the ladies and discuss business, especially how we can integrate them to partner us so that we can do business together,” added Chakaniza.

Receiving the donation, Ladies Golf Union of Malawi Vice President Esther Kawale, thanked EthCo for the support saying the company has been supporting the ladies inter-club golf tournament for many years.

“We are very grateful for the support that we get from EthCo. They have been supporting us for many years and each year the sponsorship gets better. The support we get from EthCo will help us improve the game of golf among women in the country,” said Kawale.

She also said this year’s tournament will see many ladies participating through their various golf clubs namely Nchalo, Blantyre, Kasasa and Lilongwe.

“Another good thing about this tournament is that apart from the ladies competing for the Crocodile challenge through their respective golf clubs, there will also be individual categories like seniors, juniors, Championship division, A division and B division categories, so there will be tough competition and the ladies will enjoy their game,” said Kawale who also doubles as Lilongwe Golf Club Ladies Golf Captain.

She assured the lady golfers of the great game of golf saying the golf course is in perfect playing condition.

During last year’s competition, Blantyre Sports Club (BSC) Ladies team One comprising of Roza Mbilizi, Bose Kamphulusa and Stella Ng’oma won the tournament with 151 points beating BSC Team Two of Thoko Gaffer, Ulemu Luhanga and Dorren Kavala on second position with 145 points while Kasasa Golf Club Ladies Team of Sellah Piringu and Chifundo Mwanza came third with 134 points.

Standard Bank’s Trolley Dash hypes Chipiku Plus opening


Lilongwe-based Mike Lupanga emerged the grand winner of the Standard Bank Plc’s Trolley Dash that was activated to propel digital transactions during the grand opening of Chipiku Plus City Centre shop in Lilongwe.

Through its Blue Weekend activations which aim at encouraging the usage of Point of Sale (POS) machines, Standard Bank elevated the promotion to reward customers that use their VISA card on a Standard Bank POS machine when making purchases.

During the Trolley Dash, Lupanga walked away with items worth K2.1 million within 90 seconds after his name was picked in a raffle draw. He became a winner after purchasing items worth K36,000 in the shop and made payment through the Standard Bank POS.

“I am so excited to win in this promotion, this is an early Christmas because the items I have managed to get will serve me for a long time. I have been a Standard Bank customer for a long time, and I love the efficiency of the Bank when delivering banking services,” said Lupanga.

Standard Bank’s Chief Executive, Phillip Madinga who was present during the trolley dash, said the promotion aims to give the Bank’s customers an opportunity to maximize usage of their VISA Debit Cards in various shops including the newly opened Chipiku Plus at City Centre.

“This promotion is a continuation of our effort to deliver convenience, unparalleled security and comfort to our customers and those of other Banks holding VISA Cards. No need to move around with bulk cash as Standard Bank provides the luxury for seamless services in shops,” said Madinga.

Through its VISA cards and POS, Standard Bank is deepening financial inclusion and encouraging digital economy.

“We are promoting financial inclusiveness as all debit card holders are free to swipe on Standard Bank POS, a development which is promoting financial inclusion in the long run,” he said.

The Bank dished out other prizes including shopping vouchers, umbrellas and golf shirts to lucky customers during the activation. The Bank has also planned out other activation throughout the festive season through their Blue Weekends campaign.

NBS Bank commits to school feeding programme

NBS Bank has said it is committed to supporting the primary school feeding program because it believes the program can accelerate primary school education in the country.

NBS Bank Head of Marketing and Customer Experience Tamanda Ng’ombe said in a statement that the Bank committed K20 million towards Mary’s Meals’ school feeding programme for four years because among other things, the program will help to keep children in school.

“The dropout rate and absenteeism of school pupils reduces significantly whilst the pass rate rises when a meal is provided because it increases their concentration in the classroom,” said Ng’ombe.

Speaking recently during the commemoration of World Porridge Day in Blantyre, Mary Meals, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Communications Mona Lisa Bandawe said the organization recognizes the magic in a cup of porridge, especially to children.

“That cup of porridge changes the children’s lives, especially in rural areas and those in urban areas but are hungry every day. When they have that cup of porridge it makes them active in class, and also gives them the energy to do their work.”

“Mary Meals Malawi is currently feeding over one million children, but with other partners, we are reaching up to 40 percent of school-going children which means 60 percent of children in Malawi still need to be reached with food at school,” said Bandawe.

In his remarks, Blantyre City South Constituency member of parliament Noel Lipipa asked those interested in funding school feeding programs to join hands with Mary Meals.

“We don’t need to have many school feeding programs, Mary Meals has demonstrated to us as Malawians that they can effectively handle this program,” said Lipipa.

Standard Eight learner at the school, Astice Banda, thanked Mary Meals for the feeding program.

“This cup of porridge has helped so many learners that used to abscond classes because they were hungry,” she said.

World Porridge Day was established by Mary Meals in 2009 and is celebrated annually on October 10.

NBS Bank supports IPMM conference with K5 million

NBS Bank plc has pumped in K5 million towards the Institute of People Management Malawi (IPMM) annual conference set for Mangochi from November 2-4 this year.

Speaking during the handover of the cheque to IPMM, the Bank’s Head of Human Resources, Austin Thunde hailed the relationship that exists between NBS and the Institute.

“People are at the heart of our operations, strategy and service delivery. As NBS Bank, we appreciate the contribution the Institute makes towards the development of organizations and the country as a whole.”

“The Bank has made great strides in the last few years because of its people; without them there is no Bank. We therefore look forward to an insightful conference as they will not only deliberate on their personal growth but also on how best they can serve the people in their various companies,” he said.

IPMM president, Godwin Ng’oma commended NBS Bank for the support which he says will help in catering for the conference expenses.

“We expect a large number of delegates to attend and therefore the money given by NBS Bank will help us to manage the delegates and other expenses. The conference will discuss several issues that affect our day operations as we strive to grow,” he said.

The country’s vice president, Saulos Chilima is expected to be the guest of honour at the event which is under the theme ‘Human Resource Management: Fostering Productivity, Diversity, and Change in a Multi-Generational Technology Driven Workplace’.

NBS Bank lives by promise on MDF war veterans golf sponsorship

NBS Bank Plc has lived by its promise to continue to sponsor the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) War Veterans Thanksgiving golf tournament by being the headline sponsor for the fourth year in a row

The Bank, through its Chief Executive Officer Kwanele Ngwenya made a promise last year that it will ‘forever’ support the golf tournament as long as the Bank exists in the country.

This year, NBS Bank is the headline sponsor for the War Veterans Thanksgiving Golf tournament slated for Saturday 4 November 2023 at Lilongwe Golf Club where President Lazarus Chakwera is expected to tee off to start the tournament.

NBS Bank Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Tamanda Ng’ombe said as a ‘Caring Bank’, they felt the need to commit more to the cause especially after noting that this year the golf tournament is aimed at raising funds to refurbish the memorial homes for veterans in Zomba.

“As the Caring Bank, we are playing our part in caring for our veterans by being patriotic and ensuring that our veterans have secure and safe housing. This is the fourth time NBS Bank is the anchor sponsor and we plan on doing the same every year,” said Ng’ombe.

Last year, the Bank pumped in K10 million towards Veterans and Ex-Service League of Malawi, VELOM, and K20 million towards the tournament making them the anchor sponsor of the tournament.  The Bank also committed to offering financial solutions to MDF retirees.

MDF spokesperson, Major Emmanuel Mlelemba commended NBS Bank for their support towards war veterans and also indicated that all is set for the tournament which targets to raise K100 million.

“We are very prepared. We wrote to various individuals and companies for sponsorship and we got a positive response. So far, we have 70 golfers and 35 teams that have registered and confirmed their participation. This year we really plan to renovate the war veterans’ houses in Zomba which requires a lot of money,” said Mlelemba in an interview.

PIL oils Zomba Press Club AGM

Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL) has committed K500, 000 towards the Zomba Press Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) set for December 9 in Salima.

Speaking during the cheque handover ceremony in Blantyre on Wednesday, PIL General Manager, Martin Msimuko said the company appreciates the crucial role of journalists in democracy by providing information, holding those in power accountable, and fostering an informed and engaged citizenry.

“The press faces numerous challenges in today’s world, from declining revenues to threats on journalistic independence. As part of our corporate social responsibility, PIL has plans to reach out to areas of health, education, and safety and from time to time we respond to national needs when we have disasters for example. However, budget permitting we do respond to specific needs in the society as we have done with the media today.”

“By donating to the Zomba Press Club, we believe we are supporting the vital work of journalists and media organizations. It allows them to continue their investigative reporting, which uncovers corruption, abuse of power, and social injustices. It enables the press to inform the public about critical issues, from climate change to public health crises, helping us make informed decisions,” said Msimuko.

He also asked for more coverage on the dangers that come to our society through improper handling of fuel products.

“Fuel products must be handled in a special way so that we avoid the unfortunate events that have been taking place within the country where people have lost their lives from fuel induced fires.  Fuel oil is hazardous and that is why our customers Puma, Total energies, Petroda and Vivo are better placed to handle the products and would encourage the society to access fuel from their authorized retail outlets, in this case you will be assured of the quality of the fuel that you will be using,” he said.

Zomba Press Club president Titus Linzie commended PIL for the support.

“PIL realizes the importance of working with the media in disseminating information to the public. This support will go a long way in ensuring the success of our meeting. As media, we have a role to play in sensitizing the public on the dangers of keeping fuel in their homes. The public trusts our words and we will ensure we spread the message,” said Linzie.

PIL is a consortium of four oil marketing companies namely Puma Energy Ltd, Petroda Malawi Ltd, Total Energies and Vivo Energy Malawi.

TNM’s MaHape outdoor shines at Marketers Award

Malawi’s pioneering mobile network and ICT services provider, TNM Plc scooped the best Commercial of the Year Outdoor Award for its Mahape thematic campaign during the 2023 Institute of Marketers in Malawi (IMM) awards gala.

The award-winning ideas is the depiction of a busy woman making a call while her GSM handset is strapped to her head with a rubber hand. The creative sends the message about the power of TNM’s services and products to create happiness and memorable moments. The overall Mahape campaign was created by FD Communications Ltd for their client, TNM Plc.

TNM Head of Brand and Marketing Madalitso Jonazi said the recognition highlights the telco’s overall purpose of creating value that emanates from a deep understanding of human cravings in the tech-driven world: genuine happiness and connection driven by utility.

“We are delighted that one of our Mahape executions earned this great recognition by IMM. This creative artwork showcased the happiness we create by providing a network to make connect people and business, “said Madalitso Jonazi, TNM’s Head of Brand and Marketing.

Jonazi said Mahape was an all-encompassing campaign as it was brought to life across different media platforms, in addition to the award-winning outdoor execution.

“By depicting scenes of shared joy in the Mahape campaign, we made the audience feel a deep sense of connection and nostalgia, reinforcing the theme of happiness as a unifying force. This campaign’s knack for sparking engagement, forging brand love, and delivering real results seals its victory as the ultimate champion,” he said.

Presenting the awards, Chief Judge of the 2023 Marketers Excellence Awards, Enwell Kadango said that the awards celebrate brands and individuals for their outstanding works in the marketing sphere.

“Today all nominated brands and individuals are winners for they have done great works in the industry. However, tonight we are here to hand out 21 exceptional accolades to those that stood out the most,” said Kadango.

Reiterating the need for the awards, Isabel Kachinjika President of Institute for Marketers in Malawi said the recognitions help organizations delivery delightful services to their clients.

“These awards celebrate innovation, creativity, and strategic prowess. They recognise those who have broken through barriers, propelling their businesses and our economy forward,” said Kachinjika.

NBS Bank, FAM hand over Cyclone survivors’ homes

NBS Bank plc in conjunction with the Football Association of Malawi (FAM), and the Malawi Red Cross Society, have officially handed over four houses to families who were displaced by Tropical Cyclone Freddy in March in Ntauchira Village, Chiradzulu.

The houses were built using the funds realized from the Charity Shield match between Nyasa Big Bullets and Mighty Wanderers played in April this year, as well as from the Flames Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifier against Egypt, which was played at Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe.

At the handover ceremony in Masikini Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Likoswe, Temwani Simwaka, NBS Bank’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, stated that as a ‘Caring Bank’ and a Malawian institution, they were overjoyed to be a part of the life-changing endeavour for the impacted families, and that the homes will make a significant difference in their lives.

“As a Bank, we always value every life because we rely on them as clients. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we decided to come in by partnering with FAM with the goal of bringing a significant change to our friends, and it is our hope that these houses stand as a great starting point for their lives,” she explained.

FAM president Walter Nyamilandu Manda expressed excitement about fulfilling the promise that the association made to the public and the affected families.

“These families had been through a terrible time, and they desperately needed our help as Malawians. As the FA, we are very proud that we have been able to help them afford a smile.”

“We understand that what we have provided to them is insufficient to bring back their relatives who died during the tragedy, but our plan was to ensure that we give them a place like a house, which we have just fulfilled,” he said.

Malawi Red Cross Society acting Head of Disaster Management, Cecilia Banda, praised FAM and NBS Bank for acting as goodwill ambassadors in supporting the affected people, saying the institutions demonstrated true love to the victims

Margaret Makawa, 40, who lost her husband in the disaster, expressed her thanks for the home, saying it came at a time when she had nowhere to live with her five children.

NBM powers University games with K3.5 million 

National Bank of Malawi Plc (NBM) has boosted the morale of the Tertiary Education Students Sports Association of Malawi (TESSAM) 2023 games with a donation of K3.5 million. 

Students from about 20 tertiary institutions in the country will converge in Lilongwe this weekend for various sports activities including football, volleyball, tennis, netball and others.

NBM Projects Manager Chimwemwe Lipato presented the cheque to TESSAM officials on Tuesday where he said the Bank believes that giving the youth a platform to develop skills through sports helps the country’s development.  

“National Bank believes that the youth have a big role to play, and we are not just a financial Institution but part of the Malawian community. Giving the youth a platform to develop their skills will allow them to maximize and realize their potential from a sports perspective, but overall, it will give them a platform for mental stimulation and their contribution to this country,” said Lipato.

TESSAM technical member, Victor Chikoti thanked National Bank for always being a true partner.

“The Different Universities participating in these games get funding from their institutions but it is not adequate. There are usually cases where we come to the grounds and still need a hand. We knew we had a gap and needed a partner. We could not think of any other way but to go to National Bank as a trusted partner that has invested a lot, especially in uplifting the standards of education in Malawi.”

“So, they were kind enough and indeed very faithful to their promise to come in and say they would not allow students at the national level to come together in these different sporting codes without the Bank featuring at that particular stage, for that, we appreciate this type of support,” said Chikoti.

The annual sports festival will also be used to identify champions in various disciplines that will represent the country at the Confederation of Universities and Colleges Sports Association (CUCSA) tournament in South Africa next year. 

NBS Bank shines at IMM awards

The Malawi Stock Exchange listed NBS Bank scooped three awards at this year’s Marketer’s Excellence Awards held on Saturday in Mangochi.

The awards, which are meant to recognize the effort by marketers as a way of encouraging quality and professionalism, saw NBS Bank plc being named the Best Customer Service, Outstanding SME initiative, and Commercial of the year- Print.

Reacting to the development, the Bank’s Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Tamanda Ng’ombe said the awards compliments their growth efforts as outlined in the new strategic plan.

“At NBS Bank, we strive to ensure we provide services that are easily accessed by our customers. Over the years we have worked on improving our digital services including our EazyMobile services to ensure customers access our services at their fingertip in the comfort of their homes.”

“Through mobile services, customers are able to access loans within minutes without visiting the Bank. We are now offering rewards to customers who use our digital banking services. Therefore, this recognition from the IMM has come as an affirmation of the efforts made by the Bank. We thank our customers for their trust in the brand and our staff for their dedication which has led to the recognition.”

“These awards will help us to push for more improved services. We will not relax,” said Ng’ombe.

Chief judge at the event, Enwell Kadango commended the winners saying this year the submissions improved greatly. 

In the Best Customer Service category, NBS Bank was competing with TNM, and Sunbird Hotels and Resorts, while on Outstanding SME Initiative of the year, the Bank had no competitor.

The Red Brigade, as fondly called, outclassed TNM and Victoria Forex Bureau in the Commercial of the year- Print category.

FD Communications wins 5th advertising agency award


By Eunice Chittika

Malawi’s leading advertising and public relations company, FD Communications Ltd has scooped the 2023 Advertising Agency of Year award, cementing its position as the country’s most awarded advertising firm under the Institute of Marketers Malawi (IMM) prestigious Marketing Excellence Awards.

FD Communications Ltd emerged on top of five other advertising agencies in the running for the award. In addition, FD Communications’ Lilongwe-based Graphic Designer Kennedy “Spyral” Mwenya scooped the IMM’s Creative Artist of Year award beating a field of 12 other designers.

Receiving the award at the 2023 IMM Lakeshore Conference in Mangochi on Saturday, Director of Client and Media Services Chifundo Scott attributed the company’s achievements to the support and collaboration from the agency’s Tier 1 clients.

“We are greatly indebted to our clients, notably Standard Bank Plc, TNM Plc, JTI, Castel Malawi and Illovo Plc, for giving us the opportunity and space to demonstrate our creative and media strategies. 2023 is an especially difficult year for the economy, and while this is negatively impacting on our operating budgets, we continue to work well under pressure to manage client expectations and deliver excellence,” he said.

FD Communications contributed to work for Standard Bank Plc, TNM Plc, Illovo and Castel that won awards in respective categories. FD also received nominations in the categories of Marketer of Year and Innovative Idea of Year.

For her part, IMM President Isabel Masi-Kachinjika said; “These awards recognize those who have broken through barriers, propelling their businesses and our economy forward. I commend the dedication of marketers who made submissions this year and I am confident that their efforts will continue to fuel economic growth in Malawi.”

This is the fifth IMM advertising agency award for FD Communications having also won the category in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020. The company offers full fledged communication and media solutions ranging from advertising, Public Relations, media placements, digital marketing and PR, experiential marketing, audio and television, and media production.This year’s Marketing Excellence Awards were held under the theme, ” Breaking Barriers: Marketing as a Catalyst for Economic Growth “.

NBM takes Mental Health Inter-University Social Weekend to Lilongwe

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc will this weekend take the Inter-University Social Weekend to Lilongwe with the core objective of raising awareness about mental health among university students while enjoying sports and entertainment activities.

The social weekend, which will take place at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) Bunda campus on Friday and Saturday (27 and 28 October 2023) targets Universities and Colleges in proximity or within Lilongwe City which include Pentecostal Life University, LUANAR NRC and City campus, Lake Malawi Anglican University, Malawi College of Health Sciences, Kamuzu College of Nursing, College of Medicine and Nalikule College.

NBM plc Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager Akossa Hiwa said the ‘Mo626 Inter Universities Social Weekend’ is expected to give students light-hearted networking and collaboration opportunities, as well as access to vital mental health and self-care information.

“The Bank is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where students can openly discuss mental health, pick up coping strategies, and engage in activities that promote overall well-being. As part of this effort, a dedicated Mental Health Booth will be set up, staffed by a qualified mental health expert who will be available to assist and guide students in addressing their mental health concerns,” said Hiwa.

Hiwa said attendees should also look forward to cultural showcases, sports competitions, and captivating performances, and the Bank’s presence, as one of the event sponsors, will further enhance the experience by offering insights into the financial aspects of mental well-being and personal growth.

Entertainment Director at LUANAR, Wakisa Dimba commended NBM plc for the initiative saying most students in universities are depressed and having mental health experts will provide a good platform for them to share their problems while seeking professional counseling services.

“As students, we have a lot of mental health issues. I remember at some point we had a first-year student attempting suicide because of lack of support for his studies. But they cannot share their problems with a colleague for fear of being laughed at, but we believe mental health experts have the expertise on handling such issues. Entertainment will also provide us relief,” said Dimba.

Eli Njuchi, Malinga Mafia, Sly C, and Wikise are set to headline the event.

NBM recently sponsored a similar event which took place at Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHES) Complex, Blantyre last month.

NBS Bank awards Cyclone Freddy heroes

Listed commercial bank, NBS Bank, recently joined the Public Relations Society of Malawi (PRSM) in recognizing and awarding several people who went out of their way to help and rescue others in their communities during the Cyclone Freddy disaster early this year.

NBS Bank awarded the 12 individuals with certificates and cash during this year’s PRSM lakeshore conference held in Mangochi from 5th to 7th October 2023.

NBS Bank Public Relations Officer Olivia Chiligo said they decided to reward the Cyclone Freddy heroes for exhibiting extraordinary acts of kindness, bravery, and selflessness during and the aftermath of Cyclone Freddy to serve the community.

“Cyclone Freddy was an event that tested the strength and character of our nation, and in the face of adversity, we witnessed countless acts of heroism. People opened their doors to shelter others, workers went above and beyond their duty to provide assistance, and individuals risked their own lives to rescue and help those in need. These are the stories that inspire us all. They remind us that even in the darkest hours, the spirit of compassion, unity, and solidarity shines through.”

“PRSM’s decision to recognize these heroes aligns perfectly with NBS Bank’s commitment to community development and our belief in the power of collective action. We firmly believe that by acknowledging and celebrating these acts of kindness, we not only honour those who went above and beyond, but we also send a powerful message to the world about the resilience and unity of the people of Malawi,” said Chiligo.

Among those awarded were three Marine Police officers from Mangochi and Monkey Bay who went missing after the boat they were traveling in capsized on Shire River as they were going to rescue people who were trapped by the Cyclone.

Despite having their boat capsized, the three continued with their mission after being rescued by some members of the community.

“It was a near death situation when our boat capsized. We are very grateful to God and the community members who searched for us until we were found. We could not have abandoned the mission because we made a commitment to save and protect the people of Malawi that is what kept us going,” said Lucia Nthala from Monkey Bay station.

PRSM President, Benson Linje, said there are a lot of people who risked their lives in trying to reduce suffering of people who were affected by the Cyclone in their respective communities and beyond, but their efforts are not recognized.

“The way these people conducted themselves is inspiring hope that there are people in this country who are passionate about changing lives of people that require support. There are other people who had the capacity to help but they did not, so it is worth recognizing those who left their comfort zones for the sake of others,” said Linje.

Linje thanked NBS Bank for sponsoring the awards which he said have managed to motivate the people to continue doing good to people in need.

NBM supports Microfinance’s Inaugural Conference with K4.5 million 

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has given the Malawi Microfinance Network (MAMN) K4.5 million for their inaugural annual lake conference  which started in Mangochi on Thursday and ends on Saturday.

Speaking during a symbolic cheque presentation at NBM head office on Tuesday, Head of Digital Financial Services, William Kaunda said the sponsorship is a symbol of the Bank’s dedication to the microfinance sector’s growth and the aspirations of an inclusive and self-reliant nation.

“The microfinance sector in Malawi has a proud tradition of working closely with micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) who are playing a pivotal role in supporting economic growth. The financial services microfinance institutions offer extend far beyond the mere provision of finance. They have a profound impact on the lives of individuals, families, and communities by fostering financial inclusion.”

“The conference’s theme, ‘Financial Inclusion, a Key Driver Towards Attaining the Malawi Vision 2063’ resonates deeply with our institution’s goals. We believe in a future where every Malawian has access to financial services and opportunities, where poverty is reduced, and prosperity is widespread. This conference serves as a platform to advance that vision,” said Kaunda.

MAMN Chief Executive Officer Duncan Phulusa, thanked NBM plc for the donation adding that the conference is going to discuss financial inclusion towards attaining the Malawi Vision 2063 agenda.

 “We came up with this bearing in mind that financial inclusion is not a one-man thing but a national agenda. So, it is not only microfinance institutions that will attend, Banks such as National Bank and other partners will also attend. If this country is to develop, one of the key drivers is financial inclusion,” said Phulusa.

Wellness Centre in Back Pain awareness week


Beatitude Naturopathy and Wellness Centre has organized a week-long Backpain awareness and alignment where people with persistent back pain will be treated using naturopathic methods.

The Centre’s Director Francis Malunga said in an interview yesterday that during the awareness week, which starts from 30 October to 5 November 2023, the wellness centre will give free lectures to people who have back pain issues apart from treating them.

“We will have a back alignment procedure for those with back pain using naturopathic methods. They will only need to pay a consultation fee of K20,000 otherwise we will not be charging for the actual treatment of back pain,” said Malunga.

Malunga distinguished naturopathy and wellness from hospital care citing the former provides respect for the healing processes of nature while empowering the individual to take responsibility for their own health process.

Beatitude Naturopathy and Wellness Centre recently relocated from Balaka to Manase, Blantyre to serve more people who were looking for naturopathic treatment.

Court convicts fake Malawi Gin producers


The Ntcheu Senior Resident Magistrate Court has convicted and sentenced a young couple, Shavison Chibayo and Karishma Machewere to serve custodial sentences or pay fines amounting to K3.7 million for being found guilty for producing ‘fake Malawi Gin’ whose original patent is owned by Castel Malawi.

The two were arrested in October last year at Tsangano turn off trading in Ntcheu. They were charged with three counts of Sale of goods in bottles marked with owner’s name contrary to section 18 of the Merchandise Act, counterfeiting a trademark contrary to section 388 (1) (b) of the penal code, and false application of a trademark contrary to section (51) (1) (a) of the Trademarks Act.

They pleaded guilty to all the three charges after being found with 23 bottles of 750ml Malawi Gin, food colours, and four drums of Ethanol.

In his ruling on Tuesday, Senior Resident Magistrate Joshua Nkhono slapped Chibayo with a K2 million fine or in default serve 36 months in jail on the third count and K70,000 fine or in default serve four months in jail on the first count and a 12-month custodial sentence but suspended to 24 months on the second count.

The court also sentenced Chibayo’s wife, Machewere, to pay K1.5 million or in default serve 24 months in jail on the third count and another K70,000 fine or in default serve four months in jail on the first count and six months custodial sentence but suspended to 24 months on the second count.

Magistrate Nkhono ordered that the fines should be paid within seven days ‘after which the default sentence will take effect from the date of the pronouncement on October 17, 2023.’

Before sentencing, the convicts prayed for leniency as they were first time offenders and that they were young, with young children at home who depended on them.

The prosecution which comprised of Ntcheu Police Prosecutor Kambalame and two private lawyers Noel Misanjo and Davis Njobvu from DNC Chambers, argued that the conduct of the two was a health hazard to the consumers after tests by the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS), and Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) concluded that the product was counterfeit.

They also told the court that Castel Malawi had lost K7 million business because of the couple’s conduct.

Castel Malawi Head of Legal, Compliance and Company Secretary Chipi Kauka warned the perpetrators that the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

“We will deal with any person producing Castel Malawi counterfeit products. We are closely working with law enforcement agencies to identify those producing, selling or distributing these fake products. Anyone caught will face legal action. We urge the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious Castel Malawi products to the authorities. This will help us maintain the trust and quality that Castel Malawi stands for,” said Kauka.

Castel Malawi Human Resource and Corporate Affairs Director, Gloria Zimba said the sentence serves as a good deterrent to others in similar businesses.

“We were able to apprehend this couple through some two well-wishers who were rewarded MK1 million each for the tip which was successfully investigated. We thank our courts and our Malawi Police who worked relentlessly to successfully close this case,” said Zimba.

Castel Malawi partners Illusionz Club to bring in DJ Mapholisa…excited with tonight’s launch

Giant alcoholic beverages producer, Castel Malawi has partnered with Illusionz Bar, Restaurant and Club to bring celebrated South African DJ Mapholisa who will perform at the grand opening of the entertainment outfit in Lilongwe this evening.

Illusionz Bar, Restaurant and Club is situated at Golden Peacock in City Centre in Lilongwe and fireworks are expected to fly during its opening this evening.

Castel Malawi Head of Corporate Marketing and Communications Lavern Chitakata said in an interview that they partnered with the new club to bring in DJ Mapholisa for massive entertainment during the launch of the club this evening.

“We believe in partnerships and our partnership with Illusionz Club will make this event colourful and we expect that patrons are going to enjoy the entertainment that has been lined up with the performance of popular South African DJ Mapholisa.”

“This partnership is for a year with exclusive branding rights. We are excited with this launch,” said Chitakata.

Illusionz Club director Martin Nyirenda hailed Castel Malawi for the partnership especially its role in bringing DJ Mapholisa to grace the launch of the Club tonight.

“We are grateful to Castel Malawi for the support during this launch. We expect a lot of fun tonight,” said Nyirenda.

TNM partners procurement professionals… Contributes K5M towards Lakeshore indaba

In recognition of the role of the procurement profession, TNM Plc has contributed K5 million towards this year’s Lakeshore Conference of the Malawi Institute of Procurement and Supply (MIPS) underway in Mangochi up to October 21.

TNM Corporate Affairs Manager Limbani Nsapato said Wednesday during presentation of the contrubution it is in recognition of the critical role of procurement and supply professionals in nation building efforts through various procurement decisions and processes undertaken in the private and public sector. Procurement activities take up an estimated 70 percent of all national budget activities, according to MIPS.

“Procurement and supply form an important ecosystem in national economic activity, including the management of public and private projects of any size. TNM greatly values the intermediation role of procurement in driving the flow of finances between private and public sector, and in shaping the development of the country’s national payment systems,” said Nsapato.

Receiving the contribution, Board Member and Chairperson of the Finance and Administration Committee for MIPS, Maureen Mbejere thanked TNM for responding to their need to elevate dialogue on sector-specific issues through the annual lakeshore conference platform.

“This contribution will no doubt contribute to the success of this year’s conference which will brainstorm how procurement can continue to contribute to economic development, and also raise awareness about the profession,” said Mbejere.

MIPS was established to regulate and promote interests of the procurement profession as well as raise the sector’s profile. This year’s conference from October 18 to October 21 at Sunbird Nkopola in Mangochi, will be held under the theme: “Demystifying the Hidden Costs of Procurement and Supply Chain Management.”

NBM gives K10 million to Presidential Charity Golf tourney

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has given K10 million to the Presidential Charity Golf Initiative which aims to raise funds for victims of tropical cyclones and support university students facing financial hardships.

NBM’s Head of Corporate Banking, William Chatsala presented the cheque to the Presidential Golf Initiative officials on Friday where he indicated that the Bank believes in actively contributing to the betterment of society, hence the partnership.

“As a Bank, we believe that the Presidential Charity Golf Tournament embodies a commitment to making a positive change in our community and beyond. It is a testament to the belief that, when individuals and organizations step forward with a shared purpose, they have the power to drive transformational change.”

“By sponsoring this event, we align ourselves with the noble cause of supporting victims of tropical cyclones, helping them rebuild their lives and homes, and promoting resilience in the face of adversity on the one hand. Our sponsorship will contribute directly to empowering aspiring university students by removing financial barriers and enabling them to pursue higher education, The Bank is thus contributing towards the nurturing of leaders of tomorrow,” said Chatsala.

In his remarks, Chairperson of the Golf Tournament Organizing Committee, Gift Chidya Gondwe thanked NBM for the support which is coming after the Bank already contributed K120 million towards Cyclone Freddy victims.

“Their contribution today has gone a long way to support the cause, this tournament is raising about K400 million and this K10 million has added more to reaching our target. This year the funds will be used to assist victims of Cyclone Freddy but also the needy students in six public university colleges. We are really thankful to the National Bank,” said Chidya Gondwe.

The golf tournament which was set for October 7 has been shifted to October 21 due to president Lazarus Chakwera’s official engagement in Mozambique on Saturday. 

NBM boosts Mothers Fun Run with K5 million


National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has supported the Nation Publication Limited (NPL) Mothers’ Fun Run Project for Nkhata Bay District Hospital with K5 million.

Speaking during a symbolic cheque presentation at NBM towers on Friday, NBM plc Head Legal Services and Company Secretary Zunzo Mitole said while contributing to safe motherhood and dignified births, the Bank is demonstrating its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

“To the Bank, the Mothers’ Fun Run Project provides an opportunity to collaborate with diverse organizations and individuals who share this common goal of good maternal and neonatal health. This contribution directly impacts the reduction of preventable causes of maternal and neonatal mortality and ensures a more comfortable childbirth experience for rural women.”

“A safer childbirth experience not only ensures the well-being of mothers but also sets the foundation for healthier newborns and future generations. By investing in maternal health, we contribute to healthier communities and a stronger workforce for Malawi. It is for the mentioned reasons that the Bank has contributed a total of K5 million towards the Mothers Fun Run. The donated funds will go towards the purchase of six delivery beds and mattresses,” said Mitole.

NPL Managing Editor Ephraim Munthali thanked NBM for actively participating in the Mothers’ Fun Run projects for years.

“It means more lives are going to be saved to a certain extent. Medical health officers in Nkhata Bay and its satellite health facilities are going to have better equipment, it may not be everything but at least there will be movement. More children will be saved and mothers do not have to go through hell to give birth,” said Munthali

NPL Mothers’ Fun Run Project, an initiative under the Safe Motherhood Space, started 17 years ago to enhance maternal and neonatal health outcomes in Malawi, following the guidance of the Malawi Health Sector Strategic Plans.

CDEDI demands for review of Sino Hydro staff work permits


By Iommie Chiwalo

The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) in line with the Access To Information Act (ATI), is
demanding a public vetting and review of all working permits for the Chinese nationals working at Sino Hydro camp site West Bank in Chikwawa district.

In a letter addressed to Immigration Chief and signed by CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa, the department has been tasked to review the permits within the next fourteen days.

The calls by CDEDI are coming after a scene in a video clip that can best be described as total chaos due to the language barrier.

In the clip, the Chinese nationals could neither speak English nor Chichewa and similarly, the locals could not speak Chinese language.

The video clip has prompted CDEDI to refer to the Immigration Act Section 4 that specifies prohibited immigrants and their entry into or presence within Malawi; precisely subsection 1(b) which talks about any person who is unable, by reason of deficient education, to read and write any one of any class of language as may be prescribed by the Minister by regulation to the satisfaction of an immigration officer.

“If the scene in the said clip is anything to go by, then it is clear that corners were cut in the vetting process before the issuance of the temporary employment permits to these Chinese nationals at Sino Hydro and China Power, which are involved in the construction of canals that form part of the Shire Valley Transformation Programme,” he said in a letter addressed to Immigration Chief Charles Kalumo.

Namiwa also noted that apart from the language, information in his possession shows that some of the foreign
nationals are working as fuel attendants, welders and general mechanics.

He said such malpractices needs to be checked because such jobs are not only meant for the locals but also gives reasonable grounds to suspect that this is not what they indicated in their applications for their respective permits.

He has therefore asked for an immediate response from the Immigration Chief so that there is sanity in the industry where there must be a realistic yardstick when sourcing expatriates.

Immigration department has confirmed receipt of the letter from CDEDI but has asked for more time to review its contents.

TNM named Internal Audit Awareness Champion

Malawi’s auditing authority, the Institute of Internal Auditors in Malawi (IIAM) has named TNM Plc as Malawi’s Internal Audit Awareness Champion for the year 2023.

The inaugural championship award was presented to TNM during the recent IIAM’s lakeshore conference in Mangochi.

IIAM Chief Executive Officer Albert Dambula said the award is in recognition of TNM’s contribution towards development of the internal audit profession in the country.

“The month of May is International Internal Audit Awareness Month where apart from activities carried out by the institute, member organizations are encouraged to promote development of the audit profession. TNM emerged a winner after implementing great awareness initiatives promoting good governance processes in their institution,” he said, adding the telco beat other organizations to the score.

Receiving the award, TNM’s Head of Internal Audit department Ackson Banda described the recognition as a great motivation.

“During the month of May, TNM in collaboration with the internal audit department implemented outstanding series of awareness initiatives both internal and external. While our initial efforts did not target an award, the recognition is a plus and gives us extra impetus to do more next year during the awareness month,” said Banda.

Banda said that the awareness campaign created a great platform for TNM staff to appreciate the role of auditors in the company.

He noted that the recognition adds great value towards TNM’s reputation in adherence to corporate governance requirements as a listed company.

“The award goes beyond recognizing our role in improving governance issues but enhance trust in our various stakeholders who will feel comfortable to make transactions with the Malawi’s best 4G and only 5G network,” he said.

Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations.

It involves identifying the risks that could keep an organization from achieving its goals, making sure the organization’s leaders know about these risks, and proactively recommending improvements to help reduce the risks.

FDH Bank contributes K10 million towards IPMM conference

FDH Bank plc has given K10 million to the Institute of People Management (IPMM) for their annual lakeshore conference set for November in Mangochi.

The Bank’s Senior Manager for Personal and Business Banking, Elizabeth Phoya delivered the cheque on behalf of FDH Bank where she commended their partnership with IPMM.

“We consider the Institute of People Management – Malawi a critical partner as they are the umbrella body that supports Human Resources in the country, and their initiatives contribute to capacity building of Human Resources professionals. IPMM is the driver of this industry-wide collaboration and we applaud the role they are playing.”

“These annual meetings provide a platform for growth for these critical professionals and we would like to ensure the success of the meeting by supporting them and in turn supporting the workforce in Malawi to achieve individual and economic growth,” she said.

Phoya further indicated that as the Bank is celebrating 15 years Committed to Growth (Magical 15), staff members have been a huge part of that growth because all the services and products that the Bank offers hinge on the human resources they have.

“We have a vibrant CSR portfolio that has the four pillars; Our Community, Our People, Our Economy and Our Environment. Staff members fall under Our People and we are keen on staff engagement. Building a strong work force leads to success of the company, develops the community and champions economic growth. And growth, as you know, is our currency,” she explained.

IPMM president, Godwin Ng’oma hailed FDH Bank for the support saying it will go a long way in covering some costs at the event.

“Human Resource is a backbone of every company, we therefore expect a lot of delegates as the conference offers an opportunity for the professionals to bang heads and bring feasible solutions in their respective companies,” he said.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Human Resources Management: Fostering Productivity, Diversity, and Change in a Multi-Generational Technological Driven Workplace’.

FDH commits K200 million for 30 Cyclone Freddy victims’ houses


FDH Bank plc has committed to build 30 houses for Cyclone Freddy victims in Phalombe, Chiradzulu and other districts worth K200 million as part of celebrating its 15 years of existence in the country. 

The Bank’s Managing Director, Noel Mkulichi disclosed that the two districts will be allocated K70 million each, while the other money will be given to other partners on the same initiative like Habitat for Humanity for the other districts. 

“As much as months have passed by and Government and various organizations including the Joyce Banda Foundation have been working tirelessly to restore what was lost; there is still a lot to be done and we should all come together to assist where possible.”

“As FDH Bank Plc, we have decided to offer further support to Cyclone Freddy Victims that is directed towards rehabilitating people who lost houses during the disaster,” said Mkulichi.

He further indicated that through the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) portfolio under the umbrella ‘FDH Cares’ with four pillars; ‘Our Community, Our People, Our Economy and Our Environment’, they ran a 10-week program with staff members called ‘FDH Freddy Friday’ where staff members contributed something towards the victims every time they wore their Flames Replica jerseys on Fridays.

“This is a huge part of our contribution to the community as we are celebrating 15 Years of Commitment to Growth (Magical 15) as we have remained committed to giving back to the community we operate in over the years.

“I urge all of us to work together to help the people that were worst hit by the disaster and I trust that we will have a progressive working relationship with the District Councils as we execute this project,” he explained. 

Phalombe District Commissioner, Douglas Moffat commended FDH Bank for the support. 

“We are grateful for the support we were given in March this year when the disaster fell upon us, but we needed to make sure that these people are back on their feet, especially their houses. Therefore, this support by FDH Bank has come at the right time. We just plead with the contractors to expedite the process as we are approaching the rainy season,” he said.

Earlier this year, FDH Bank provided an emergency relief package to Phalombe, Mulanje, Thyolo, Chiradzulu, Chikwawa, Blantyre, Mangochi, Nsanje, Zomba and Mwanza adding up to K100 million.

MCTU hails Castel Malawi, Workers Union


The Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) has commended Castel Malawi and its Castel Malawi Workers Union (Camawu), for the good-working relationship which has the potential to benefit the economic development of the country.

MCTU Deputy Director responsible for workers’ education and members recruitment, Ms. Jessie Ching’oma made the remarks during the CAMAWU Annual General Meeting in Salima over the weekend.

“It is important that as a union mother-body, we ensure that we capacitate unions in Malawi. We are looking at the critical component and contribution of workers to the productivity and the profitability of companies. At the end of such interactions, we are looking at the resultant issue of national development.”

“As it has been reported by the Castel Malawi MD, that Castel Malawi is number two taxpayer to government, second from Illovo. We have been told that it pays taxes more than MK3 Billion per month, we are grateful for that. We need more investors like this to support revenue generating for our country. Actually, taxes are an important ingredient to economic development; enabling availability of necessary medicines, the exercise books for our schools, and as well as supporting smooth running of our country is.”

“We are also looking at issues of employee motivation, employee-employer relationship, and dialogue, which are critical in ensuring that we have a harmonious working environment.  Where there is provision of management and union engagement, employees positively contribute towards profitability and productivity of the company. We are all aware that Malawi is going through financial and economic difficulties including the climate change issues like Cyclone Freddy, not many companies can manage to release funds to support union activities in such tough times,” she explained.

Guest of Honour at the meeting, Castel Malawi Managing Director, Mr. Thomas Reynaud took time to share with the union the company’s further growth, a year after splitting with Cocacola.

“It is my ambition that in the next few months we will be designing a more efficient and more productive Castel Malawi. It has not been an easy road, because change comes with both positive and negative challenges. But I am happy to share with you that in this past year we have worked together very well although we had some months where our sales were below target and below last year. It is my wish that together we will continue to embrace any future changes as a team, with a positive mind and positive attitude,” he said.

The Human Resource and Corporate Affairs Director, Gloria Zimba also commended the cordial working relationship with Camawu.

“The Union invited the Castel Malawi management to the AGM, because they would like to understand and align with the company’s strategy as CAMAWU is planning for the 2024 calendar of events. They also wanted to know what management’s expectation of them is, for 2024, but also, to be given an appraisal of how we have worked with them in the 2023 financial year.”

“We believe and trust that there is no company that can do well, without its employees. We also believe that our employees are one of the greatest assets that we have. We don’t look at them as machines, they are people with emotions, therefore they need to be engaged. We understand that an engaged employee is a more productive and effective employee. They also feel valued, and if they feel valued, they are loyal to the company because they take ownership of whatever objectives you are driving at the organization, they take ownership of the company.”

“So, you work together, you walk together and you drive the business together. At Castel Malawi, we don’t believe in labelling our Union ‘black’. Just because the employees are voicing out issues then they cannot be called rebellious,” explained Zimba.

President of Camawu, Reuben Kapito also hailed the Castel Malawi management saying they take heed of the union concerns, and suggestions.

“In the past, the CAMAWU relationship with management was not conducive but since we started the union, we have seen a sense of recognition and engagement. Being in Union, we are a bridge between members of staff and management, so our main duty is to take concerns from the two parties. Minus union at an organisation, many people will suffer in silence,” said Kapito.

PressCane touts new fire-fighting truck


Ethanol distiller PressCane Limited has said its recent acquisition of a brand-new fire-fighting-truck will not only serve the company but the communities as well at no cost as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The fire-fighting truck became handy on Sunday when it helped put out a fire which gutted part of Dyeratu Market just a few metres from Press Cane ethanol plant in Chikwawa.

“We’re thrilled to announce a significant step in our commitment to safety by introducing our brand-new fire-fighting truck, a crucial addition to our Chikwawa distillery complex. This proactive measure is a testament to our dedication to ensuring safety not only within our complex but also within the community.”

“Our fire fighting personnel were called to help put out fire which started at Dyeratu Market which is not very far from our plant and we are glad that we could lend a helping hand to our community because this truck is not for only us but all the people of Chikwawa,” said Press Cane Sales and Marketing Manager Mercy Jumula Kamanga in an interview.

“We are proud to share that our skilled firefighters have recently successfully completed a rigorous training program, endorsed by experts from the Aviation Department. Given the high flammability of ethanol, this investment bolsters our confidence in effectively mitigating fire risks. At PressCane, safety remains our top priority,” added Kamanga. 

Dyeratu Market Chairperson Henry Chimwala said they suspect that the fire may have started from an electrical fault from an electricity pole and has destroyed merchandise for traders worth millions of kwachas.

He hailed Press Cane workers for putting out the fire using the fire-fighting truck.

Chikwawa Police Station Spokesperson Dickson Matemba said they have instituted investigations into the fire to understand its cause.

I prophesied about John Tembo’s death – Prophet Mtupa


Senior Prophet Rodrick Mtupa of Holy Place Cathedral International Ministries who is well known for his prophetic accuracy is in another fulfilled prophetic word.

In one his prophecies, the trusted God messenger Mtupa prophesied about the death of veteran politician John Zenus Ungapake Tembo.

“God showed me people paying their last respect to one of the legends in the political field, so, the whole Malawi was mourning for this particular person.

Am talking about a president of a certain political party in the country,” Prophet Mtupa told his congregation on December 31 last year during a cross over service.

Veteran politician Tembo who was the former President for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), died on Wednesday morning September 27, 2023, aged 91.

JZU Tembo as fondly known in the political circles, died at a private clinic in Lilongwe where he got admitted to due to an acute pneumonia and dehydration according to his family members.

NBM gives financial dealers K2 million for conference


National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has given K2 million to the Financial Dealers Association (FIMDA) for their lakeshore conference in October.

Speaking during a symbolic cheque presentation at NBM head office on Thursday, the Bank’s Treasury and Investment Banking Division Senior Dealer Lysan Pidini said they decided to donate towards the conference because financial market dealers have a role to play in the economy as they set the prices in the foreign exchange.

“As a Bank, we feel that we have a role to assist the financial market and the financial industry, that is why National Bank has decided today to support the FIMDA lake conference, we are quite sure that out of this conference, we are going to see brilliant ideas, and innovative products coming out and start a debate of issues that are affecting our economy,” said Pidini.

FIMDA General Secretary James Mbingwa said the association is very happy and appreciative of the sponsorship which will go a long way in organizing the conference.

“The conference is going to bring a lot of experts together to discuss matters that are affecting this nation and therefore a lot of the dealers present and participants are going to learn a lot from these experts.”

“If you look at this year’s conference theme, we trying to tackle issues that are affecting the nation in terms of the generation of forex, as dealers most of the time we are at the end where we are trading, we have foreign exchange market dealers that we trade in forex but tackling issues that are going to contribute to the generation of forex in the country,” said Mbingwa.

FIMDA will hold the conference in Mangochi from October 13 to 16 under the theme ‘The Role of Financial Market in Achievement of Agricultural Productivity and Commercialization’. 

FDH Bank launches MiniPOS


FDH Bank plc has launched a portable Point-Of-Sale (POS) machine to provide convenience to the customers and business owners.

Speaking during the launch of the machine called ‘Tswaa MiniPOS’ on Tuesday, FDH Bank plc Senior Manager for Digital Sales, Yamikani Mbawala said the Bank wants small to medium sized businesses to join the digital banking revolution and win in their businesses.

“Tswaa MiniPOS is a small POS which looks like a phone, like a Nokia 3310 that fits in your pockets. This is to enhance small businesses as we have a lot of businesses in town but they are unable to take card transactions because they don’t have a POS and Banks are not willing to give them a POS because their transaction volumes are small, they don’t do as many transactions as other businesses.”

“So, we got these POSs to cater for that particular market like that supermarket where you live, a small market in Chirimba, Machinjiri, or Area 23. We want this POS to get to all those places where now you can transact using cards.”

“The Reserve Bank set this year June that every business has to have a digital payment system, we are just responding to that call. So, we encourage merchants, customers to apply for this Tswaa POS,” said Mbawala.

One of the customers, Mathambo Lowole, who is the owner of Sunnyside Lodge commended FDH Bank for the innovation saying the portability excites customers to carry it through wherever they are conducting businesses.

“It is an innovation that we have been looking forward to. Looking at the first POS machine we had to charge it, so it did not come in handy because sometimes we have to be invited to outside events. Sometimes you have to go there at 5pm and by 12 o’clock you want to charge but there is already a commotion, so this gadget will help us on outside events. It has also been designed to provide proof of payment to both the merchant and customer,” he said.

According to Mbawala, the MiniPOS is compatible with all Bank cards.

The MiniPOS eliminates the cost and risks of handling cash and disruption of businesses for trips to the Bank, increases sales by increasing payment options, enhances accountability and maintains audit trail, and offers personalized relationship management by dedicated bank officials assigned to merchants.

To the customers, the MiniPOS machine offers convenience through quick and easy to use payment methods, no extra charges for paying by card, safety by eliminating risks involved as in carrying cash, and also enhances accountability through the ability to monitor personal finances.

CK Family Demands K300 million After Police Brutally Assaulted to death Hubby 


A family in Chikwawa district has written the office of the Attorney General (AG) expressing intention to sue government over the death of Wilford TheniFord Mulepa who was assaulted by police and later on died.

Wilford TheniFord Mulepa was a government employee, working for water department in Chikwawa district. In December 2022 he was arrested by Livuzu Police Unit on allegations that he had stolen some items from his work place. He was brutally assaulted by officers while in custody. On 19th December, 2022, he was taken to Chikwawa District Hospital by the officers where he died. 

According to a letter from the hospital addressed to the family’s lawyer, Ambokire Salimu of Salimu and Associates, revealed that TheniFord Mulepa was diagnosed with severe head injury and died on 22nd December, 2022 at around 10pm.

The letter dated 11 September, 2023 is in response to Salimu’s request for post-mortem report. The hospital letter is signed by Doctor Grace Momba (Director of Health and Social Services) and reveals that no post-mortem was done on Wilford TheniFord Mulepa.

In an interview with this publication Salimu said his firm is pursuing the case following instructions from Mulepa’s wife and son.

In a letter to AG dated 8th September, 2023, the aggrieved family is seeking K300 million for damages.

 “We hold the Malawi Government responsible for the death of Mr. Mulepa. This letter therefore serves as a notice of our client’s intention to sue the Malawi Government for the sum of K300, 000,000 being K250, 000,000 punitive damages in respect of the atrocious and cowardly act of the Police in bludgeoning Mr. Mulepa to death and K50, 000,000 general damages relating to the death of Mr. Mulepa in police custody,” reads the letter in part.

There was no immediate comment from Attorney General’s office on the matter. Malawi Police has on several occasions come under criticism for their brutal treatment of suspects under their custody. One prominent case is of the reggae music icon, late Evison Matafale who died in police custody in 2001. Another case of brutality is of the death of Buleya Lule, a suspect of albino killings, who died in police custody.

Concerned citizens want action to save Michiru Mountain


A group of people calling themselves ‘Concerned Citizens’ have asked the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to deploy additional game rangers to the Michiru Mountain Conservation Area to combat and stop the poaching and protect tourists.

In their letter, titled ‘Urgent Action Required to Halt Wanton Destruction and Poaching in Michiru Mountain Conservation Area’ the citizens lament the alarming situation unfolding in the conservation area over the past month.

“For the past month, Michiru Mountain Conservation Area has been subject to wanton destruction and rampant tree cutting, primarily for the production of charcoal. This illegal activity decimates our invaluable indigenous tree species and occurs along the tourist route to the peak of Michiru. Even more concerning is the brazen aggression exhibited by these poachers, who have not hesitated to block the trail with fallen trees; taunt and menace tourists attempting to enjoy this natural treasure.”

“Another concerning aspect of this issue is the fear instilled in our game rangers. They are too few in number to effectively combat the poachers, and their fear of being attacked has made it nearly impossible for them to accompany tourists. This not only endangers the lives of the rangers but also leaves the tourists vulnerable to harm. We kindly request the deployment of additional game rangers to Michiru Mountain Conservation Area to combat and stop the poaching and protect tourists,” reads the letter.

According to the grouping, the consequences of this unchecked exploitation are grave and far-reaching as indigenous trees play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance, and losing them may lead to disastrous environmental effects, including increased flooding in lower-settled areas and the long-term degradation of the entire ecosystem.

They also fear that the degradation of Michiru’s natural beauty and the intimidation of tourists by the poachers may result in a decline in the number of visitors to the protected area, which may also lead to a significant loss of income and further degradation of the conservation area.

“As concerned citizens, we implore the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to take urgent and decisive action to address this dire situation. Our inaction will undoubtedly result in the complete loss of the only protected area within Blantyre, with dire consequences for our environment and the well-being of both Malawians and the tourists, including church and school groups, who frequent Michiru,” reads the letter in part.

Standing 1,460 meters above sea level, Michiru Mountain is the only surviving protected area in Blantyre after Ndirande, Mpingwe, and Soche were destroyed in a similar pattern.

NBM supports PRSM and REIAMA conferences


National Bank of Malawi Plc (NBM) has given K3 million to the Public Relations Society of Malawi (PRSM) and K2 million to the Renewable Energy Industries Association of Malawi (REIAMA) for their annual conferences in October.

Speaking during the symbolic cheque presentation at NBM towers in Blantyre on Friday, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager Akossa Hiwa said the zeal to support PRSM came about after recognizing the vital role effective communication plays in fostering trust, transparency, and engagement with stakeholders.  

“We are inspired by the dedication and passion of the PRSM in advancing the profession. We firmly believe that by investing in the development of PR practitioners, we are investing in the future of our country. The knowledge, skills, and networks forged at events like these are invaluable assets to both individuals and organizations,” said Hiwa.

PRSM Executive member Rachel Kalera Mhango said society is excited and motivated by NBM’s donation towards the 2023 lake conference-themed ‘Complete Communicator’.

“PRSM members should look out for a platform that will give them time to interact, engage, learn, and also develop new ideas in regard to public relations. The society exists to ensure enhancement of professional and ethical standards in public relations and communication in various sectors in Malawi,” said Kalera Mhango.

And to REIAMA, NBM Retail Banking Senior Manager Eric Bob Munthali said the Bank firmly believes in the power of partnerships and the potential of renewable energy to transform Malawi.

“Energy is the lifeblood of the economy and its sustainable development is crucial for the prosperity of Malawi and the realization of the MW2063 agenda. We understand the critical role that the energy sector plays in driving economic growth, creating jobs, and improving the quality of life,” said Munthali.

REIAMA president Soustain Chigalu hailed NBM for the timely assistance towards the 2023 National Energy Conference themed ‘Energy Diversification for Sustainable Development’.   

“As a country, we need to work together, Banks, Renewable energy associations, government, and all sector players to ensure this vision towards Malawi 2063 as well as SDG 7 by 2030 is achieved and people have clean, affordable and sustainable energy,” said Chigalu.

PRSM will hold its 2023 lake conference from October 5 to 7 in Mangochi, while REIAMA will hold its conference in Salima from October 26 to 27. 

Castel Malawi calls for responsible drinking


Largest alcoholic beverages producer, Castel Malawi has called on Malawians to exercise caution on the roads by among other things, drinking responsibly, to avoid accidents.

Castel Malawi Human Resources and Corporate Affairs Director, Gloria Zimba made the call during the launch of a Road Safety Awareness Campaign in Blantyre on Friday.

The campaign, which will run up to November 2023, comes following a series of defensive driving trainings that the company conducted for its truck drivers, scooter riders, and all employees driving company cars with the hope of reducing accidents in the country.

“We have given the campaign the theme ‘Yendani Bwino Pamseu, Samalani Moyo’ because we are one of the big corporate organizations in Malawi, we are the second tax-payer in Malawi. We have seen and we hear almost every day of road accidents, so we think it’s not on to leave the
initiative of fighting road accidents only to the government.”

“We want to lead in the private sector assisting the government and partnering with the government to talk about road safety because whoever is on the road is a citizen of Malawi, is our customer and is
a breadwinner somewhere, even if they are young, but they have a future ahead of them.”

“We know we are producing, selling and distributing alcoholic beverages which are just there for socializing.

We don’t want people to take that social drink and end up dying because they are of no use to anyone including their families, and country if they die.

 That is why Castel Malawi talks about responsible drinking, responsible driving, being a responsible citizen, even the pedestrian,” she explained.

Chief Road Traffic Officer at the Directorate of Road Traffic and Services, Madalitso Gunsaru commended Castel Malawi for the initiative while calling for the need to comply with road safety rules.

“Castel Malawi has involved us on several occasions to train its Drivers and Scooter Riders in defensive driving. They also supported the National Road Safety Awareness campaign last year in Mzuzu. This
shows their commitment to ensuring that everybody adheres to the rules of the road as we strive to reduce accidents in the country,” he said.

According to Gunsaru, last year the country recorded 1, 068 road fatalities, of which 680 involved motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The campaign by Castel Malawi will target markets and trading centres across the country which are prone to road accidents.

NBM hail vendors on loan repayments


National Bank of Malawi Plc (NBM) has applauded vendors for performing extremely well in Taoloka Finance loan repayment surpassing other  special customer segments.

NBM’s Head of Retail Banking Oswin Kasunda said this during the Bank’s interaction with vendors in Blantyre on Thursday.  

According to Kasunda, the vendors are conducting their accounts well and are able to pay back the loans, saying the Bank has so far only experienced a five-percent default rate.   

“Credit is about risk, in the banking business there is always a risk so if you give out loans you don’t expect to have a 100 percent repayment rate as of now the default rate is about five percent which is  very good and acceptable.”

“Now that the performance is satisfactory as far as the Bank is concerned, it is time we consider extending the package to  other towns. We have already received inquiries from Mangochi, Kasungu,  Mchinji and others so we will now consider  going out of the four cities,” said Kasunda.

Tiyanjane Juma from Limbe Flea Market said when the product was launched in August last year she was in doubt, but now the Taoloka Finance loan has helped boost her business.

“After following all the instructions, the Bank gave me a loan and I can testify my business is no longer the same,” said Juma.

NBM launched the Taoloka Finance product last year, in the country’s four cities of Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zomba to help vendors have access to financial services through the Bank.

CDEDI pushes for declaration of state of hunger, launches Chakudya Ufulu Wanga initiative


By Iommie Chiwalo

The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has launched a project dubbed ‘CHAKUDYA
UFULU WANGA’ which, among other things, seeks to build on the unity of purpose demonstrated when Cyclone Freddy struck in March 2023.

Speaking during the launch in Phalombe CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa said time has come for sustainable solutions by not encouraging handouts.

He said his organisation has identified the forgotten poor to benefit from food rations and farm inputs and trained in Mbeya fertilizer and soap making as well as some artisan skills in order to increase food production and improve household incomes.

The project has started with the Cyclone Freddy affected districts of Phalombe, Mulanje, Chiradzulu, Chikwawa and Nsanje and, of course, the forgotten urban poor in the cities Blantyre and Lilongwe.

As a way of realising power in consolidated efforts, CDEDI has partnered Peacock Seeds to provide hybrid drought tolerant seed on soft loan.

He also disclosed about the engagement of Bridging Gap Enterprises to train those trapped in the vicious circle of poverty in both rural and urban areas in soap-making.

“As if that is not enough, we are also working with Onani Enterprises to train the farming community in making Mbeya fertilizer and other affordable technologies that would increase food productivity at household level,” he said.

On the source of funding, the CDEDI Executive Director said the project will be funded by a crowd-funding initiative to be announced in due

“Those of us that are better off should be our brother’s keeper by sharing the little we have with our relatives, friends and neighbours,” he adds.

On his part, Phalombe District Assistant Community Development Officer, Sydney Mkata who represented the District Commissioner said the initiative taken by CDEDI is worth supporting because it is sustainable.

“This initiative by CDEDI has brought about excitement to the communities because is a long term solution that will help reduce persistent food scarcity.

And a beneficiary of the initiative Esnart Kulowani said apart from enhancing hygiene, the soap making skill is going to improve their economic situation.

Asking Namiwa if it is not the way to run away from his usual advocacy, he said CDEDI is not relenting in pushing for affordable maize prices and free food distribution to the ultra-poor, regardless of their political colours.

He has since reiterated on the calls to President Lazarus Chakwera and his Tonse Alliance administration to stop pretending that they have capacity to solve the food, forex, fuel and fertiliser (4Fs) crises threatening the survival of the majority Malawians.

“We hereby call for a high-level stakeholders meeting to draw a roadmap towards declaring a state of disaster and appeal for donor support in time,” he said.

Namiwa has also expressed worries with the rainy season fast approaching saying that there is a serious uncertainty over
availability of maize and fertilizer in the country coupled with worsening scarcity of fuel and
essential drugs due to forex shortage.

“Equally worrying are persistent fuel queues, unfortunately, for which the President and his government do not seem to have a solution. Simply put, despite all the rhetoric about maize availability in the country, most Agriculture
Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) selling points are empty, and fertilizer is nowhere to be seen yet rains are just around the corner,” he said.

He said conclusively that Malawians are in for real trouble, because once the rains begin most parts of the countryside will be inaccessible owing to the poor state of the road network, especially in areas affected by Cyclone Freddy.

NBM to refurbish Luanar and Unima basketball courts


National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has reiterated its commitment to refurbish Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) and University of Malawi (Unima) basketball courts this year to leave a lasting legacy in the sports infrastructure development in the country.

Speaking during the launch of the fourth season of Mo626 College Basketball tournament in Blantyre at the weekend, NBM e-Money Services Manager Chirwa said this is part of the additions in the sponsorship of the tournament which increased from K63 million last year to K150 million per year.

“As National Bank, we are also undertaking to refurbish basketball courts in Malawi, so for the first year we are going to refurbish Luanar and Unima basketball courts, we are also going to improve the facilities in anticipation that this will grow the sportsmanship in the basketball arena.”

“We have increased the prizes for the teams that will win in this tournament, the number one team will walk away with K5 million, while the runner-up gets K3 million and the second runner-up K2 million. This is an increase from our previous prizes which ranged from K2.5 million to K750 thousand,” said Chirwa.

In his remarks, President of the Basketball Association of Malawi (BASMAL) Chief Masabani Jere said the association is very happy that they can count on the National Bank of Malawi year in, year out.

“We are looking forward to making sure that basketball becomes a household sport, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education under the Malawi Secondary Schools Programme we want to make sure that the grassroots are being included in basketball.”

“Malawi sponsorships are very hard to come by and in this case, we are making sure that we utilize the K450 million over the next three years to the fullest by making sure basketball is well exposed, the infrastructure development program is on track and to introduce the sport to young players,” said Jere.

MUST men’s team player Paul Koloko said he is excited and ready for the tournament.

“We are happy that National Bank has brought season four back into play,” said Koloko.

In the opening games MUST ladies beat KUHeS Ladies  21-5, while MUBAS men beat MUST men 55-44.

NBM started sponsoring college basketball in 2017 as a tool to foster inter-university student interaction.

TNM gives NGO regulatory body K5 Million boost


Malawi’s pioneering mobile network and ICT services provider, TNM Plc, has contributed K5 million to the Non-Governmental Organization Regulatory Authority (NGORA) towards the organisation’s 2023 Lakeshore Conference.

This year’s NGORA annual lakeshore conference will be held from 28–29 September, 2023 at Sunbird Nkopola in Mangochi under the theme: 21st Century Boardroom Dynamics: Repositioning the Accountability of NGOs.

Presenting the contribution, TNM Director of Business Services Tawina Dzungu said the mobile telco appreciates the role of NGORA in regulating the NGO industry.

She noted that NGORA’s regulation is helping to bring sanity in the NGO sector in terms of accountability and governance, a development which has turned NGOs into attractive partners for national development efforts with the private sector.

“At TNM, we recognize and appreciate the critical role of NGORA in regulating NGOs in Malawi. As a partner for national development, TNM is working closely with NGO partners to support people at the grassroots level using mobile network technologies such as Mpamba, which through mobile cash transfers, is helping deepen financial inclusion in the remotest parts of the country. Hence our contribution is in line with this position,” said Dzungu.

She said TNM’s partnership with respective NGOs under NGORA is helping to contribute to economic growth through job creation, enterprise development and technology transfer.

The Business Services Director said TNM looks forward to continuing working with NGORA and relevant NGOs in applying mobile technology as a catalyst for economic growth and national development at all sectors.

Chairperson for Non Governmental Organization Regulatory Authority (NGORA) Shadreck Malenga said the upcoming conference is an important platform for NGOs to build capacity in governance and learn new trends in environmental sustainability.

“We are hoping that participants in the conference will be able to incorporate 21st century trends in their operations and be able to see how we can apply them within the Malawian framework and context of Agenda 2063,” he said.

PIL moves to scale up fuel supply


Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL) has moved to scale up the importation of fuel in the country through rail with 11 wagons of petrol offloaded in Blantyre yesterday.

The 11 wagons carried 466,000 litres of petrol and the company says it is expecting another 255,000 litres of the commodity to arrive through rail any day this week.

PIL General Manager Martin Msimuko said PIL, a consortium of oil marketing companies namely Puma Energy, Total Energies, Petroda and Vivo Energy, is also loading 700,000 litres of diesel from Nacala port in Mozambique to be transported through rail.

“We are also in the process of loading close to 3 million litres of petrol to come by trucks from the ports of Beira and Dar es Salaam,” said Msimuko.

He, however, noted that forex remains a significant hurdle in bringing adequate supplies, but said PIL has engaged banks to support the same in ensuring adequate fuel supply in the country.

Malawi has been facing fuel shortages since July due to foreign exchange shortages caused by supply and demand imbalances in the domestic foreign exchange market.

Castel Malawi engages business partners


Malawi’s largest alcoholic beverages producer, Castel Malawi engaged its stakeholders in all the three regions of the country where they were trained on due diligence, compliance, and corporate social responsibility strategy.

The training was organized to ensure that the stakeholders adhere to ethical standards, legal requirements, good governance, and operational efficiencies.

Castel Malawi Director of Corporate Affairs Gloria Zimba said they decided to meet its stakeholders, which included business partners and suppliers to ensure that all players are ethical in their business conduct, as  regards compliance to business policies and procedures of Castel Malawi.

“One of the pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Castel Malawi is to ‘increase compliance throughout the value chain’ hence, Castel Malawi is committed to provide trainingon the code of conduct, due diligence, as well as to share our CSR strategy.”

“We are happy that we received very good feedback. The sessions went on well in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre. We are grateful to our stakeholders for attending these meetings and training sessions. For Castel Malawi, public image on what we are doing in terms of social responsibility projects can influence among other things; our competitive advantage and our corporate reputation.” said Zimba.

On due diligence, Zimba said the participants were briefed on how the procedure has been integrated within the existing processes.

“The participants were taken through the procedure for conducting a Due Diligence Process to identify high risk suppliers as defined in our standards. In addition, participants were given a demonstration on the type of assessment questions that the company uses, the assessment criteria, contractual and support measures taken, in case of non-compliance,” explained Zimba.

Speaking during the stakeholder engagement in Blantyre, Castel Malawi Head of Legal and Company Secretary Chipiliro Kauka said in 2019, the Castel Group introduced a Compliance Program to ensure that its subsidiaries adhere to ethical standards, legal requirements, good governance, and operational efficiency.

She said the Group introduced the Code of Conduct which is applicable to all employees in all subsidiaries but noted that there are some principles which apply to their business partners (Suppliers and Distributors) like Whistleblowing, Conflict of Interest, Bribery and Trading of Influences, Compliance with laws and regulations and others.

Kauka gave several examples where major companies and corporations have been fined and charged hefty amounts, some as far as US$1 billion for non-compliance.

“So, you should know that as our suppliers or business partners, anything you do that is not compliant with the law, may end up affecting us as a company and when we are in trouble, it may mean that you are also in trouble because you will not be able to do business when we are shut down,” said Kauka.

One of the stakeholders Peter Mvalo, who is Sales Manager for Hartfield Investments hailed Castel Malawi for organizing the stakeholders meeting and the training sessions, saying the company is ‘serious’ in its conduct of business by including its partners to be compliant to laws and regulations.



Standard Bank Plc has launched the second cohort of its award-winning SME incubation program, Phuka focusing on agriculture value chain creation in partnership with in partnership with the Centre for Agriculture Transformation (CAT) and Synergy Labs.

The program—now in its second year—will award seed capital of K10 million to the best pitched bankable idea among young Phuka incubates for agribusinesses.

Head of Business and Commercial Banking Graham Chipande said at the launch on Friday in Lilongwe the second cohort will be conducted in partnership with the Centre for Agriculture Transformation (CAT), a science, technology and business incubation hub.

Chipande said the bank’s incubation program aims at empowering small and medium enterprise and equipping them with skills and knowledge to propel their business to greater heights.

“Standard Bank is committed to transform the economic landscape through sectors that contribute to the development of the country. We believe that together we can create a brighter and sustainable future for the agricultural industry. We will continue to be a key driver of Agribusiness value chain in Malawi to enable efficiency of every player in the sector. It is our hope that the innovation around our Phuka Incubator Hub will benefit the industry in the long run. Our call is for all the incubates to make full use of period to ensure sustainability and growth of their businesses,” he said.

He said this year’s incubates will be introduced to investors to help, gain industry experience, mentorship and receive valuable feedback from industry experts.

CAT Executive Director Macloud Nkhoma said incubates and other economic stakeholders need to borrow a leaf from Standard Bank’s initiative of forging partnership aiming to unleash the country’s growth potential. He also called for a shift in mindset by entrepreneurs towards embracing partnerships and profit oriented Joint Ventures.

“Experience shows that most small businesses in Malawi fail to progress because of individualism. Often SMEs do not want to venture in business partnerships, which is bad for progress. This is why I implore upon businesses to consider partnerships because it gives room for more interventions that are successful and sustainable,” he said.

Nkhoma said the Malawi 2063 vision prioritizes agricultural productivity, diversification, and commercialization, which require partnerships to actualize.

“Partnerships will be very crucial and extremely important to catalyze us to achieve this Malawi 2063 vision so that we become a country that is producing, earning forex and succeeding in all that we do,” he said.

Nkhoma said the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA) will open a huge market opportunities and Malawi being an agro-based economy there are several opportunities for entrepreneurs to seize.

Through its partnership with the CAT and Synergy Labs, Standard Bank plans to enroll 70 entrepreneurs for the current cohort. To run for six weeks, the cohort will culminate into a Phuka Pitch Night #AgricEdition where the successful pitcher will win K10 million prize money to use as capital in their venture.

Standard Bank conducts second Switch and Win Draw…Satisfied with role of empowering customers


In the count-down to the K10 Million grand prize of the Switch your Salary and Win promotion, Standard Bank Plc has expressed satisfaction with the positive impact that the cash prizes are having on customer lives.

Speaking during the second draw of the promotion Thursday, which saw customer Joseph Mandala winning the K1 million monthly prize, Head of Personal Banking Takula Kapalamula said the promotion is transforming lives.

He said so far, the promotion’s objective of converting salary earners from other banks into Standard Bank Plc customers with access to flexible loans, was being achieved.

“Following the first draw in August, we are proud to report that winners are making opportune use of the funds. Some are paying for education and groceries for the home, while some envisage investing their wins in profitable businesses,” he said, in reference to customers Deziderio Mangani, Lameck Tamu and Dickson Mvula who won the major cash prizes of K1 million, K500,000 and K200,000 during the first draw.

Kapalamula said the bank is proud to be making a difference in the lives of its customers who have embraced a transformative mindset of aiming to improve their individual wealth and taking their lives to a greater level.

“As in the case of the Mangani family, the Switch promotion has helped them to invest in the education of their children and in a meaningful way ensure that the next generation in his family is better off,” he said.

Kapalamula said the promotion has seen more Malawians moving to join Standard Bank, which in turn is taking over their loans while offering them flexible repayment terms of up to five years.

“Standard Bank has several market leading products, and we are one of the few Banks that offer a seamless loan process. We have specialist divisions like our Bancassurance department which allows clients to have a one stop solution to all their financial needs. Many clients are not fully versed that we offer insurance products inhouse with the option for clients to access comprehensive vehicle insurance and funeral plans which can be serviced straight from your account. Standard Bank clients can also access our 247 digital platforms on their mobile device, laptop or personal computer,” he said.

The four-month promotion will see clients winning cash prizes every month and a grand prize of K10 million will be given at the end of the promotion after entries close on 31st October 2023.

Standard Bank is a member of the Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest bank by assets with a presence in 27 African countries. The Bank has a deep heritage of providing class leading products and services in Malawi.

FDH supports MUST Endowment Fund with K100 million


FDH Bank plc has given K100 million to the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) for its Endowment Fund meant to support the needy students at the institution.

Speaking during the MUST Back to Campus Charity Golf Tournament on Saturday, FDH Managing Director, Noel Mkulichi said the Bank decided to support the cause because they believe that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and indeed we can all come together and change Malawi and the world by supporting education.’

“FDH Bank Plc has always been committed to supporting education in the country. Under our sustainability program, FDH Cares, we have four pillars; Our People, Our Community, Our Economy, and Our Environment with education falling under Our Community,” said Mkulichi.

Mkulichi further said the Bank works with various stakeholders and aligns with Malawi 2063 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals to propel the country forward through different activities.

“MUST has been our partner for a long time, and we have supported students at the school and various efforts. Partnering with MUST is always a great opportunity for us to achieve mutual objectives and we applaud the role that MUST is playing in the country at large especially during the innovation era we are in,” he said.

He further applauded Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima and the Malawi Government for various efforts towards improving education in the country as well as MUST Vice Chancellor Dr. Address Malata and her whole management team at MUST for the successful initiatives over the years.

Taking his turn, Chilima, who was the guest of honour at the event, commended the corporate world for the support in ensuring that more students remain in various tertiary institutions.

MUST Endowment Fund was launched in 2017.

FDH Bank celebrates 15-year growth


Malawi Stock Exchange listed FDH Bank on Friday celebrated its 15-year growth through a parade in Blantyre City.

The Bank opened its doors in 2018 by business mogul Thomson Mpinganjira.

Addressing the staff, customers and other people who joined the parade, FDH Bank’s Head of Human Resources, Chrispin Chikwama touted the 15-year journey saying it has enabled the clients to grow their businesses, employees to pursue and achieve their dreams, and growing the community in which they operate.

“Fifteen years ago, when we opened our first branch, we never imagined we could have the biggest branch network in Malawi, nor list on the Malawi Stock Exchange, and so many other things we have achieved over the years, but here we are now. We have grown from a single branch to 52 branches, from one ATM to 91 ATMs, and from zero to over 6,000 Banki Pakhomo agents.

“In June 2023, we released our half year financial statement with a Profit after Tax of K15 billion from a loss-making position in our first few years; all this could not have happened without the continued support of different stakeholders,” said Chikwama.

He further indicated that the Bank aspires to continue the growth path and stay committed to growing the economy by supporting the corporate clients, SMEs, and retail customers as they pursue their own growth.

“Most importantly, we stay committed to supporting our community through the different sectors of Education, Health, Sports, Environment, and other areas. In this ever-changing environment, we have remained committed to our core values while providing the best financial solutions and services to our clients. We have been committed to growth, we are growing and we will remain committed to growth,” concluded Chikwama.

Early this year, the Bank announced a 97-percent increase in its profit-after-tax for the year ending December 31, 2022 to K22.9 billion.

TNM contributes K3M to ICAM


Malawi’s pioneering mobile network and ICT services provider, TNM Plc, has contributed K3 million towards the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAM) lakeshore conference.

The conference, slated from Thursday, September 14-16 2023 is being hosted under the theme: “Creating Value: Building a Sustainable Economy Towards the Malawi 2063” at Sun ‘n’ Sand in Mangochi.

According to Lloyd Gowera, TNM’s Chief Technical Officer, the contribution signifies the telco’s appreciation to the accounting body’s integral role in the development of the country.

“ICAM is our strategic partner which has contributed positively to the growth of the country as well as TNM hence our contribution to ensure sustainability of their impact to the accounting profession and the economy,” said Gowera.

He said the conference agenda adds great value towards attainment of MW2063 vision which speaks to TNM’s purpose of transforming lives.

“Away from managing and interpreting financials, accountants are solutionists because they provide a homegrown approach to grow our businesses and the economy at large. Therefore, the conference is a great step towards achievement of the MW2063 vision,” he said.

TNM believes that ICAM’s conference provides a platform for professionals to share new ideas, measure the successes and assess the contribution of accountants in the country.

Receiving the donation in Blantyre, Noel Zigowa ICAM’s Chief Executive Officer said that the donation cements the mutual relationship between the two institutions. 

“We are grateful to TNM for the kind gesture which will go a long way towards conference preparations. TNM is our long-time partner, and this contribution signifies the growth of our partnership,” said Zigowa.

He has assured Malawians that this year’s conference will be more effective as the discussion will zero-in on the MW2063.

“Malawi is going through turbulent economic environment which could deter progress of development. This year’s conference will equip accountants to be part of the solution and make meaningful contribution towards MW 2063,” he said.

The accounting body is geared towards expounding issues that affect the growth of the economy. In addition, it is expected that further exploration will be made on the effective exploitation of digital solutions to the profession, a an area where TNM is a key enabler.

The guest of honor for this year’s conference is Dr. Thomas Munthali, Director General of National Planning Commission.

Police, MRA cases await Humair Jussab’s arrest


Police in Blantyre are still hunting for businessman Humair Salim Mahomed Sidik Jussab, months after Chief Resident Magistrate Court in Blantyre issued a warrant of arrest against him over a ‘hot car’.

Humair, who is also wanted by Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), is said to have lied to the tax-collecting body that he was a student returning to Malawi from South Africa to evade duty on a VW Amarok, double cab, which he registered as BZ 1382, in his name.

The car was discovered by a recent Interpol search which Malawi Police Service joined, and they relocated it at a garage in Blantyre.

Humair, a young brother to another on the run businessman Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab, also wanted by police with a warrant of arrest hanging on his head for a number of criminal charges, will be answering to the charges by police relating to the ‘hot car’ and also to MRA for the duty evasion.

Sources both at police in Blantyre and MRA said the cases would move upon his arrest. He is reported to be outside Malawi, just like his brother Shabir who was last reported to be in Saudi Arabia.

Shabir’s warrant of arrest was issued for alleged cyber harassment offences.

The warrant of arrest issued against Humair requires investigators from Blantyre Police Station who applied for it to hunt the suspect and bring him before the court.

“This is to authorise and require you to enter into upon and arrest the said suspect, and if arrested, to take possession of the said suspect and produce the same forthwith before this court,” reads the warrant of arrest in part.

The warrant explains the offence is suspected to have occurred on December 15 2022 when the suspect brought the car into Malawi dishonestly.

On the other hand, police are also investigating Kauser Salim Jussab, a mother to Humair and Shabir, over another car also suspected to be hot.

Police, under Anti-Motor Car Theft Department based at South West Region Police, have been hunting for Kauser in connection to information they have that her Mercedes Benz, registration number HENN4 is a stolen car.

Our sources at South West Region Police disclosed that officers went to Fasa Factory in Mapanga a couple of weeks ago, owned by her family, looking for her and the car, but they did not find her and the car.

The family of Jussab is being implicated in numerous scams immediately after Shabir left Malawi for Saudi Arabia.

More trouble for Jussab family, police after mother for ‘hot car’


Police in Blantyre are investigating Kauser Salim Jussab over a car suspected to be hot, and the suspect is a mother to on the run businessmen Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab and Humair Salim Mahomed Sidik Jussab, wanted by police for multiple criminal charges.

Police, under Anti-Motor Car Theft Department based at South West Region Police, have been hunting for Kauser in connection to information they have that her Mercedes Benz, registration number HENN4 is a stolen car.

Our sources at South West Region Police disclosed that officers went to Fasa Factory in Mapanga a couple of weeks ago, owned by her family, looking for her and the car, but they did not find her and the car.

“Investigations are ongoing. It is our expectation that she would surrender herself here because we left a message,” said one source.

Meanwhile, Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is also tightening a noose on Kauser’s son, Shabir, after his Limbe-based company, RR Trading, reportedly evaded duty on K50 million worth of school uniforms supplied to St. Andrews International Primary School in Blantyre.

On the other hand, St. Andrews has said it was not aware of issues surrounding RR Trading that it evaded duty, adding the school was only waiting to be informed of what it is required to be paid to the revenue collecting body.

Shabir is embroiled in a number of criminal offences and is on the run for months now, with warrants of arrests hanging on his head.

MRA disclosed it was gathering evidence on the duty evasion matter involving RR Trading.

St. Andrews International Primary School admitted RR Trading supplied them with uniforms, but were not aware about the duty evasion issues.

The family of Jussab is being implicated in numerous scams immediately after Shabir left Malawi for Saudi Arabia.

MRA sources earlier also disclosed that businessman Humair, a young brother to Shabir, lied to authorities at the tax-collecting body on a hot car he brought in Malawi that he was a student returning home from school in South Africa to evade paying duty.

MRA sources said the businessman used special exemptions MRA offer for certain individuals to evade the duty.

“Through our ongoing investigations, in collaboration with police, we have discovered that duty was not paid for this car in question, BZ 1382, VW double cab. We know it was being repaired at a garage in Blantyre, Fernando Motors. We have taken special interest and we are investigating the matter further.

“The unfortunate part is that we have learnt that the person in question [Humair Jussab] is not in the country and police are also looking for him on other criminal charges in connection to the same car,” an officer disclosed earlier.

Chief Resident Magistrate Court in Blantyre recently issued a warrant of arrest against Humair over the car.

This is after Interpol joined by Malawi Police Service, managed to trace the car at the garage.

Shabir is also suspected to be on the run after another warrant of arrest was also issued against him earlier for alleged cyber harassment offences.

The warrant of arrest issued against Humair requires investigators from Blantyre Police Station who applied for it to hunt the suspect and bring him before the court.

“This is to authorise and require you to enter into upon and arrest the said suspect, and if arrested, to take possession of the said suspect and produce the same forthwith before this court,” reads the warrant of arrest in part.

The warrant explains the offence is suspected to have occurred on December 15 2022 when the suspect brought the car into Malawi dishonestly.

MPS investigators carried out an operation in selected districts that included Blantyre and Mangochi.

The Interpol recovered four vehicles, including this Amarok VW registered in Humair’s name.

MRA tightening noose on RR Trading sch uniform ‘duty evasion’…St. Andrews says was not aware of ‘duty evasion’


Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has said it was still gathering evidence on a reported case of Limbe-based company RR Trading which reportedly evaded duty on K50 million worth of school uniforms supplied to St. Andrews International Primary School in Blantyre.

On the other hand, St. Andrews has said it was not aware of issues surrounding RR Trading that it evaded duty, adding the school was only waiting to be informed of what it required to be paid to the revenue collecting body.

The owner of RR Trading, businessman Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab, is embroiled in a number of criminal offences and is on the run for months now, with warrants of arrests hanging on his head.

MRA spokesperson Wilma Chalulu said her organisation was gathering evidence on the duty evasion matter involving RR Trading.

She disclosed a team has been assigned to probe the tax evasion by RR Trading, warning they will get to the bottom of the issue and make the company and its owners face the full length of the law.

“We cannot say much for now until we gather all the information surrounding this issue.

St. Andrews International Primary School company secretary Oswald Mtokale admitted RR Trading supplied them with uniforms, but were not aware about the duty evasion issues.

He said they could not even have reported to MRA because they knew nothing, adding they were only waiting to hear what payments they are required to pay to the MRA.

The family of Jussab is being implicated in numerous scams soon immediately after Shabir left Malawi for Saudi Arabia.

MRA sources earlier also disclosed that businessman Humair Salim Mahomed Sidik Jussab, a young brother to Shabir, lied to authorities at the tax-collecting body on a hot car he brought in Malawi that he was a student returning home from school in South Africa to evade paying duty.

MRA sources said the businessman used special exemptions MRA offer for certain individuals to evade the duty.

“Through our ongoing investigations, in collaboration with police, we have discovered that duty was not paid for this car in question, BZ 1382, VW double cab. We know it was being repaired at a garage in Blantyre, Fernando Motors. We have taken special interest and we are investigating the matter further.

“The unfortunate part is that we have learnt that the person in question [Humair Jussab] is not in the country and police are also looking for him on other criminal charges in connection to the same car,” an officer disclosed.

Chalulu also confirmed investigations were underway on this car.

Chief Resident Magistrate Court in Blantyre recently issued a warrant of arrest against businessman Humair Jussab over the car.

This is after Interpol joined by Malawi Police Service, managed to trace the car at the garage.

Shabir is also suspected to be on the run after another warrant of arrest was also issued against him earlier for alleged cyber harassment offences.

The warrant of arrest issued against Humair require investigators from Blantyre Police Station who applied for it to hunt the suspect and bring him before the court.

“This is to authorise and require you to enter into upon and arrest the said suspect, and if arrested, to take possession of the said suspect and produce the same forthwith before this court,” reads the warrant of arrest in part.

The warrant explains the offence is suspected to have occurred on December 15 2022 when the suspect brought the car into Malawi dishonestly.

MPS investigators carried out an operation in selected districts that included Blantyre and Mangochi, according to South West Region Police Headquarters spokesperson Beatrice Mikuwa.

The Interpol recovered four vehicles, including this Amarok VW registered in the name of Humair Jussab.

Humair’s elder brother, Shabir, apart from the cyber harassment offences, is also wanted by police for assault of his driver, and is also facing a K26 million claim for his client’s vehicle he failed to repair at his garage.

The K26 million claim was filed by Shafqat Kasam, demanding the refund which he said was value of his BMW convertible which he claimed RR Auto Service, Shabir’s garage in Blantyre, failed to repair it for over two years.

Kasam claimed in an interview his car, which he said was a runner and only had a sun roof problem which was not functioning, was not repaired until the garage was sold and he later heard that Shabir was on Interpol Red Alert and in Saudi Arabia.

On the case of the fired driver who told police he was assaulted, the 72-year-old ex-employee, Stainford Kalitsilira, told police his former boss assaulted him and verbally abused him on July 16 2021

NBM disburses K1 billion through Taoloka loans


National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has disbursed about K1 Billion in loans to vendors from Blantyre, Zomba, Lilongwe, and Mzuzu through Taoloka Finance since its onset in September last year.

NBM plc Head of Retail Banking Oswin Kasunda disclosed this during the Bank’s interaction with vendors in Zomba on Wednesday.

According to Kasunda, the response for the vendors has been good as the Bank managed to open 1100 new accounts for vendors, hence the interaction to give them feedback on how the Taoloka Finance has performed.

“We have disbursed loans close to K1 Billion and the performance has been good. And one thing that I must say on the onset is that although we are talking of some people not paying, to a larger extent, the vendors have performed well,” said Kasunda.

While responding to a plea from a Zomba cross-border trader who asked the Bank to prioritize them in forex trading, Kasunda encouraged small business owners to start producing enough goods for exports to contribute to the country’s foreign exchange.

“Forex is derived from exports, if everybody is engaging in the business of importing products and services, we will continue to have no forex. What we need to do as a country is to go into an extra drive to produce for exports. So, the little forex that we have as a Bank we try as much as possible to share among our customers,” he said.

Zomba Vendors Union Vice Chairperson Feston Kachepa said Taoloka Finance has helped to boost their businesses since it was launched.

“We have benefited a lot, the only challenge we have is the penalty one has to pay for failing to service their loans, however, as you have heard, management has promised to look into the matter,” said Kachepa.

NBS Bank brings ‘EasyRewards’ for customers


NBS Bank Plc has intensified digital transformation by upgrading its mobile banking platform to ensure customers are rewarded accordingly from the EasyBank digital transactions.

On Thursday, the Bank launched the upgraded mobile platform called EasyBank 3.0 (third version) which awards customers points as they transact.

The points can then be redeemed into various prizes, including cash.

NBS Bank Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kwanele Ngwenya said the innovation targets promotion of digital uptake by giving prices to those with more online transactions and is linked to various payment systems.

“This innovation looks at rewarding our customers who transact on our digital platform. This is driven by the fact that we want our customers to transact on our Easy platform. EasyReward is a value-added solution aimed at encouraging our customers to transact on the digital platform and in that way, it will reduce the queues in the bank, it will give the customer an opportunity to transact in the comfort of their own environment and at the same time winning and getting rewards,” said Ngwenya.

During the launch, the Bank rewarded individuals with the highest transaction at that particular time, where Sparc Systems Limited Managing Director, Wisely Phiri won the grand prize of a Samsung Tablet, while two others won EarPods and other prizes.

Phiri commended NBS Bank for the digital product.

“This is a good innovation in terms of the inclusion of the rewards itself. As a customer who is also in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) business, I am happy because I do not have to experience issues of cash hanging which is not the case with the EazyBank platform by NBS Bank,” he said.

NBS Bank conducts draw in Savings promo


Twelve people have won various prizes in the first bi-weekly draw of the NBS Saving and Win promotion aimed at encouraging a saving culture among the banks’ customers.

The lucky winners from different NBS Service Centres have walked away with branded key holders, t-shirts, and Pens, in the promotion which ends on October 31 this year.

Speaking during the draw on Tuesday, NBS Bank Southern and Eastern Region Cluster Manager Gracious Changaya said the Bank has started yielding results of the promotion as more customers are now depositing and saving money into their accounts.

”We are happy that customers are harking to our plea to ask them to save, the response has been so overwhelming that people are depositing into their savings and current accounts. We urge customers out there to come and save with NBS Bank and stand a chance of winning exciting prizes,” said Changaya.

In the promotion, customers have a chance to win various monthly and bi-weekly prizes such as return air tickets to Lilongwe, Grocery vouchers, bill payments, and branded items among other prizes.

Grand prizes are tiered in three different bands with those depositing K50,000 minimum standing a chance of winning K1 million, those depositing K100,000 to K500,000 winning K3.5 million and lastly band three for those depositing K500,000 above to win K6 million cash prize.

The promotion was launched on June 25, 2023.

Silver supporter becomes 4th millionaire in Zampira promotion


Lilongwe-based teacher who is also a Silver Strikers supporter has emerged a fourth millionaire in the ongoing Zampira promotion being championed by TNM Plc, the sponsor the elite league in the country.

Ishmael Kayera has won the monthly prize of K2 million after he correctly predicted a Game between Might Mukuru Wanderers and Mafco FC.

Kayera who teaches at Sendwe CDSS in Lilongwe said that the money will be used in the construction of his house.

“I am glad to emerge a winner in the promotion, I never saw it coming. This money has come on a right time because it will help in my building project,” said Kayera.

As required, part of the money is channelled towards developing grassroot football therefore, Kayera said he will donate the football equipment to Sendwe CDSS.

According to TNM, over 1.4 million supporters participated in the promotion during the month of August and the league sponsor has since expressed satisfaction with the progress of the 2023 episode.

Nsapato said the integrated mobile and ICT services provider is impressed with the level of activities in the promotion after a four-month run. 

“As a passionate sponsor of Malawi’s elite league, we introduced Zampira promotion to actively engage and excite football fans in the sport which allows them to participate beyond just watching the game. We are pleased with the participation, supporters are demonstrating great passion and knowledge of the domestic league” said Nsapato.

He said the promotion is an incentive that fulfils the company’s commitment to be an all-inclusive football sponsor.

“In the game of football, everyone is a winner. As a league sponsor, we are providing exciting initiatives to accommodate every stakeholder. Through Zampira promotion we are taking football to great heights and changing lives of soccer fans and their communities,” he said.
Commenting on the overall progress of the TNM Super League, Nsapato said that 2023 season has come with surprise.

“We are happy to see teams like Chitipa showing relentless performance and a spirit of fighting. With ten weeks to go, Chitipa is topping the log table, such is a development we love to see,” he added.

The promotion also has a daily SMS Trivia Questions component aiming to enhance supporter’s understanding of the game by subscribing and answering daily soccer related questions.  Four customers each win K50,000 every week.

To participate in the draw, subscribers are required to send an SMS of their prediction to code 451 or dial *451# to predict and access extra features. The SMS cost K50.

FDH Bank contributes K10 million towards Presidential Golf


FDH Bank plc has given K10 million to the Presidential Charity Golf fundraising initiative set for October 7 in Lilongwe.

Speaking during the cheque handover ceremony in Blantyre on Wednesday, FDH Group Head of Marketing and Communication, Levi Nkunika said the Bank feels obliged to be involved in matters affecting Malawians as part of restoring hopes to the needy.

“As a leading Bank in Malawi, FDH Bank always feels obliged to make a contribution in the country under its program called FDH cares, therefore when we received the request, we felt duty bound to support the victims of the Cyclone Freddy and the needy students in the country.”

“The contribution goes a long way as you know if you are supporting somebody’s education that has got potential to make that student a responsible and effective leader in future, so we believe that goes a long way. But also, when you restore somebody’s life to normality that is itself an achievement.”

“So, we believe as a Bank that we need to be where the people are, where the people are struggling we need to take part and make sure we make a contribution so that we are part and parcel of the solution that involves restoring people to their old self as well as facilitating the high education attainment amongst the youths,” said Nkunika.

Golf Union of Malawi president, Gift Chidya Gondwe, who is also Chairman of the Presidential Golf fundraising event commended FDH Bank for the support it has given to the initiative and their contribution to other golf-related activities.

“We are very delighted and very happy with the support. FDH Bank has shown that they are a true partner and a friend in times of need and in golf development. This is not the first time they are coming to our aid. Few months ago, they contributed to our match plays, about K5 million, today they are contributing K10 million, and have also contributed to our seniors travelling to Zambia. So FDH Bank really cares.”

“This initiative aims at raising K400 million to contribute towards social issues affecting our country like those affected with Cyclone Freddy and also the needy students who are unable to benefit from the loans board due to increase in in-takes. The board cannot accommodate everyone,” explained Gondwe.

Former RBM boss Kabambe rips apart Chakwera on economy


Renowned economic guru who is also former Reserve Bank governor, Dr Dalitso Kabambe says President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has failed to steer the ship forward due to his poor economic policies and failure to tame corruption in his government.

He was speaking last night in an Exclusive Interview with Times Group.

Kabambe also faulted the Reserve Bank of Malawi for failing to tighten monetary and exchange rate policies in 2020, as one way of taming inflation which is now at 29%, and causing untold miseries on poor Malawians as they cannot afford basic needs.

“The MCP government under Presidentnt Chakwera has failed on fundamental principles of economics which are to managing monetary policy, fiscal policy and exchange rate. The elephant in the room is the appetite by Chakwera himself to continue spending and yet government is ‘broke’, having not more than one month foreign exchange reserves, while implementing policies that are suffocating the private sector, which is an engine for the growth of any economy. Chakwera’s administration continues to borrow money from banks that was supposed to be used for the private sector in producing goods and services”, he said.

“President Chakwera must take drastic measures to stop this unnecessary spending now before the economy completely “collapses” by among others stopping local and international travels, recall some diplomats to cut wage bill and stop buying will nilly goods and services outside the country. This is the time to make sacrifices and save the ship from drowning,” said Kabambe.

Many Malawians who followed the interview, have opined that Kabambe was in a class of his own lecturing President Chakwera, Finance Minister Sosten Gwengwe, and Reserve Bank governor, Dr Wilson Banda on good economic practices that can save Malawi from total collapse.

On politics, Kabambe said he is running for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidency, but if APM decides to stand at the next year’s convention, he will discuss with APM because “no sensible ‘son’ can challenge his father in an election”.

But, some political and social commentators have commended Dr Kabambe for his maturity and shrewdness in decision making, both politically and economically.

DPP Vice President for the East Bright Msaka, Joseph Mwanamvekha, and Paul Gadama, DPP vice president for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa are other individuals vying for the position of DPP President.

NBM H1 profit after tax rises to K35.48 billion


National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has registered an increase in the half year profit after tax ending June 30, 2023  to K35.48 billion from K22.12 billion reported in the same period  last year, which represents 60 percent growth. 

According to the financial statement released by the Bank, signed by Board Chairperson, Jimmy Lipunga, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) McFussy Kawawa, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Masauko Katsala, and Board Director Dorothy Ngwira  the results were driven by growth in both net interest income and other income which grew by 25 percent and 87 percent respectively.

“Overall net revenue grew by 44 percent, operating expenses increased by 28 percent, and Net Impairment losses decreased by 61 percent on account of more recoveries. Customer deposits increased by 28 percent while the Bank’s loan book grew by 9 percent. Investment in Fixed Income securities grew by 13 percent. All the subsidiaries and an associate of the Bank posted profits that contributed positively to the Group’s half-year performance,” reads the statement in part.

The Bank however says the growth in the first half of 2023 was adversely affected by some factors.

“The growth in the first half of 2023 was adversely affected by exogenous weather-related shocks in the aftermath of tropical cyclone Freddy and dry weather conditions in the Northern Region,” reads part of the statement.

The Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE) listed commercial bank also notes that the excess foreign exchange demand conditions remain the catalyst for continued local currency depreciation against the currencies of the major trading partners despite the ongoing tobacco auction season.

“The monetary policy authorities signaled the introduction of a foreign exchange rate price discovery initiative by introducing currency auctions, the first one of which was conducted in mid-June 2023 resulting in a mild 3% depreciation of the Malawi Kwacha while the country also experienced fuel supply shortages,”  reads the statement in part.

According to the Bank, headline inflation increased to an average of 26.5 percent in the first quarter of 2023 from 26.0 percent in the last quarter of 2022 closing at 27.30 percent in June 2023 and the reference rate closed at 21 percent.

NBM further says the outlook for 2023 is for inflation to remain elevated, premised on the short crop size and heightened demand-side inflationary pressures emanating from fiscal risks, second round effects of cyclone Freddy, and the exchange rate depreciation.

“The Board envisages a continuing challenging operating environment. Pressure on inflation and foreign exchange is expected to continue. In spite of this, the Board remains cautiously optimistic and expects the Bank to continue with its strong performance in the second half of the year,” reads the statement.

MRA says Humair Jussab lied on ‘hot car’, never paid duty


Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has disclosed that businessman Humair Salim Mahomed Sidik Jussab lied to authorities at the tax-collecting body that he was a student returning home from school in South Africa to evade paying duty for a hot car he brought in Malawi.

MRA’s public relations office said the businessman used special exemptions MRA offer for certain individuals returning home, disclosing that Jussab lied he was a student who went for studies in South Africa and was not returning home.

“Through our ongoing investigations, in collaboration with police, we have discovered that duty was not paid for this car in question, BZ 1382, VW double cab. We know it was being repaired at a garage in Blantyre, Fernando Motors. We have taken special interest and we are investigating the matter further.

“The unfortunate part is that we have learnt that the person in question [Humair Jussab] is not in the country and police are also looking for him on other criminal charges in connection to the same car,” an officer disclosed.

Chief Resident Magistrate Court in Blantyre recently issued a warrant of arrest against businessman Humair Jussab over the car.

This is after Interpol a couple of weeks ago, joined by Malawi Police Service, managed to trace the car at the garage.

Humair happens to be a young brother to businessman Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab, who is also suspected to be on the run after another warrant of arrest was also issued against him earlier for alleged cyber harassment offences.

The warrant of arrest issued against Humair require investigators from Blantyre Police Station who applied for it to hunt the suspect and bring him before the court.

“This is to authorise and require you to enter into upon and arrest the said suspect, and if arrested, to take possession of the said suspect and produce the same forthwith before this court,” reads the warrant of arrest in part.

The warrant explains the offence is suspected to have occurred on December 15 2022 when the suspect brought the car into Malawi dishonestly.

MPS investigators carried out an operation in selected districts that included Blantyre and Mangochi, according to South West Region Police Headquarters spokesperson Beatrice Mikuwa.

The Interpol recovered four vehicles, including this Amarok VW registered in the name of Humair Jussab.

Humair’s elder brother, Shabir, apart from the cyber harassment offences, is also wanted by police for assault of his driver, and is also facing a K26 million claim for his client’s vehicle he failed to repair at his garage.

The K26 million claim was filed by Shafqat Kasam, demanding the refund which he said was value of his BMW convertible which he claimed RR Auto Service, Shabir’s garage in Blantyre, failed to repair it for over two years.

Kasam claimed in an interview his car, which he said was a runner and only had a sun roof problem which was not functioning, was not repaired until the garage was sold and he later heard that Shabir was on Interpol Red Alert and in Saudi Arabia.

On the case of the fired driver who told police he was assaulted, the 72-year-old ex-employee, Stainford Kalitsilira, told police his former boss assaulted him and verbally abused him on July 16 2021.

Zamm Investments guilty of selling contaminated Cool Drop Water

The Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) has recommended that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) should prosecute Zamm Investments for supplying Cool Drop Natural Mineral Water.

According to a statement signed by CFTC Executive Director, Lloyd Nkhoma, the company has been found guilty of selling products likely to cause injury to health or physical harm to consumers and unconscionable conduct in the trade of goods and services.

It follows complaints from MANAC Conference Centre located at Dowa, MANAC Conference Centre located at Dowa and an anonymous person.

“When the CFTC staff visited MANAC Conference Centre located at Dowa, they found that the conference facility was serving its customers with sealed “Cool Drop Natural Mineral Water” in 500ml bottles, whose contents had floating debris, an occurrence which brought concerns as to whether the water was safe for human consumption.

“On 12” January 2023, the CFTC received a complaint from a Complainant (who sought anonymity) alleging that she purchased Cool Drop Natural Mineral Water which contained some white debris floating inside. The water was from the same Batch number, manufacture and expiry date as that found by Commission staff.

“The CFTC received another complaint from MANAC Conference Centre located at Dowa, through their letter dated 8th February 2023, alleging that they purchased 50 cases of Cool Drop Natural Mineral Water which had floating debris,” reads part of the statement released on August 30.

Nkhoma said suspecting that the Respondent may have violated the provisions of the Competition and Fair Trading Act (CFTA), CFTC instituted investigations on the matter.

He said the investigations involved site visit as well as testing of the water samples of the particular batches by the competent authorities namely the central laboratory at Ministry of Water and Sanitation and the laboratory at the Malawi Bureau of Standards.

“After deliberations by the Commission on the Secretariat’s findings, the following determinations were made; that the respondent should be prosecuted for violating Sections 43(1)(e) and 43(1)(g) of the CFTA. Therefore, the Commission should submit the investigations report to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for prosecution.

“That the Commission should refer the matter to Malawi Bureau of Standards for necessary regulatory actions and also to conduct a recall of all the products from the affected batches that may still be on the market.

“That the Commission should issue an advisory note to the National Water Resource Authority and the Ministry of Water and Sanitation to conduct a due diligence on water abstraction and proximity between the source of water i.e. well, borehole and the waste disposal tanks at production facility for ZAMM Investments,” reads the statement further

Kabambe lectures Chakwera on economy, says transformation of country’s economy is a big boys job

Former Reserve Bank of Malawi governor, Dr. Dalitso Kabambe says the country’s economy is very sick. 

Kabambe, who is also Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential hopeful, was speaking during DPP presser at Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre.

Kabambe, who in his speech doubted if the current government can improve the economy because it has been “tested, tried but failed, said the transformation of country’s economy is a “big boys” job.

According to Kabambe, Malawi’s economy is suffering from Fiscal, monetary and exchange cancers.

Kabambe said: “fiscally, the expansionally fiscal policy the Government has been implementing since 2020 has been nothing but a poisonous chalice.”

“On the one hand, with the need to raise more Government revenues to finance the public pulse in the face of sluggish economic growth, Government introduced punitive taxes, levies, fees and charges and raised some.

“Government also resorted to budget deficits in the order of 7-8 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) against an internationally acceptable best practice of 2.5 percent and below.

“In the past four fiscal years alone, Government has borrowed in excess of K5.1 trillion, (K813 billion in 2020/21, K825 billion in 2021/22, K1.3 trillion in 2022/23 and K2.2 trillion in 2023/24) bringing the total public debt to K9.2 trillion, up from K4.1 trillion at the beginning of the Tonse Alliance Administration.

At this rate, by the time we go to the next General elections in 2025, public debt will be hovering around K14 trillion, with over K10 trillion having been accumulated in 5 years by a single term of Tonse Alliance Administration. This is nothing less than a tragedy.”

“Not only does excessive public debt entail huge public debt servicing costs in the order of K1.2 trillion and above as in the current budget; but also public debt crowds out the private sector thereby from the credit market thereby impairing them to produce more output for the economy in order to increase supply and reduce prices as well as create the much needed paid jobs market for the majority of the population including the Youths.

“This has also led to the depreciation of the currency and shortages of foreign exchange as most Government expenditure, approximately 60 percent, is spent on imported items such as petroleum products, Government vehicles and parts, fertilizers, medicines, office furniture and equipment, plants and equipment and others. Injection of borrowed money into the economy has also led to injection of further liquidity which has generally impaired monetary policy and led to soaring inflation”

To avert the country getting into the current ditch, the DPP has all along provided constructive and effective counsel on workable and practical cost cutting measures. The DPP had suggested that first and foremost, the President should have cut back on his cabinet to no more than 20 including the President and his Vice; Advisors too should have been reduced to no more 5; foreign travels should have been curtailed; local travels should have been reduced to the bare minimum covering critical ones only; Diplomats to Malawi embassies abroad should have been downsized to no more than 5 per embassy; the entire public service should have been streamlined to maintain only critical positions and abolish all non-essential ones, all public servants should be put on strict performance appraisal system with clearly laid out rewards and sanctions to enhance public service delivery, and closing of all loopholes fuelling leakages in public revenues and expenditures.

What is surprising though is that despite raising taxes and borrowing excessively from the market, most Government hospitals are still going without essential medicines and equipment and MDAs operations continue to be strangled through underfunding and general public services are going down.

On Monetary Policy

“The DPP notes with dismay the runaway inflation and the impact it is having on soaring cost of living. The DPP shares the pain and impoverishment Malawians are going through during this difficult period of rising prices of basic commodities and services. Both food and non-food inflation have sharply gone up since the Tonse Alliance Administration came into power. While it is true that some exogenous factors such as the war in Ukraine may explain part of the inflation pick up, but the bulk of the cause of current inflation in Malawi is emanating from a combination of shambolic economic policies.

“Monetary Conditions (MCI) in the country since 2020 have been extremely weak as the current Administration is implementing an accommodative monetary policy stance when the macroeconomic conditions demands tightening of monetary policy stance. At 24 percent policy rate, when inflation is at 28 percent, is simply too loose and recipe for further inflationary pressures, depreciation of the currency and erosion of reserves at faster rate.

The consequence of both loose fiscal and monetary policies is manifesting itself in deviation of macroeconomic fundamentals away from the equilibrium as evidenced by the deviation in inflation far away from the 5 percent medium term target, depreciation of the currency, erosion in reserves, widening of balance of payments, slowing down in GDP and contraction in private sector credit. All these explain why the cost of living in this country is going up and any further delay in policy adjustments will bare nothing more than more pain, misery, anguish and suffering among Malawians.

On a mechanic level, monetary policy stance is determined through a odelling framework that involves forecasting and policy analysis (fpas) and through this modelling framework, one is able to derive at the most optimal and potent monetary policy stance that is able to bring down inflation towards the target, stabilize the exchange rate, grow foreign exchange reserves and grow the economy.

Being a complex modelling process, a simpler version of checking whether the monetary policy stance is potent or not is simply to check whether the policy stance takes into account local inflation, global inflation, exchange rate movements and margin of reward for investors. The policy stance since 2020 has constituently failed this test and the stance keeps on getting weaker and weaker each passing quota. The procrastination in getting right the monetary policy stance entails delayed pain among Malawians in having the current economic challenges subsiding. One would have wished the monetary authorities quickly effected the optimal monetary policy stance to give a chance to the country to start healing.”      

On the exchange rate

“The DPP is deeply troubled with the suffering Malawians are put through to access foreign exchange and the continued loss in value of the currency. While the DPP agrees that external influences and longstanding structural issues explain part of the problem, to a larger extent, the current scarcity and depreciation of the foreign exchange is explained by the Government’s own weak fiscal, monetary and exchange rate policy measures.

“The DPP has noted with concern that the reckless domestic borrowing in 2020/21, 2021/22 and 2022/23 Fiscal Years (K5.1trillion) went towards government expenditure with 60 to 70 percent imported content. This wholly explains the vanishing of foreign exchange in the market; and when you have clueless a government that cannot properly manage its own expenditure as is the case now, the consequences are what we are seeing now.

“This also becomes compounded when monetary conditions are weak which has been the case in the past three years. With the attendant poor fiscal and monetary policy conditions coupled with the ever growing misalignment between the official and parallel rates, there was no way the Kwacha could withstand the onslaught, hence the loss in value and scarcity.

“The above notwithstanding, exchange rate policies fall in three main categories, namely, fixed, floated and managed float. Each regime determines the kind of tools one uses to ensure stability of the exchange rate and availability of foreign exchange. In the case of the current regime, it confuses elements of all the three. Publicly, through forex auction markets, one would think the current regime is floated and yet from a practical perspective of the wide misalignment between the official and parallel market rates, the regime is obviously fixed.

This confusion is certainly creating practical problems as to which tools should be used to effectively manage both the path of the exchange rate and ensure availability of foreign exchange.

“The DPP would advise the Government to choose one regime they wish to deploy and implement necessary but effective tools to deal with the current persistent foreign exchange challenges. Otherwise, the sham exchange rate regime is not only recipe for rent seeking behaviors by those managing the official exchange rate markets, it is also heavily militating against exporters and foreign exchange generators.

Malawi’s Education Minister commends Maranatha Academy: Spends K10 million on awards


Government has commended Maranatha Academy for awarding outstanding performers in the 2022 Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) and 2023 Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE).

The 13 outstanding students in the MSCE examination and four others who scored the highest in the PSLCE examination from both public and private institutions were awarded at this year’s Maranatha Heroes Party at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe.

Alinafe Chulu, a standard 8 girl from Playdor Private school in Blantyre who scored the highest and Vitumbiko Kaunda, from Mtendere secondary school who scored six points received K1 million each while the rest went away with K500,000.

Speaking during the event, Deputy Minister of Education Nancy Chaola Mdooko said government appreciates the contribution of the private schools in uplifting the standards of education in the country.

“Maranatha has set the standards that even as government need to follow. I call upon other private investors to emulate the kind gesture which is aimed at motivating students and also uplifting the education standards in the country.”

Maranatha Academy managing director Ernest Kaonga said he was excited to have empowered the young ones and motivated them to continue working hard.

The school also awarded K500 000 each to nine girls from public and private institutions for attaining nine points in the MSCE exams.

Philanthropist K Motors, Chibuku Products rescue Thyolo:  Handover Four Refurbished Ambulances


Member of parliament for Thyolo Central Constituency Hon Dr. Ben Malunga Phiri has applauded Blantyre based K Motor and Chibuku products Limited for responding to the call he made to refurbish grounded four ambulances at Thyolo District Hospital, as a way of easing transportation for referrals to the district hospital or Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in times of need.

In an interview with Malawi Voice after receiving the four ambulances from K motors and Chibuku products at a function which took place at Thyolo District Hospital, Phiri said he was humbled that K motors and Chibuku products swiftly responded to the call he made when the issue of transportation at the district hospital was out of hand, resulting in avoidable deaths.

“Being a parliamentarian for Thyolo central constituency where the district Hospital is situated, I was facing a lot of challenges when it came to transportation of patients as the demand in most times was so huge and could not be met with the two ambulances the hospital had in perfect condition. There were times that there was no transportation for referrals from rural hospitals to the district hospitals or from Thyolo hospital to Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital leaving the hospital with no options but use my personal vehicles to save lives. The responsibility was beyond my control and the hospital, a development which opted me to approach K Motors and Chibuku Products Limited for help,” Said Phiri.

He went ahead to express the gratitude and praises to K Motors Director and Chibuku Products for coming to the rescue of the people of Thyolo as a whole.

“What K Motors and Chibuku Products have done is commendable and I am short of words, these two companies plus other stakeholders have played a huge role and bridged the gap the we could not manage to feel ourselves. The ambulances are not for Thyolo Central alone where the district Hospital is but for the entire district. On behalf of the people of Thyolo, I want to say thank you Chibuku products and K Motors.” Concluded Phiri.

TNM Mpamba launches overdraft facility

TNM Mpamba Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of TNM Plc has become the first mobile telecoms network service provider in Malawi to offer cash loans using mobile phone wallets.

General Manager Christopher Sukasuka has told reporters in Lilongwe that the loan attracts a prorated interest rate of 6%, a penalty of 0.5% and access fee of 10% where customers exceed a prescribed repayment of 30 days.

He said the maximum amount currently allowed is K20,000 in form of either cash or electronic value from an agent or bank, and electronic wallet value. The cap will increase over time, he said.

“This is the smartest way to manage finances in these hard times. It takes away the stress from customers, as it is the easiest overdraft to get, accessible 247 on your phone wherever one is. It’s difficult to obtain loans when one needs most from conventional banks, but TNM Mpamba has eased that burden. Our agents will also be able to complete transactions even when they don’t have positive balance,” he said.

Sukasuka, who was flanked by TNM Plc Chief Executive Officer Michel Hebert and Managing Director of Huawei Malawi Gu Mu, the official TNM technology partner said the key eligibility requirement is customers who have used Mpamba for 90 days and satisfying KYC requirements.

“An interest rate of 6 percent per month, prorated, will apply and a penalty of 0.5% may accrue where customers exceed a prescribed repayment period of 30 days. Such interest will be necessary to cover the service costs when customers exceed 30 days before crediting their wallets. The funds will be deducted from the same Mpamba wallets,” he said.

Dubbed TNM Mpamba Kankhe, the facility offers a financial envelope allowing customers withdraw cash or transact with equivalent value using their TNM Mpamba wallets.

Sukasuka said apart from the option of cash advances, Mpamba Kankhe will provide overdrafts for payment categories such as utilities, merchant (POS) payments, satellite television subscriptions, airtime and bundle recharges and Person-to-Person (P2P) transfers.

He said apart from the option of cash advances, Mpamba Kankhe will provide overdrafts for payment categories such as utilities, merchant (POS) payments, satellite television subscriptions, airtime and bundle recharges and Person-to-Person (P2P) transfers.

The General Manager said apart from individual customers, the overdraft facility has also been extended to agents to allow them to transact with more than their wallet balance.

Determination of agent overdraft registration/limit will be based on agent’s monthly commissions, transaction volumes (Cash in, cash out, airtime top ups and agent bill payments) and duration on Mpamba (6 months)

Through the facility, agents will be able to carry out customer cash in, ESCOM token sales, TNM airtime/bundle sales plus other Mpamba agent bill payments that may be introduced.

He said Mpamba Kankhe is safe as it is protected by TNM Mpamba’s safety features that include PIN encryption, and privacy settings. Mpamba kankhe will operate within the legal framework provided by the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM).

Sukasuka said Mpamba Kankhe highlights TNM’s commitment to contribute to economic growth activities by applying mobile telecoms technology.

“TNM Mpamba strongly believes that providing our customers with credit at concessional rates as Mpamba Kankhe does, will shred the barriers to financial inclusion while accelerating growth of the credit society and fulfilment of personal and institutional financial goals,” he said.

Gu Mu said Huawei is working hand in hand with TNM Plc to transform the telecoms landscape in Malawi by offering life-changing innovations such as the latest loan product.

“We are committed to improve the telecoms landscape with TNM, and we will continue to support them to build best network and mobile money platform in Malawi,” he said.

CDEDI says Zikhale-Ng’oma dragging Malawi into a Police State, fears political scores putting democracy under siege

By Iommie Chiwalo

The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has expressed fears that the conduct to secure political scores of Homeland Security Minister is putting the country’s hard won democracy under siege.

CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa has expressed the concerns during press conference in Lilongwe where he warned
Malawians that, if left unchecked, Homeland Security Minister, Ken Zikhale-Ng’oma will drag Malawi into a Police State.

The remarks by Namiwa are coming after observing that what started as an operation to enforce encampment policy for refugees and asylum-seekers has now culminated into lawlessness.

“In fact, the country’s hard-earned democracy is now under threat. To put it bluntly, Hon Zikhale-Ng’oma has taken the law into his hands and he is worryingly conducting himself as if he is the law himself. He is putting his wishes into laws,” says Namiwa.

In support of its fears against Zikhale-Ng’oma’s ‘laws’, Namiwa has given an example of incident in May this year whereby the police arrested two of their own namely; Eluby Malombe and Molly Makomela, both Criminal Investigations Officers at National Police Headquarters, Area 30 in Lilongwe, and were later charged by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), for allegedly receiving a bribe of MK20 million from a Rwandan businessman in order to release his container of agricultural produce which the police had confiscated.

“The two are currently on interdiction. And in June this year, the police arrested someone suspected to be Vincent Ngendahayo, one of the purported 44 Rwandan Army Generals who sought refuge in Malawi. Upon arrival in Kigali,
Rwanda, following his deportation, it transpired that the Malawi Police had attached the name to a wrong person. In fact, Ngendahayo and his compatriot Mark Sibo were deported against a High Court order to release them from unlawful detention,” narrates Namiwa.

Adding that more recently, a team of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) cadres and plain-clothed police officers, again, from the National Police Headquarters were allegedly caught on camera stuffing money into a sack from a shop belonging to a naturalised Malawian, Emmanuel Joseph Nsekanabo.

“So far, only three MCP youths have been arrested and charged with robbery, and nothing is being heard about the police officers that were caught on the camera,” he said.

The CDEDI Executive Director has said the conduct of law enforcers is strange considering that Nsekanabo was naturalised in 2011 under certificate number IM/HA/93/2011 but is facing deportation.

Further putting democracy at siege is the discovery that Nsekanabo’s harassment and subsequent arrest was marred with verbal tirade from two MCP youth camps serving two heavy weights within the rank and file of the party.

According to Namiwa, strong allegations were made in the process and names were mentioned and that court documents and voice notes CDEDI has seen and heard respectively, one of these groups of MCP cadres allegedly belongs to the Director of Youth (DoY) Hon Richard Chiwemwendo Banda, who is also Minister of Local Government and National Unity while the other belongs to the party’s Director of Strategy, Zikhale-Ng’oma, the Homeland Security minister.

The CDEDI Chief has since penned Malawi Law Society to investigate gross violation of rule of law.

The CDEDI Executive Director has also challenged the MCP Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka to weigh in and slow down Zikhale-Ng’oma, as his conduct is reminding Malawians of the notorious Youth League and the Malawi Young Pioneers, thereby reflecting negatively on the rebranded MCP.

“We are also appealing to the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to dutifully do the needful before the country plunges into a police State. It is, in fact, strange to note that religious institutions in Malawi have particularly remained quiet on the gross violations of rights of fellow Africans living with us in this country, notably refugees and asylum-seekers,” said Namiwa.

He has since asked the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Security to consider probing the Salima
incident where the culprits were caught on camera, and at the same time summon Zikhale Ng’oma to justify his role in the Salima incident.

Namiwa has also appealed to all media houses in the country to accord Malawians the right to access information by applying to the court for permission to broadcast live the case involving naturalists which is before the Lilongwe Registry, since it is of public interest.

The twist of the tale is coming in because after Immigration Department launched a man-hunt for him, the police arrested three MCP cadres who appeared before the Principal Magistrate Court in Lilongwe and in their caution statement, the suspects spilled the beans to the effect that it is now clear that Nsekanabo will have to appear before the same court as a State witness.

Zikhale Ng’oma is being accused of becoming extremely powerful from unleashing party cadres to torture unsuspecting citizens he is not in good books with as it is evident that all perpetrators, be it in Malawi Police Service or MCP, are assured of
his protection and true to these findings, it has been discovered that all the identifiable police officers are still discharging their duties at Area 30.

“Such being the case, then what is the use of the law if one, in the name of Zikhale Ng’oma, can accrue such powers,” queries Namiwa.

But in an interview with this publication, Zikhale Ng’oma has timelessly refused the accusations saying all happening under his watch are lawful.

Castel Malawi pumps K25m into Sand Music Festival

Castel Malawi Brands Manager Nyambo presents the cheque to Banda

In what can best be described as blossoming of a cordial relationship, Castel Malawi Limited has pumped K25 million into this year’s Sand Music Festival to sustain the event’s positive contribution towards the music and arts industry in the country.

The contribution represents a 75 percent increase from the K16 million the brewer donated during last year’s event.

Speaking during the cheque presentation in Blantyre, Pheona Nyambo Castel Malawi Brands Manager said that Sand Music Festival hinges on values that resonate with Castel Malawi Limited.

“Castel Malawi is a brand that values arts and music industry therefore, we have a keen interest in events such as the Sand Music Festival. Our coming this year symbolises the growth of our relationship that has been registering remarkable strides over the years,” said Nyambo.

Sand Music Festival presents several growth opportunities to several sectors as such Castel believes that the event provides effective platform for engagement.

“The festival benefits not only the music industry but also tourism, energy, and the economy at large. As such, this is a rare avenue whereas a company we engage with our valued customers as they are having fun,” she said.

Castel Malawi believes that this year’s Sand Music Festival will unleash Malawi’s potential and propel the development of entertainment industry.

“This year, we are looking forward to see another great experience at the festival. Moreover, through the monetary support we hope to see Malawian artists raising above the bar and transform the industry,” Added Nyambo.

Receiving the cheque, Impact Events Director, Lucius Banda commended Castel Malawi for coming so quickly and make a positive contribution.

“As organiser we are very thankful to Castel Malawi for coming with such an amount towards the event. We are happy to receive this money which will go a long way as we prepare for the festival,” said Banda.

According to Impact Events this year’s festival will be headlined by a Malawian artist a sign of the industry’s growth.

“Over the years Malawian music has recorded a significant growth, this is a great development for the industry. Therefore, this year the main artist will be a Malawian who will be supported by other local and international acts,” he said.
This year’s budget is pegged at K140 million therefore, Banda has called on other companies to emulate Castel’s gesture.

“Economically worldwide things are not okay a development that has seen our budget to be at around K140 million. We are pleading to other companies to come forward and assist in making the event a success,” added the director.

Banda said that the platform will continue playing a significant role in the economic development of the country.

“Sand Music Festival goes beyond just music, but it creates a room for more economic activities. We expect to see hotels to be fully booked, fuel business to boost as fun lovers will travel and even the enhancement of the SMEs sector,” said Banda.

Understanding the economic status of the country, Impact Events has maintained the ticket prices and has assured safety for patrons.

Thyolo frustrated with ID Registration


People of Thyolo may be deprived their constitutional right of being recognised as citizen through the National Identity registration underway in the district, with information emerging that the registration process has been marred with a lot of challenges in the district.

A random check in several centers in the district showed that the people of Thyolo are frustrated with how National Registration Bureau (NRB) is handling the process.

For instance, our visit to Thyolo Central NRB centers found out that the biometric kit machines which were allocated in this area are not up to date, very slow in processing data and that for them to function, they have to be rebooted more than fifteen times in a day, a development that is frustrating those who want to register for a national ID for the first time or intend to renew or replace their old National ID.

As that is not enough, some interns who are taking part in the exercise are abandoning their work stations deliberately, a development that is affecting service delivery with many centers running short of staff.

Speaking to several people who went to do ID registration in Thyolo Central, they expressed their dissatisfaction and called upon authorities to act on the challenges being faced.

“We are spending days coming here to have our names recorded for the National ID or to replace our expired IDs but nothing seems to work. I have been here for several occasions only to be told that the machines are not working and i cannot be registered. This is not fair as we cannot do any transaction let alone allowed to vote in the next elections if we have an expired or do not have an ID,” lamented one old man who identified himself as Afela Kolite.

A lady by the name Agness Mwambo from Nchiramwera village said for two days, she has been going to Nachipele Center to have her ID renewed only to be told that there are no staff to operate the machine.

In an interview with one of the members of parliament in Thyolo district, Ben Malunga Phiri said as a law marker of Thyolo Central, he will try his best to Civic education and mobilise the masses in the area on the importance of taking part in the exercise on the extension of dates for the expired IDs.

“Despite the challenges that the people are facing in my area, am calling and encouraging them to take part on the process. We all know that without National IDs nowadays, there is nothing that one can do. What is happening here is very frustrating and i want to call upon relevant authorities and stakeholders to address the situation in the area.” Said Phiri.

He further said that what is happening in Thyolo can be a tip of an iceberg just that others are not following up .

An attempt to speak with relevant officials handling the exercise did not yield any positive results. As we went to press, there was no immediate comment from officials from Ministry of Homeland security and National Registration Bureau on the concerns that have been raised by people of Thyolo.

Naturopathy and Wellness centre opens in Blantyre


Beatitude Naturopathy and Wellness Centre has opened its doors in Blantyre after operating for years in Balaka.

The Centre’s Director, Francis Malunga said in an interview that they moved to Blantyre to diligently serve the large number of clients operating from the commercial city.  

“We want our clients to access naturopathic treatments by professional naturopathic practitioners and chiropractors. Naturopathy or Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct, integrated system of primary health care, based on the vitalistic principles of Naturopathic philosophy and holism. Fundamental to the practice of Naturopathy is recognition of the integrity of the person, as a whole entity, and not merely as a set of symptoms or afflictions,” explained Malunga.

He further distinguished naturopathy and wellness from hospital care citing the former provides respect for the healing processes of nature while empowering the individual to take responsibility for their own health process.

“Naturopathy takes into account physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, genetic, social and environmental factors. Although it is both a concept of healing, and a way of life, modern naturopathy has evolved to become a science-based system of healthcare requiring four years of full-time training in primary health care, based on the vitalistic principles of Naturopathic philosophy and holism,” he said.

Some of the services offered at the center include diabetes and blood pressure reversal,  massage therapy, asthma reversal, back alignment, hydrotherapy, aroma therapy, colon cleansing for the constipated, cancer treatment  and others.

One of the patients who has received treatment at the centre Mike Phiri hailed the opening of the wellness centre.

“I used to travel to Balaka for naturopathic treatment which was a bit of a challenge in terms of transport. I am happy that they have now opened here in Blantyre to help more people who have different ailments,” said Phiri.

The centre is located at Manase in Blantyre.

RR Trading evades duty over St. Andrews uniform


RR Trading, a Limbe-based supplying company owned by on-the-run businessman Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab police in Malawi is looking for, is implicated in yet another tax evasion scam.

Information gathered reveals that the company supplied school uniforms to St. Andrews International Primary School in Blantyre valued at over K50 million, but it evaded duty to milk the Malawi Government of the much needed income.

The company, RR Trading, also had problems with the school over the quantity of the consignment and also payment issues as the school was financially struggling before the new board took over, and it had to take intervention of lawyers to agree on an out-of-court settlement.

But RR Trading has played all tricks in the book to stay aloof of a possible investigation by Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), but it is believed the tax collecting body got wind of it, but is yet to act as the firm’s owner, Jussab, is still on the run, reportedly in Saudi Arabia.

Sources privy to the scam accused the company of not being sensitive on its conduct to evade duty, arguing the country is facing serious economic challenges they believe is being worsened by such companies that are evading duty.

“This is evil. What would one lose to pay duty as the law demands? It is high time authorities take decisive action on duty evaders. There is no reason such companies should be allowed to operate in Malawi,” he said.

Just few days ago, it has been discovered that a young brother to this on-the-run businessman, Humair Salim Mahomed Sidik Jussab, is also facing a criminal charge after an Interpol operation has recovered a stolen car in Malawi stolen from South Africa in his name.

Malawi Police Service (MPS) investigators, who formed part of the Interpol, carried out an operation in selected districts that included Blantyre and Mangochi, according to South West Region Police Headquarters spokesperson Beatrice Mikuwa.

Humair is also reportedly on the run, according to police sources, who disclosed that they did not find him last week at his Mapanga factory in Blantyre, Fasa, when police wanted to pick him for questioning.

Among the four vehicles recovered, one of them, a double cabin Amarok VW, registration number BZ 1382, white, and in the name of Humair Jussab, was found at a garage in Blantyre.

Humair’s elder brother, Shabir, also wanted in Malawi for cyber harassment charge, and assault on his driver, and also facing a K26 million claim for his client’s vehicle he failed to repair at his garage, is reportedly in Saudi Arabia, with a warrant of arrest hanging on his head.

Mikuwa disclosed that three other vehicles recovered are Toyota Hilux, adding one of them stolen at gunpoint in Zimbabwe, was intercepted at Mwanza border post by Anti-motor car theft unit.

“A Zimbabwean suspect, Nyasya Ndangalazi, 34, from Chitungwiza, Chikemba Road No. 16-Zengera, was arrested and is in custody. This car had a fake registration number plate, MN 4832. Inside the vehicle, there were two other numbers, a Mozambican registration number AHG 096MP and a Zimbabwean registration number, AFR 3807,” Mikuwa explained.

She warned criminals in Malawi who collaborate with criminals outside Malawi that they would have nowhere to run to as police in Malawi cooperate with Interpol to flush out criminals involved in car thefts.

She said car theft is a serious offence and the law enforcers will always treat it as such.

Police in Blantyre obtained the warrant of arrest against Shabir for the charge of the cyber harassment on a fellow businessman and his family in Blantyre.

Later, another complaint against Shabir was filed with police by Shafqat Kasam, demanding K26 million which he said was value of his BMW convertible which he claimed RR Auto Service, Shabir’s garage in Blantyre, failed to repair it for over two years.

Kasam claimed in an interview his car, which he said was a runner and only had a sun roof problem which was not closing or opening, was not repaired until the garage was sold and he later heard that Shabir was on Interpol Red Alert and in Saudi Arabia.

On the case of the fired driver who told police he was assaulted, the 72-year-old ex-employee, Stainford Kalitsilira, told police his former boss assaulted him and verbally abused him on July 16 2021.

TNM gives Presidential Charity Golf K10 million boost


Malawi’s pioneering mobile network and ICT services provider TNM has taken the lead to give the upcoming Presidential Charity Golf on October 7, 2023 a boost with a donation of K10 million.

The charity tournament, now in its second year, aims to raise funds to assist survivors of devastating Cyclone Freddy and needy students at tertiary education level.

Sophie Kalambule, one the country’s lady golfers and who represented the Presidential Charity Golf organising committee was all smiles when she received K10 million cheque from the TNM CEO Michel Hebert.

“We are very excited and thankful to TNM for thinking of donating to this charity event which will help victims of Cyclone Freddy and the public tertiary education institutions in particular needy students who are struggling to pay fees and upkeep. For TNM to kick-start the donations mean a lot to the organising committee” she said.

The TNM CEO said the sponsorship is a continuation of the company’s spirit of standing together with Malawians in their time of need.

“TNM as one of the companies which withstood and survived the onslaught of Cyclone Freddy pledges to continue partnering to support the victims of that disaster. In the same vein, we are always eager to play our part in supporting the country’s Education sector, where over the years, TNM have made remarkable contributions,” he said.

Hebert applauded the Presidential Charity Golf committee for putting the needs of Malawians at heart by mobilising resources to help cyclone victims and needy children in schools.

“TNM would like to recognise the initiative by State House to respond to the needs of citizenry by raising funds through the Charity Golf,” he says.

The CEO says that as a responsible corporate citizen, TNM takes seriously its commitment to partner with Malawians in their time of need.

Hebert said TNM has been sponsoring golf tournaments for many years and that the sponsorship of K10 million is a continuation of the positive contributions towards the sport.

“While football is our flagship sponsorship property, golf is our second biggest pre-occupation. Memories are still fresh of our involvement with the Malawi Open and various golf-club sponsorships over the years. All this is well anchored in our positioning as Malawi’s home-grown and Malawian wholly owned telecoms company,” he said.


A revolution is looming in the opposition DPP, with promotional material being circulated calling on members to join this movement.

Inside sources have confided with us that the revolution is being led by DPP members from various professional backgrounds whose aim is to fight for change amid different factions in the party and position it for victory in 2025.

“The ongoing problems within the DPP persist due to several factors that have resulted in a lack of cease in these issues. The so-called “blue revolution” has noticed a concerning trend where personal interests take precedence over the party’s interests as a whole. This observation has shed light on the detrimental impact caused by individuals who are entrusted with the responsibility of fostering unity and maintaining the party’s credibility, as they prioritize their personal agendas, hence this movement” said the source.

Since it was booted out of power, the DPP has been rocked with problems.

Jussabs face more trouble, Humair Salim Mahomed Sidik Jussab found with stolen car

Humair Salim Mahomed Sidik Jussab, a young brother to businessman Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab wanted by police in Malawi on criminal charges, was found with a stolen car.

Malawi Police Service (MPS) joined Interpol operation in some districts in Malawi that recovered three vehicles; including a VW Amarok double twin cab, BZ 1382, which was found at a garage in Blantyre registered in Humair’s name.

The VW Amarok is in the name of Humair, the young brother to Shabir, but when police wanted to arrest him at his factory in Mapanga known as Fasa, in Blantyre, he was reported to be in South Africa.

South West Region Police spokesperson Beatrice Mikuwa confirmed the Interpol operation, adding it also recovered three other vehicles, Toyota Hilux model.

Mikuwa said one Toyota Hilux stolen from Zimbabwe at a gunpoint, was intercepted at a border post in Mwanza District, and the suspect in police custody is a Zimbabwean, Nyasya Ndangalazi, 34, from Chitungwiza, Chikemba Road Number 16-Zengera

“This car had a fake registration number plate, MN 4832. Inside the vehicle, there were two other numbers, a Mozambican registration number AHG 096MP and a Zimbabwean registration number, AFR 3807,” Mikuwa said.

Police have warned carjackers in Malawi who connive with criminals outside Malawi that they would have nowhere to run to as police in Malawi cooperate with Interpol to flush out criminals involved in car thefts.

Police in Blantyre recently obtained a warrant of arrest against Humair’s elder brother, Shabir, accused of committing cyber harassment.

Few days another complaint was lodged with police against Shabir by businessman Shafqat Kasam, who is demanding K26 million which he said was value of his BMW convertible which he claimed RR Auto Service, Shabir’s garage in Blantyre, failed to repair it for over two years.

Kasam claimed in an interview his car, which he said was a runner and only had a sun roof problem which was not closing or opening, was not repaired until the garage was sold and he later heard that Shabir was on Interpol Red Alert and in Saudi Arabia.

On the case of the fired driver who told police he was assaulted, the 72-year-old ex-employee, Stainford Kalitsilira, told police his former boss assaulted him and verbally abused him on July 16 2021.

NBS Bank expects H1 profit after tax growth

NBS Bank Plc has said it expects an increase in the half year profit after tax ending June 30, 2023 to be between K11.8 billion and K12.3 billion from K5.9 billion in the same period last year.

Initially, in the First Trading Statement, the Malawi Stock Exchange listed Bank projected an increase of the half year profit after tax ending June 30 2023, to between K10 billion and K11.5 billion.

According to the latest statement released by the Bank, signed by company secretary, Marsha Ovi Machika, the increase is as a result of improved revenue.

“The company is pleased to inform the public that a reasonable degree of certainty exists that profit after tax for the half year ended 30th June 2023 is now expected to be between K11.8 billion and K12.3 billion compared to K5.9 billion reported for the half year ended 30 June 2022.

“The change in expected profit is due to improved revenue performance and lower credit impairments in the month of June 2023 than had been the forecast at the time of issuing the First Trading Statement,” reads the statement.

Recently, during the Bank’s 19th Annual General Meeting (AGM), board chairperson, Vizenge Kumwenda also announced growth of the profit after tax from K7.7 billion to K18.9 billion representing an increase of 146% in 2022.

“The Bank invested in technology to support digital transactions; focused on development programs for its staff and customer service over the past five years. The investments allowed the Bank to offer convenience and significantly improved customer service to its customers which in turn contributed to growing transaction volumes and related income. Further, customers entrusted the Bank with more deposits in 2022 as manifested in the growth of customer deposits by 67% year-on-year,” he said.

PIL in new Kwacha fuel imports deal


Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL) has disclosed that it will sign an agreement with a fuel supplier who is willing to accept local currency payment.

PIL General Manager Martin Msimuko however did not disclose the name of the company until the signing ceremony for the purchase of 35 million litres of fuel materializes in a one-time arrangement any day this week.

“If all goes well the deal will be signed this week, we are talking of 15 million litres of diesel and 20 million litres of petrol. This is a once-off arrangement for now, to be repeated if successful,” said Msimuko.

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Henry Kachaje confirmed to the local media that he is aware of the PIL arrangement.

“The last time we followed up, they had one who had seriously indicated a willingness to pursue and we gave them a go-ahead to negotiate and do some due diligence,” said Kachaje.

Minister of Information and Digitization Moses Kunkuyu, was also hopeful of the deal when he addressed the press in Lilongwe on the fuel situation in the country last week.

One Economist Milward Tobias was also quoted by the local press supporting the arrangement, saying it would be a huge relief especially as the country does not have enough foreign exchange supply.

The country has been experiencing erratic fuel supply caused by shortage of forex in the country.

To mitigate the fuel supply challenges, PIL has been trying several means of reversing the problem, including the use of railways to transport the product in large volumes at once.

Fomo FC qualifies into Castel Cup national stage, beats Mwanza Stars


Mulanje-based Fomo Football Club has reached the national stage of the Ibongetse Castel Challenge Cup after beating Mwanza Stars 5-4 in post-match penalties at Mwanza Community Stadium.

The host team failed to utilise the home ground advantage as the visitors dominated the game that ended 0-0 on regulation time.

Fomo FC becomes one of the six teams to qualify for national stage from the Southern Region Football Association (SRFA).
The sponsor of the cup, Castel Malawi Limited has expressed satisfaction with the progress of the Malawi’s big tournament.

“We are very happy with the progress of the league, so far we have seen great talents at district level. The strides align our objective of develop football using the bottom-up approach,” said Lavern Chitakata, Castel Malawi’s Marketing Operations Manager.

According to Castel, the multi-beneficial challenge cup is helping the youth to get involved in a number of social activities.

“In all the districts that we have so far visited we noted that the youth are deprived of entertainment. Therefore, as a fun brand we are implementing different social activities to create buzz and involve the youth around the Ibongetse Challenge Cup,” she said.

Chitakata hailed teams and their fans for ensuring violent free matches at the district level expressing optimism of a continued trend in the national stage.

General Secretary for Southern Region Football Association (SRFA) Daires Kachale believes that teams in the association will continue registering good results of their fixtures.

“As SRFA, we are following the Castel Challenge Cup with keen interest. So far, the officiation has been excellent, we haven’t received complains a clear indication that the league is progressing so well,” said Kachale.

Kachale has encouraged the lower Division teams to keep their determination and resilient to reach into the finals.

“We are satisfied with the progress of the cup as teams from lower leagues continue to do well. Our mission is to see SRFA teams reaching finals and win the Ibongetse Challenge Cup,” he said.

Mapopa Msukwa, coach for Fomo FC attributed the win to good preparations and teamwork.

“Today’s game was very tough knowing that we were facing a good team at its home ground. We had intensive preparations and thanks to the team for giving a great performance,” said Msukwa.

He said that Fomo FC is excited to progress into the next stage and expects the games to be tough.

“We will be meeting Super League teams but we are ready. We will plan for these teams because we have been watching them in their leagues,” he said.

While recognising the efforts by his team, Mwanza Stars spokesperson Madalitso Buneya said the loss is very painful.

“This has been another heavy defeat for us as we have been knocked out at this stage. Going forward we are going to rectify the mistakes observed during the game and move forward,” said Buneya.

Castel Malawi Pumps K5 Million towards North Beach Music Festival


Castel Malawi has pumped in K5 million towards the North Beach Music Festival set for Chikale Beach in NkhataBay from September 1-3, 2023. 

Speaking after a cheque presentation ceremony to organisers of the Festival, Thoms Park Events at Castel’s Luwinga offices in Mzuzu on Friday, the company’s regional sales manager for the North, Andrew Ngombende said the donation is part of corporate social responsibility as the festival will offer the much-needed fun to their customers.

“This is part of our company’s corporate social responsibility, I believe it will give us a marketing forum while promoting local artists and offering fun to our customers,” said Ngombende.

One of the Thoms Park Events managers, Macdonald Soko commended Castel Malawi for the gesture while indicating they are still looking for more partners to make the festival a success. 

“We are very grateful for this donation, people should get ready for this festival from September 1 to 3. It will be one of the best. We will release the program soon,” said Soko.

He added that plans are underway to have the festival as an annual event.

“Though we have less companies partnering us on these entertainment events, we have hope that some companies will emulate what Castel has done,” said Soko.

The Black Missionaries, Lucius Banda, Skeffa Chimoto, Lulu and Driemo are some of the headliners at the event. 

SUICIDE: How big is the problem in Malawi?

Suicide is the act of deliberately killing oneself. The act ranges from having simple thoughts of ending one’s life to suicide attempts and eventually the actual act of ending one’s life. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15–19 years old.

 It is a leading cause of mortality particularly among adolescents and young adults, coming second to road traffic accidents. Globally it is estimated that at least every 40 seconds someone dies of suicide. Those that commit suicide are a small proportion among many those with unsuccessful attempts and even more afflicted by suicidal thoughts.

How big is the problem in Malawi?

The rate of suicide has been on the rise in Malawi for the past few years. In the first half of 2023, Malawi registered 256 cases of suicide, as compared to 135 people who committed suicide during a similar period in 2022, representing a 100 percent rise in the number of cases. Majority (226) of these were males.

Who is at risk?

People with mental illnesses such as severe depression, substance abuse disorders, and psychotic disorders are at a greater risk of suicide attempts. Being diagnosed with chronic diseases such as HIV, Cancer, or neurological conditions is also closely linked with suicide.

However, there is a high rate of suicide committed impulsively due to emerging life issues such as relationship breakdown between family members or companions and financial crisis. Being male is associated with a higher risk of completing suicide, while being female is associated with a higher rate of suicide attempts.

Is suicide Preventable?

Suicide is preventable. Preventing at societal level includes should target individuals, families, and communities. Learning warning signs, promoting prevention and resilience, and a committing to social change are all good strategies. Strategies should strengthen economic support, creating protective environments, improving access to and delivery of suicidal care, teaching coping and problem-solving skills, and timely identifying those at risk for support. Strengthening laws that limit exposure to harmful behaviours such as gambling, cannabis abuse, and use of hard drugs is important.

Why should one worry about suicide?

Suicide has far-reaching individual and community impacts. Suicide and suicide attempts worsen emotional, physical, and economic traumas of friends, loved ones, co-workers, and the community.

Surviving family and friends may experience prolonged grief, shock, anger, guilt, symptoms of depression or anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide themselves.

Need help? Or know someone who does?

Life problems are a common experience around the world. But a problem shared is half solved. It is always important to talk to someone when one is feeling like they can’t take any more. One can connect with their family members, church members, pastors, or a social counselor. Where available, hotline or online mental health counselors can be utilized to find some relief and advice.- (Source: Malawi Health Weekly, https://malawihealthweekly.com/)

ACB STAFF THREATEN STRIKE OVER ‘GREEDY’ CHIZUMA…Her Salary double than what DPP, Ombudsman get

A simmering tension at the Anti Corruption Bureau threatens to reach a boiling point next month where employees at the graft busting body will stage a sit-in, accusing their Director General Martha Chizuma of being greedy after she negotiated for a huge personal pay hike without considering the rest of employees.

While she is supposed to be getting K2, 900,000, a government set salary for ACB Director General, she personally negotiated a salary of over K5, 000,000 disregarding and throwing all other employees at the bureau under the bus.

By extension this means she gets double than what her collgues at the same grade like the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) or Ombudsman get.

The irate employees have since penned Chizuma asking for a consideration of pay hike within 21 days after which they have threated to go on an indefinite strike. The 21 days will elapse on September 4.

According to impeccable sources, there is growing frustration in the bureau after employees learnt that their Director General receives almost double what is allocated to her office as she personally negotiated her terms with the appointing authority.

Employees, speaking on condition of anonymity, claim that they have been pushing for pay rise to match the cost of living in line with staff conditions of service but their demands have yielded nothing hence opting for a strike.

The notice of intention to hold strike has been communicated to Secretary for Labour with copies to the office of the Director General at ACB.

“Take notice that all employees of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) are in dispute with the Office of the Director General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) regarding the application and enforcement of the ACB’s Staff Terms and Conditions of Service (2018)…to revise salaries” reads the communication which quotes articles of the Staff Terms and Conditions of Service which compel the Bureau to revise salaries to reflect increase in cost of living.

Sources say initially there were supposed to hold the strike last month but the DG, through her deputy Hilary Chilomba, resorted to threatening those leading the process that their contracts will not be renewed.

All employees of the bureau have their contracts renewed every three years and this is what the authority at the bureau uses to silence employees who may want to raise concerns against maladministration.

“But now we are ready for anything. We have brainstormed and consulted widely, we are ready to face her. She needs to resolve these issues. She cannot be the only person benefitting when we are the people that define the Bureau. Without us she is nothing hence she needs to be considerate. We are not relenting on this” said one frustrated employee.

What angers employees at the Bureau even more is the fact that apart from the hefty pay given to their boss she is also entitled to more benefits which include 24-hour security from Malawi Police Service and a well-guarded home at presidential villas.

According to some employees they have been pushing for improved personal security especially following the death of one of the senior members of the Bureau Issa Njaunju who was brutally killed during the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regime in what is believed as the regime-sponsored war against the Bureau.

The employees argue that it is unreasonable to restrict such security to the Director General when everyone at the Bureau faces the same risk. Njaunju was Director of Administration and Corporate Affairs who was never involved in investigation or prosecution which essentially defines the work of the Bureau.

Chizuma, unlike her predecessor(s), does not take a leading role in prosecution. She is currently involved in prosecuting the case involving former minister of energy who alongside former presidential advisor Chris Chaima and Aford President Enoch Chihana are accused of attempting to influence fuel deals. Even in this one her presence is dodgy as she prefers to delegate juniors.

Two months ago when the matter went to court she was reportedly outside the country and the other two lawyers Chrispin Khunga and Imran Saidi were also, deliberately, absent leaving the matter in the hands of someone new.

In the case involving Vice President Saulos Chilima she is not involved. On the day Chilima was arrested in November last year she was not present neither has she attended any court session which is a departure from practice where top most bosses at the Bureau who happen to be lawyers take lead in such high-profiled cases.

Employees are also questioning Chizuma’s globetrotting where, since last year, she has been going outside the country for official duties almost every month.

Just in the last two months Chizuma has been to six different countries which include Angola, United Kingdom, Austria, South Africa, Kenya and Egypt.

Chizuma’s salary has not only raised eyebrows at the Bureau but in the public service where other officers such as the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Law Commissioner, Ombudsman and Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) are also pushing for pay hike to match what is given to the ACB boss who is on the same grade.

The graft-busting body’s Director General is on grade D and has a monthly salary allocation of K2.9 million according to budget documents we have reviewed. But Chizuma gets about K5.3 million a month – a salary – an increase which was justified on account of the sensitivity of the office she holds.

As Ombudsman Chizuma had a salary of about K3.2 million which included honorarium from the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) on her role as a commissioner – an entitlement which is extended to the law commissioner.

Chizuma’s current pay is way above the DPP whose grade is C or equivalent to PS as the monthly salary allocation to this office is K2.6 million. Meanwhile the DPP, according to impeccable sources, is also demanding a pay hike to match the ACB Director a development the Public Appointments Committee (PAC) fears would bring chaos in the public service as it works to push for harmonization of wages in public service.

“This is totally unacceptable. We cannot have people negotiate for salaries in the public sector; this will bring chaos. The justification that the current ACB Director was getting more than is offered for her current position from her previous job as Ombudsman does not make sense.

Government was not under obligation to pick her for the job – they should have settled for someone who would accept the set salary scale. This ought to be cured otherwise we cannot have a free-for all salary structure in the public service” said a member of parliament who sits in PAC.

Array Networks, Luna Tech partner for networking and data security in Malawi


An American cybersecurity company, Array Networks has partnered Luna Technologies in Malawi to provide networking and data security products in the country.

Speaking during the cybersecurity training for various companies in the country in Blantyre on Wednesday, Array Networks regional sales head of Africa, Jayesh V said with the collaboration Value Added Distributors (VAD) is introducing Array Networks load balancer, Web Application Firewall, AG Series SSL VPN and DDoS protection into the Malawi market.

He said using these integers, organizations can ensure availability, security, remote access, SSL visibility from any platform, application and business.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to collaborate with Luna Technologies in Malawi. The timing is perfect as we expand our team and the capabilities of the Array Networks in Malawi to help our customers achieve Security, Access, scalability, performance and security. As Array continues to grow and expand, we aim to work together in commitment to offer tremendous business benefits to its customers.

“Array offers a complete range of application delivery and security solutions aimed at maximizing employee productivity, ensuring always-on availability, optimizing the end-user experience, and guarding business infrastructure against attack and data leakage. For over two decades, Array has pioneered advances in integrated traffic management and secure application-level communications, setting new standards for innovation, quality, price-performance, and commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction,” said Jayesh.

Luna Technologies Managing Director, Warren Nkonjera hailed the partnerships saying it will extend Array’s APV Series Application Delivery Controller, Web Application Firewall, AVX Series Network hyperconverged Infrastructure and range of solutions to enterprises, Banks and Government Organization across their network in Malawi.

“We are excited for the partnership which will bring a great change in both entities and transfer of skills to the local entity and individuals including creating employment. The threats and vulnerabilities that Organizations face in data protection, Luna Technologies through their partnership with Array Networks products and services, will cover the gap in the market through the wide range of solutions on Cyber Security as customers will achieve scalability, performance and most importantly, security.”

“Our objective is to bring enhanced security to Financial Sectors, Government and customer data in a world where data is key to the success or collapse of enterprises,” said Nkonjera.

Luna Technologies is one of the largest WAN and network performance solutions distributors in Malawi.

BAM receives K3m Mpamba TransId

TNM Mpamba Limited wholly owned subsidiary of TNM PLC has commended the Bankers Association of Malawi (BAM) for contributing positively towards enhancing social economic status and development of the country.

Tsimikizo Chikoya, Projects Manager at TNM Mpamba Limited made the remarks in Blantyre when the mobile money service provider contributed K3 million towards this year’s BAM lakeshore conference.

According to TNM Mpamba, BAM is playing a pivotal role in progressing financial services more especially deepening financial inclusion.

“TNM Mpamba understands BAM’s objective of coordinating the efforts of the banking sector and share common vision of development in Malawi. Therefore, as one of key players in mobile money sector, we have keen interest in the activities that will take place at the conference this year hence we moved to add value to it,” said Chikoya.

Mpamba is optimistic that this year’s conference will provide solutions to the challenges rocking the financial industry in the country.

“Lakeshore conferences are important for professional bodies like BAM. TNM Mbampa expects that the gathering will generate new ideas and solutions on improving financial inclusion initiatives that benefits the rural communities,” he said.

On her part, Lyness Nkungula, Chief Executive Director of BAM said that banks are critical to Malawi’s developmental pillars as outlined in the MW2063 national vision.

“As BAM we are looking at the development of the country of which the transactions are done through banks. Therefore, our role is to initiate inclusivity in the banking industry to ensure holistic contribution towards making Malawi a great nation,” said Nkungula.

Acknowledging Mpamba’s contribution, Nkungula said this year’s lakeshore conference will discuss issues that improve inclusive banking.

“Our focus is to improve inclusive banking as such we are going to discuss economic recovery and how we can reach all the corners of the country. We appreciate TNM for contributing towards our conference this cement our relationship as the company is effective in mobile money services,” she said.

This year’s Bankers’ conference starts today at Sunbird Nkopola in Mangochi and is held under the theme: “Banks for All, and Development for All.”

Mogfords Lake Resort reopens after Cyclone Freddy disaster


Mofgords Lake Resort in Mangochi which was affected by the raging Cyclone Freddy waters has re-opened for business, three months after being closed for renovations.

Mogfords Director  Kisembe Partridge said in an interview yesterday that they were affected by the raging waters from the Cyclone Freddy disaster in April as most of the resort was submerged in water.

“Part of the resort was spared but we lost four panels of our fence from the side where the water forced its way to flood part of the resort. So, we have been sorting this issue from April until this week when we reopened and as part of testing our systems we successfully hosted a meeting for about 50 people.”

“So, I would say we are back to business because our systems are working well after the conference and we are ready to take more people for conferences and private stays,” said Partridge.

She said they managed to save their electricity transformer and backup generators which were partly submerged in water by quickly shutting them down completely during the disaster.

“We have now sorted out the sewerage system and replaced some furniture that was destroyed during the disaster. Fortunately, our electricity transformer and backup generator were switched off during the disaster and we managed to save them from damage,” said Partridge.

 She declined to state how much was lost during the disaster saying it was ‘a substantial loss’ but was quick to thank all members of staff who worked tirelessly through-out the disaster and the rehabilitation process regardless of what they were employed to do.

“But we want to assure our clients that we will strive to offer our best services we offered before we were affected by Cyclone Freddy, they will feel the same Mogfords magic,” said Partridge.

She also said they have invested a lot of resources in the drainage system so that should the disaster replicate itself, it should not cause any substantial damage.

Mogfords Lake Resort which opened its doors in 2018, is situated at Mtakataka turn off on the Mangochi-Monkey Bay road and currently has an 80-room capacity soon to reach 100-rooms which include self-catering studios and apartments, conference and boardroom facilities, a swimming Pool, a modern spacious beach restaurant, a gym, motor boats and children’s playing facilities.

Prof Chikaonda remembered

The family of the late Professor Matthews Chikaonda, former Finance Minister and corporate executive at the weekend organized prayers to commemorate his death and unveil his tombstone at his home village in Dedza.

The late Chikaonda who served as Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM), Minister of Finance and Group Chief Executive Officer for conglomerate Press Corporation plc (PCL) died on 29th October 2018 in the United States of America (USA) and was buried at his home village Tembetembe, Mtakataka in Dedza district on 19th November 2018.

Speaking during the event, the late Chikaonda’s sister, former legislator for Dedza East Hyacintha Chikaonda thanked family and friends of the late Chikaonda for attending the tombstone unveiling ceremony to honour the decorated fallen economist.

“As he sleeps, his absence is a silent grief. His life is a beautiful memory and testimony. When our time on earth is done, money or material things will not matter. The love and kindness, compassion and courage with which we lived our life by, and inspired many, will remain as our footprints,” said Haycinta of his brother.

The event was attended by the late Chikaonda’s friends namely Mwaiwathu Private Hospital Director Professor Jack Wirima, former Finance Minister and Managing Director of Nico Holdings Felix Mlusu, former PCL Group CEO who succeeded Chikaonda, George Patridge and other business and corporate leaders.

The family also unveiled tombstones for other family members like the late Chikaonda’s father, the late Aurelious Chikaonda who was buried next to his son and the late Chikaonda’s brother Barnabas Chikaonda.

Born on 8 August 1954, Chikaonda was appointed RBM Governor in 1995 and served in that position until 2000 when he was appointed Minister of Finance until 2002 when he joined PCL and served as Group CEO until his retirement in December 2016.

He is survived by a wife and three children.

Fresh K26million claim against businessman Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab


Following Malawi Police action to place businessman Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab on Interpol Red Alert for an alleged cyber harassment, more claims are being filed to police against him.

A latest claim filed at Blantyre Police Station is by Shafqat Kasam, who is demanding K26 million from Jussab.

Kosam told police in a statement that he failed to get back his BMW car which was taken to Jussab’s garage in Blantyre in September 2021 for repair.

Kasam is valuing his car, which he says the now sold garage RR Auto Service, failed to repair.

He told police that the only problem on his convertible car, which was a runner, was sunloof which was not functioning, but claimed the vehicle developed other problems whilst at the garage and he could not manage to get it until Jussab sold the garage.

He said he learnt later that Jussab was not in the country followed by news that he is on Interpol Red Alert related to cyber harassment offences.

Malawi Police placed Jussab on Interpol Red Alert last week after a magistrate court in Blantyre issued a warrant of arrest against him, and later, police disclosed that his former driver at RR Trading in Limbe lodged a complaint that he assaulted him after firing him.

On the case of the fired driver who told police he was assaulted, the 72-year-old ex-employee, Stainford Kalitsilira, told police his former boss assaulted him and verbally abused him on July 16 2021.

South West Region Police Headquarters spokesperson Beatrice Mikuwa confirmed in a response to a questionnaire of the two fresh cases, adding investigations were underway after two statements were recorded.

Police, according to the warrant of arrest on the cyber harassment, alleges that between the month of July and August 2023, in the District of Blantyre, Jussab used his computer system to send out messages threatening to inflict injury to Abdul Karim Batatawala and other members of his family.

Particulars further allege that Jussab, between the same dates, willfully and repeatedly used WhatsApp messages to disturb or attempt to disturb the peace, quietness or right to privacy of Batatawala and his family members.


Standard Bank has registered a 14 percent increase in customer growth and four percent in loans thanks to the Switch your Salary and Win Promotion.

This was announced during the first draw of the Switch your Salary and Win Promotion in Lilongwe where one of the the bank’s lucky customers Dizderio Mangani won the monthly grand prize of MWK1 million.

Speaking during the draw Standard Bank’s head of personal banking Takula Kapalamula said the promotion is encouraging people to move their salary accounts from other banks to Standard Bank which in turn takes over their loans and offers a flexible repayment of up to five years.

“We have been overwhelmed with the response from our customers. We have seen a steady growth in new customers. At Standard Bank, we have solutions and services that Malawians from all walks of life can benefit in their day to day financial needs, whilst also supporting clients to plan for their current and future aspirations. To enter this promotion customers need to switch their salary accounts to Standard Bank.

The bank has made the switching process more convenient and flexible and extended repayment of loans up to five years.” He said.
The four month promotion will see clients Win cash prizes every month with the grand prize being 10 million kwacha in October.

During the Tuesday draw one customer won and 1 million another 500 thousand kwacha, three others won 200 thousand kwacha each and 50 others went home with fifty thousand kwacha each.

“One of the major points of inquiry for most clients and stakeholders was how one can move their loan from other banks to Standard Bank. We can do this in 6 steps where we need an official correspondence from the other institution one is holding a loan from. After calculating affordability and credit checks we can issue a loan takeover. Thereafter processing loans even before the salary is switched as we use the letter of undertaking from the employer of the client.” Said Kapalamula

Castel Challenge Cup excites SRFA


Southern Region Football Association (SRFA( has expressed satisfaction with the progress of the Castel Challenge Cup saying teams in small leagues are showing a great spirit of resilience being manifested in the results of games.

Speaking during the cup’s game between Nsanje United and Changalume Barracks at Nsanje Youth Centre, SRFA chairperson Raphael Humba said Division 1 teams are portraying zeal and determination.

At the end of the match Nsanje United defeated Changalume Barracks 7-6 in post-match penalties after the game ended 0-0.

“Today’s Ibongetse Cup fixture has given us a great game where we have seen Division 1 team knocking out a Premier Division side. This means that Castel Challenge Cup is taking Malawi’s football to another level,” said Humba.

According to the association, Nsanje United becomes a second team in Division 1 to knock out a team in Premier Division.

“Castel Cup is living by its mission of developing football in the country. We are happy to see Nsanje United becoming a second lower side team to defeat a Premier Division team after Lunzu-based Soccer Rangers recently knocked out Ntaja United in the cup,” he said.

Marketing Operations Manager at Castel Malawi Limited Lavern Chitakata said that Castel Cup is transforming the game of football.

“The game here at Nsanje Youth centre attests to our core objective of taking football to every corner of the county. After we launched the cup we have been going in different places to show our impact and here we are in Nsanje district because the cup is for everyone,” said Chitakata.

Castel Malawi expects to see teams and players in the lower leagues soaring so high to compete with Super League teams.

“With the style of play we have seen so far at regional and district level, we are assured that teams from the lower leagues will make it to the next round. As sponsors, we are looking forward to see these teams doing well and win against the big teams,” she said.

Through the Castel Challenge Cup, the company is developing football in the country using a bottom-up approach which is integral in the football world.

Assistant Coach for Changalume Barracks William Chiwanda said the team will now divert focus to the Premier Division league and other cups.

“We played well and managed to dominate the game but failed to utilise the chances we created. We have been knocked-out in post-match penalties that are unpredictable therefore, as a team we will concentrate on the league after rectifying the mistakes,” said Chiwanda.

Kennedy Chonzi, coach for Nsanje United who was over the moon attributed his side’s win to hardworking spirit and good preparations.

“As a team we intensified our preparations knowing the importance of the game and the side we were meeting. It was a great game because our opponents came prepared but on the pitch we tried the level of our best to win the game,” said Chonzi.

Chonzi added that the game will help the team to correct some of the mistakes as they prepare to go on another assignment.

“We are going back to our drawing board to help our strikers to concentrate and start scoring goals because that is the major challenge,” he said.

Malawian Businessman Shabir Jussab on wrong side of the law again, entangled in assault case


Businessman Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab has allegedly found himself on the wrong side of the law again, this time facing an assault charge at Blantyre Police Station.

Jussab is accused of assaulting an old man, 72 year old Stainford Kalitsilira, who was his driver at his company, RR Trading in Limbe.

Last week police disclosed that it placed Jussab on Interpol Red Alert over alleged cyber harassment.

South West Police Regional Headquaters spokesperson Beatrice Mikuwa disclosed today that Blantyre Police Station have recorded one more case against Jussab.

Kalitsilira has told police that he was fired for wrongly parking a car, and when he demanded his pay, Jussab allegedly assaulted him and called him a slave.

Mikuwa said investigations are underway.

Police earlier last week obtained a warrant of arrest against Jussab for the alleged cyber harassment offences, contrary to section 86(b) of the Electronic Transaction and Cyber Security Act.

Police, according to the warrant of arrest on the cyber harassment, alleges that between the month of July and August 2023, in the District of Blantyre, Jussab used his computer system to send out messages threatening to inflict injury to Abdul Karim Batatawala and other members of his family.

Particulars further allege that Jussab, between the same dates, willfully and repeatedly used WhatsApp messages to disturb or attempt to disturb the peace, quietness or right to privacy of Batatawala and his family members.

Joy as FCB Bullets supporter wins K2M in Zampira…participation reaches record of over 1 million entries

Raffle draw in progress

The game between Chitipa United and Kamuzu Barracks that was played on July 7, 2023 has become a breakthrough for Stephano Khungwa who emerged a third monthly winner in the TNM’s Zampira promotion.

The 32 year old Khungwa who works as Health Surveillance Attendant at Ministry of Health emerges a winner out of 44,580 correct predictions the promotion recorded during the period.

As a result of his prediction, the Khonjeni-based football fan pockets K2 million which he said he will use it to purchase land.

“I am delighted to win the prize money today. I will purchase land and start building my own house. Thank you TNM for this promotion which is helping supporters to win big,” said Khungwa.

Kungwa takes home K1 million and will donate K1 million worth of football equipment to Makapwa school in his area.

The monthly winner of MWK2 million is based on the draw of correct predictions of weekly matches every four weeks during the eight-month league season.

Speaking during the draw in Blantyre, Tikhala Chilimba, TNM’s Products Officer said the promotion reaffirms TNM’s commitment towards value creation for every football stakeholder.

“TNM as a long-term sponsor of the elite soccer league understands the rapid evolvement of football; fans want to be fully immersed into the game than just watching. Through the promotion, we take the 12th player, who bring an extra vibe to the game,” said Chilimba.

She said the telco will continue playing a significant role to continuously improve the game of football.

“At TNM we believe that every stakeholder plays a significant role to change the game of football. Therefore, TNM will continue coming up with off-the-pitch initiatives to provide added experience to all the stakeholders including supporters,” she said.

According to TNM the promotion will continue to develop grassroots football as winners channel half of the prize money towards a local team.

The promotion also has a daily SMS Trivia Questions component aiming to enhance supporter’s understanding of the game by subscribing and answering daily soccer related questions. Four customers each win K50,000 every week.

To participate in the draw, subscribers are required to send an SMS of their prediction to code 451 or dial *451# to predict and access extra features. The SMS cost K50.

NBS Bank for more personalized financial solutions to expatriates

Ngwenya (left) with Morocco Ambassador to Malawi Abdelkader Naji

NBS Bank Plc has reiterated the Bank’s determination to offer personalized financial solutions catering to the unique requirements of expatriates residing in the country.

The Bank’s Chief Executive Officer Kwanele Ngwenya said this in Lilongwe during a commemoration of the ‘Throne Day’, a significant Moroccan occasion that marks the ascension to the throne of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

Ngwenya said the Bank is committed to enhancing its services for Moroccan staff members and customers, acknowledging the diverse needs of this community.

“The Moroccan Embassy has been a pillar of support in fostering a sense of unity and understanding between our institutions. As we celebrate Throne Day, NBS Bank takes immense pride in being a part of this joyous occasion and cherishes the remarkable relationship we have cultivated over the years,” said Ngwenya.

He added that the collaboration between NBS Bank and the Moroccan Embassy exemplifies the strength and importance of fostering international relationships and understanding.

“NBS Bank remains committed to building partnerships that help Malawi fulfill its MW2063 goals. The partnership with Morocco cements this because of the progress they have made in their Kingdom that emulates the vision Malawi has,” said Ngwenya.

He further said NBS Bank, as a leading financial institution that provides cutting-edge banking solutions to its diverse clientele, with a focus on customer satisfaction and innovation, aims to remain a pillar of support for the communities it serves.

“The Bank commits to building strong relationships with diplomatic missions, like the Moroccan Embassy, demonstrating its dedication to providing superior customer service and living up to its tagline of ‘Your Caring Bank'” he said.

In his remarks Moroccan Ambassador to Malawi Abdelkader Naji hailed the cordial relations between the Kingdom and African countries including Malawi.

“Morocco has embarked in an unprecedented process of reform and modernization aiming at upgrading young resources and developing sectorial policies affecting education, administration, justice, industry, energy and agriculture, as well as other social sectors strengthening Morocco’s position at regional and international scenes. The Kingdom of Morocco has always placed Africa at the centre of his foreign policy,” he said.

Malawian businessman Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab on Interpol alert over cyber harassment


A senior magistrate court in Blantyre has granted Malawi Police Service (MPS) a warrant of arrest against Malawian businessman Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab, aged 32 and currently in Saudi Arabia.

The police, according to South West Region Headquarters spokesperson Beatrice Mikuwa, have proceeded to place Jussab on Interpol alert to facilitate his arrest to bring him back home.

The businessman, according to the warrant of arrest we have accessed, conducted himself against section 86(b) of the Electronic Transaction and Cyber Security Act.

Jussab is accused of using his computer in Blantyre between July and August 2023 to send out messages intended to injure Abdul Karim Batatawala and members of his family.

Jussab, according to police sources on the matter, is a son in-law of Batatawala, and he left for Saudi Arabia, leaving his wife behind.

The businessman, in the second count, faces a charge of willfully and repeatedly using WhatsApp messages to disturb or attempt to disturb the peace, quietness or right to privacy of Batatawala and his family members.

The State has charged Jussab in the third count of cyber stalking after he reportedly harassed and threatened Batatawala and his family through WhatsApp.

The court ordered police to arrest him and bring him before it.

Former budget director Paul Mphwiyo, a K2.4 billion Cashgate suspect who jumped bail, is also another person the police placed on Interpol recently.

NBM concludes Independence Promo


National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has concluded the month-long ‘Greatness at 59 Trivia contest’ with 20 people winning K100, 000 each.

The Bank organized the contest to celebrate the nation’s independence, while also promoting NBM’s ‘Feel The Greatness’ music video.

The trivia contest which was hosted on the Bank’s Facebook page, required participants to answer a series of questions related to the ‘Feel the Greatness’ song video (posted on the Bank’s YouTube channel). This ran for the entire month  of July.

NBM Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager, Akossa Hiwa said they are happy with the engagement and increase in traffic on both the NBM plc Facebook and YouTube pages.

“The Greatness at 59 Trivia contest successfully engaged the audience, showcasing the National Bank of Malawi’s commitment to promoting local talent and celebrating Malawian culture. The contest brought excitement and participation from the Bank’s Facebook community, fostering a sense of pride and unity among the participants,” said Hiwa.

One of the customers Propane Kaundo hailed the Bank for the initiative.

“It is a nice initiative as it provides an opportunity for us customers to engage with the Bank. Even though I wasn’t lucky and didn’t win, I enjoyed the moment as it enhanced my knowledge of things about the country. I am looking forward to the next contest and wish NBM plc will organize this frequently,” said Kaundo.

Tama Jailosi and Misheck Jonathan Bandah won the first question by naming the featured artists in the video, while Rosaline Tryness Mwalwimba and Eugene Porter correctly identified the shared line by Saint and Ritaa in verse one.

The second set of questions were won by Michael Glyn Kayange and Kondie Käpindu who answered the district where Piksy was driving in the video, while St José Aryån Mbewe and Sydney Kapindu knew the words on the boat being pushed into the lake by fishermen.

Tuntufye Praise Msongole and Kēnnie Forbes Msiska also won by identifying the location of the athlete’s training track at Bingu National Stadium, whereas Sunganani Ngwira and Thandizo Sohaya recognized the items being sold by the vendor with dreadlocks.

Asante Cee and Fadweck Jr Kazondo knew the location of Ethel Kamwendo and Lucius Banda’s scene at Amaryllis Hotel, while Wellington Tati Kuntaja Jr. and Rasheeder Suleman correctly named the featured Malawian Entrepreneur, Ted Kwelepeta.

Felix Samu and Mhone Rashid identified the color Green from the Malawi flag worn by specific artists in the video, whereas Foster Dzuwa and Victoria Majamanda recognized the scene with the presentation at the National Bank of Malawi plc Head Office (NBM Towers).

Over and above the Trivia on Facebook, the Bank conducted a Blue Independence week from the 3-7 July 2023 where employees wore blue to work and gifted NBM plc customers at different touch points such as Service Centres and ATMs.

Business Partners International urges entrepreneurs to seek technical assistance

Business Partners International Malawi (BPI), a fund manager that provides debt equity financing, has advised budding entrepreneurs to consider seeking technical assistance from experts to grow their businesses.

BPI country manager, Akuzike Kafwamba made the call in Lilongwe when the company hosted a business breakfast with the Central Region entrepreneurs, after successfully hosting the same in Blantyre in April 2023.

According to Kafwamba, BPI as a risk financier also provides  Technical Assistance Loans, at zero interest, as a way of supporting the entrepreneurs to address technical requirements of their businesses and achieve the desired growth.

“The main message was how do they get themselves ready to access funding. The biggest challenge with SMEs is access to finance and also access to information on how to access funding. These two things we try to tie them together by engaging them so that they appreciate there is someone who can provide both financial and technical support for them to grow their businesses”.

“We do appreciate their business and growth plan and also we ensure they dive deeper into their operations. We have noticed that most SMEs do not understand their operations and the kind of funding required for their business,” he said.

One of the participants, Nomonde Sambakunsi commended Business Partners International for the meeting saying it was an eye opener to her as a fashion designer.

“Despite providing financial assistance, they have also provided direction on how one can grow their business. This is one of the aspects that we as business people miss,” she said.

During the meeting, Kafwamba made a presentation where he outlined BPI’s commitment in improving the lives of entrepreneurs. Since January 2023, BPI has approved MWK2.9 billion investments, and disbursed MWK1.6 billion investments. The firm has also approved MWK164.5 million technical assistance loans, and disbursed MWK73 million. In doing these investments, BPI has created and sustained 332 jobs, according to Kafwamba.

“We are a risk financier because we fund where others wouldn’t because of lack of or nature of securities offered and also lack of own contribution or where the industry is regarded as risky. Our major focus is on the entrepreneurial ability and viability when considering funding,” said Kafwamba.

Some of the businesses BPI funds include: Commercial property development/purchase, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Health, Tourism, Green energy, and Services like IT and other professional services. The firm offers financing from MWK100 million to MWK1 billion.

NBM disburses K10.7 billion to Kasupe customers

National Bank of Malawi Plc says there is notable growth in terms of membership of village banks that are opening accounts and seeking financing with the Bank disclosing that so far K10.7 billion has been disbursed to Kasupe customers.

Speaking during an interaction with the village banks through Kasupe Finance partnership on Thursday in Blantyre, the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer Mcfussy Kawawa said the Bank is making a significant contribution to the financial inclusion agenda by disbursing loans through village banks.

“You have a small household that can access finance through the village banks and engage in small-scale business within the community, therefore, contributing to the broader economic growth of the country,” said Kawawa.

The CEO however appealed to village banks to fulfil their promises and repay their loans saying this can encourage the bank to offer more loans at affordable prices.

“The default rate is about 20 percent which is not too far from what we anticipated from the very beginning so it is not coming in as a surprise, but we expect that the lessons we are learning and the engagements we are having with the village banks, the default rate should be going down and we don’t expect to stop carrying on with this partnership,” said Kawawa.

Chairperson of a Ndirande-based Chilumba Village Bank, Faless Chinyati said as a transporter Kasupe Finance has helped to grow her capital.

She encouraged other village bank leaders to take an effort to make sure the loans are repaid as per the agreement.

“Leaders should take themselves as collateral and make efforts to clear the loan, then deal with default members later,” said Chinyati,

NBM launched Kasupe Finance in 2021 to provide a bridge to groups that could not access formal banking facilities.

FDH Bank delights in Malawi Queens’ impressive World Cup run

Official sponsors of the Malawi National Netball team, FDH Bank, have expressed happiness with the impressive performance of the team at the Netball World Cup in South Africa.

The Queens finished seventh in the world competition after managing to win five out of the eight games they played.

They managed to beat Tonga twice and Scotland, Fiji, and Barbados, but were unlucky to lose to Australia, England, and Uganda.

FDH Bank Public Relations Manager, Lorraine Chikhula said they are proud of the Queens and hope that their performance is a ladder to the next World Cup.

“It’s been a good run and a good fight. As sponsors, we gave The Queens full support during preparations and on the ground here in Cape Town. We congratulate them for making it to position seven in a tight competition involving 16 of the best teams in the world that made it to the World Cup 2023. We believe The Queens will make it to the next World Cup and will continue to fight for a higher ranking,” said Chikhula.

The team’s technical director, who was also the acting coach, Samuel Kanyenda commended Malawians, including FDH Bank for the support.

“We finished below our expectation, but we say thank you to all Malawians and our sponsors FDH Bank,” he said.

Apart from the monetary support, FDH Bank officials were also in Cape Town to offer their moral support to the netball Queens.

The Bank also dressed up the players and its officials.

NBM launches diaspora account 

By Gracious Chitakata

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has launched the diaspora account in a quest to reach out to Malawians living abroad.

In his speech during the product launch on Wednesday, the Bank’s Head of Retail Banking Division, Oswin Kasunda said the goal is to provide Malawians in the diaspora a means to access various financial products and services tailored to meet their unique needs.

“The Diaspora Account provides you with a Malawi Kwacha operating account, in which you can also have a related foreign currency denominated account in the currency of your choice in these four currencies United States Dollar, British Pound, Euro, and South African Rand, enabling one to easily manage their finances from anywhere in the world,” said Kasunda.

In her presentation on the product, NBM Henderson Street Service Center Manager Tamara Mtuwa said among other features, the account will have a dedicated account relationship manager to manage the portfolio and handle transfer instructions, financial advisory services, and any other queries.

“As a Bank, we are always in touch with our customers and we are always evaluating their needs so we thought it wise to engage our colleagues in diaspora and understand their needs and what they want the Bank to provide to them, so we sat down and engaged them and came up with this product,” said Mtuwa.

Mtuwa added the product has two types of accounts, individual and clubs, and societies.

“The most exciting feature that Malawians living abroad have been looking forward to is the opportunity to invest back home in building and the like, we are saying we are going to offer credit facilities that will help achieve that. So, we will be offering home improvement loans, mortgage loans, consumer loans, and secured loans of up to K20 million for those qualifying, as well as asset-based loans,” she explained.

Mtuwa added that another interesting feature is funeral insurance cover, which will help Malawians living abroad take care of unforeseen circumstances back home.

NBM diaspora account customer Fatsani Solomon hailed the bank for introducing the product.

“It’s really good and very helpful, accessible online, and makes life easier,” said Solomon.

NBS Bank’s Transformation Inspired by a Tale of Good to Great

NBS Bank Plc Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kwanele Ngwenya has said confronting brutal truth and building the desired leadership and culture, are some of the strategies that played a role in rebuilding NBS Bank.

Ngwenya said this when he shared a remarkable tale of the Bank’s evolution to a thriving, profit-making organization at the recently held ‘Redeeming MW2063’ CEO’s summit. 

In his remarks, Ngwenya highlighted that the insights from the book ‘Good to Great’ by Jimmy Collins, provided him with a roadmap for NBS Bank to become a sustainable organization.

“By acknowledging weaknesses and identifying areas for improvement, NBS Bank was able to chart a course for effective change,” said Ngwenya.

He added that identifying the right people within the organization also helped in building a strong, capable leadership team that laid a foundation for crafting effective business strategies aligned with the Bank’s strengths and goals.

“Transformation was not merely about improving financial figures, it involved fostering a positive and inclusive organizational culture by cultivating the desired leadership traits and encouraging a collaborative work environment which motivated employees to contribute their best to the institution’s growth,” said Ngwenya.

The CEO also said NBS Bank adopted an 1800-day strategy guided by two fundamental principles to ‘win now’ which recognized that every single day mattered and encouraged the staff to take ownership of their roles and instill a sense of self-management and purpose.

“The second principle to ‘win later’ helped NBS Bank to invest in the future, laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and development which helped leadership to understand the importance of making well-calculated investments to remain competitive and relevant in the ever-changing financial landscape.”

“NBS Bank committed to continue supporting the MW2063 agenda with a focus on the agriculture value chain as well as leveraging on partnerships that have a similar vision for both the Bank and the nation,” he explained. 

NBS Bank recently announced growth of the Profit -After-Tax from K7.7 billion to K18.9 billion representing an increase of 146%.

NBM gives BAM K5 million for annual conference

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has given the Bankers Association of Malawi (BAM) K5 million to support this year’s annual conference.

Speaking during the official cheque handover ceremony in Blantyre on Wednesday, NBM Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager, Akossa Hiwa said by sponsoring the event, the Bank aims to provide support and encouragement to esteemed members of the BAM who tirelessly work towards creating a robust financial ecosystem.

“This is not the first time that National Bank and BAM have worked together on the annual conferences, financial literacy projects, and a lot of other projects that BAM collaborates on.”

“As the Bank of the Nation, we believe that BAM is critical in ensuring that the banking sector is stable and that banks that fall under its umbrella are cascading,” said Hiwa.

Hiwa added that the Bank feels this year’s theme, ‘Banks for all and development for all’ will push the financial inclusion agenda as the Bank is looking to reach out to the underserved and unbanked communities and onboard them so that they can have access to financial services.

“You will recall that we launched our product ‘More Wallet’ in 2022 which enables those that are not yet banked to access financial services and transact like they are banked with the National Bank of Malawi. On top of these we also have a wide network of service centers and a wide agent banking network which is really entrenched in the rural and urban areas called fast save, with this we intend to reach out to those that cannot make it to the banking halls,” said Hiwa.

Bankers Association of Malawi Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Lyness Nkungula hailed NBM plc for the support saying this shows that the bank, as a member, sees the value it gets from the annual conferences.

“The conference is all-inclusive taking it from the theme, we will not only have the banks but a wide aspect of people that will be there and being a developmental theme, you would actually see that we have put in an aspect of entrepreneurship which is also a core business in most of the banks,” Nkungula said. 

BAM plans to hold this year’s annual conference from August 17 to 18.

TNM introduces incentives for new connections… Customers and Agents to receive bumper bonus

Blantyre, August 3, 2023 –New customers of TNM and resellers of SIM cards have every reason to smile as the pioneering mobile network and ICT services provider, proudly announces a bumper offer of free airtime and data for every new SIM card purchase.

New customers will receive 1.4G in bonus data bundles, 200 bonus minutes and 200 bonus SMS for every new SIM card bought when they recharge with at least K200 on Mpamba. In addition, they will qualify for 200 more bonus minutes if they transact with K1,000 or more using their new SIM card on TNM Mpamba. For resellers or agents, they will receive K100 worth of airtime for 5 SIM cards.

“This offer, valid until October 2023, gives new customers of TNM an added advantage of joining a network that offers world class experience with value for money access to data through a 4G and 5G networks and convenience and safety through transactional services available on TNM Mpamba,” said Head of Innovations, Joshua Sichinga

Sichinga said that the new incentives are a continuation of the exciting offers from TNM under its Mahape campaign which celebrates the utility from using TNM network services.

These include access to the 5G and 4G network platform, mobile money, and a wide range of bundles for both voice and data services and Winback campaigns.

“At TNM we are determined to provide the greatest value and experience to our customers and value chain stakeholders like agents. The free incentives underscore our commitment to transform Malawi’s telecommunications landscape, and to share the best of the Mahape moments,” said Sichinga.

Sichinga said the new incentives package is an improved offer as it extends to data and includes Mpamba. Hitherto, the incentive was limited to 138 minutes for voice only.

He said the offer has been designed to empower customers with more data and talk time to give them a cushion in these difficult economic times. At the same time, it will give resale agents a boost for their business by creating demand for their TNM products such as SIM cards and mobile money.

“In coming up with the improved new customer incentive, we factored in the benefits to our customers and how we can help to boost the business for our agents. By selling more SIM cards, they will be increasing their revenue and profit margins, while the Mpamba transactions respond to the need for TNM to apply mobile network technology to promote financial inclusion,” said the Head of Innovations.

The new offers are in line with the economic challenges that have influenced major changes on the market.

High Court Varies Chilima’s Bail Conditions. Today’s 5 Key Points

BAIL CONDITIONS VARIED: Justice Redson Kapindu has today, Tuesday August 1, 2023 varied bail conditions that the lower court had imposed on Vice President Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima when he was arrested in November 2022 over corruption allegations. The Judge has set aside the need to have Chilima’s passport to be kept by the state but instead hand it over to President Lazarus Chakwera for the same reason that the Vice President can not travel without seeking leave of the President.

The court has also set aside the condition to have the Vice President physically report to ACB offices once in every three months, ruling that that requirement does not serve any purpose. Instead, the Office of the Vice President should be informing the ACB about the Veep’s whereabout every two weeks.

During the ruling, Justice Kapindu described as strange the reasoning by ACB prosecutors that the Vice President can still evade trial even although he is guarded by the Malawi Police Service because, according to ACB, the police can not be trusted. The Judge said he refused to join the ACB “on their journey of mistrust of the Malawi Police Service.”

2: NEW CHARGE SHEET: The ACB has dropped initial charges that they levelled on Vice President Chilima and there is now a new charge sheet, prompting the defence to argue that the ammended charge sheet is not supported by law. One of the defence lawyers Khumbo Soko wondered why the sudden change to the charge sheet, nine months after the arrest. “When arresting someone you must show that you are ready,” he said. The court will still make a ruling after submissions from both parties on Plea taking versus new charge sheet.

  1. ACB OBJECTS DISCLOSURERS: The state has objected to the request by the defence to furnish them with additional disclosures which earlier lead lawyer Kalekeni Kaphale had described as “extensive and pervasive.” The Prosecutors told the court that they will comply with other documents but will not disclose some information because it is previlege information. The ACB has since been requested to provide the defence with the required available information/objections within 7 days. This was after the defence complained that they recieved the new charge sheet just two days before court session.
  2. ONE PROSECUTOR COMPROMISED: The defence have filed to the court objecting the continued presence of one prosecutor, arguing that he is “not suitable” to continue prosecuting the case due to conflict of interest. The court will handle this matter in the next court session.
  3. ADJOURNED TO FRIDAY 25 AUGUST 2023: The court has since adjourned proceedings to August 25 where the presiding Judge – Justice Redson Kapindu – will make a number of determinations that will spell the way forward of the case. The Judge will determine on the request that the ACB should furnish more disclosures to the defence. The Prosecution has since argued in court that the demanded information is previleged information and can not be disclosed. The Judge will also determine on the request of the suitability of one prosecutor to prosecute the case. The Judge also indicated that there is another application from the defence questioning the competence of the ACB to prosecute the matter. On the said date, the court will also handle the request by Zodiak Broadcasting Station to cover the case live.
    Constitutional Question
    The Judge observed that if the President was incapacitated – the Vice President by the operation of the law – would become acting President and therefore the set bail conditions would serve no purpose because one would expect the acting President to focus on state affairs without disruptions.

PCL talks on expansion…strategy through mergers and acquisitions

Press Corporation plc (PCL) says it is working on an expansion strategy through mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and has lined up a number of projects to achieve the objective.

Speaking during the 39th Annual General Meeting in Blantyre on Friday, PCL chairperson Randson Mwadiwa, who reported a K36.3.1 billion profit after-tax in the year ended December 31 2022, said the group  remains committed to achieving strategic priorities while navigating the broader market and economic challenges.

“The group’s current strategy is centred around optimizing existing assets and investing in capacity for the future. It is with this in mind that the group envisages organic growth through expansion projects in ethanol businesses to unlock its performance and sustainable potential,” said Mwadiwa.

Mwadiwa further said PCL has also engaged in portfolio rebalancing to pursue greenfield projects in the renewable energy as well as processing and manufacturing.

He also told the shareholders that following the execution of the sale and purchase agreement on People’s Trading Centre (PTC), PCL group completed the exit process from the firm.

He said poor performance coupled with the lack of adequate capital to underwrite the business resulted in a decision to close down PTC.

Commenting on the underperformance of Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) and The Foods Company Limited, Mwadiwa said a decision was made to preserve shareholder value in these entities.

He said for MTL, they consolidated its investment in the telecoms sectors through TNM plc and Open Connect Limited.

One of the shareholders Joe Maele commended PCL board for the changes it has made at the conglomerate and TNM plc, one of PCL’s subsidiaries.

“The change at PCL was much sought after,” he said, referring to the appointment of Ronald Mangani as PCL chief executive officer.

Minority Shareholders Association of Listed Companies secretary general Frank Harawa commended PCL’s performance.

“PCL remains a competitive listed firm on the market with a good dividend payout of K29 per share for 2022. We are seeing progress in the company and we believe that there is a future in this company,” said Harawa.

Meanwhile, shareholders at the AGM approved a K3.487 final dividend representing K29 per share. This follows another interim dividend of K842 million paid on October 28, 2022, bringing the total dividend payable for the financial year 2022 to K4.329 billion being K36 per share, which is above the 2021 financial year dividend of K4.122 billion at K34 per share.

PCL is 47 percent owned by Press Trust, 16.29 percent by Old Mutual Life Assurance Company Limited and 36.13 percent by other shareholders.

NBM supports ICAM, IIA lake conferences

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has given K5 million to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM) and K3 million to Institute of Internal Auditors Malawi (IIA) for their annual conferences in September this year.

Speaking during the symbolic cheque presentation to ICAM on Friday, NBM’s Financial Accountant Mavuto Goodson Jimu said the Bank realizes the benefits that come from such conferences as they will also have a chance to present products to the delegates.

“We are expecting that the gathering will discuss economic challenges the country is facing and come up with practical solutions to resolve the same,” said Jimu.

ICAM Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Noel Zigowa, commended NBM for the donation which he described as timely to help the Institute achieve a successful conference.

“Among other activities delegates are going to discuss this year’s theme which is looking at creating value , building a sustainable economy towards Malawi 2063 goals, as one of the enablers of having effective institutions and professions,” said Zigowa.

Presenting a symbolic cheque to IIA on the same day, NBM Head of Internal Audit, Daniel Jere said the Bank benefits a lot from the IIA events as the institute fosters training and development of practicing internal auditors, some of which work with the Bank.

“As you are aware National Bank is one of the best performing companies on the stock exchange, in fact that comes from the strong governance culture that we have, assisted by internal auditors amongst other functional divisions at the Bank,” said Jere.

Institute of Internal Auditors Malawi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Albert Dambula also hailed NBM plc for the support which he said will help cushion their huge budget.

“The delegates that are coming are internal auditors that are practicing in various organizations such as risk management practitioners, IT auditors as well as the public so that people can fully understand what we normally do, under this year’s theme ‘Internal audit believe, adapt and thrive’” explained Dambula.

Institute of Internal Auditors Malawi plans to hold its annual conference from September 7 to 10, while ICAM will follow suit from September 14 to 16 in Mangochi.

FDH Bank in Capetown to support the Queens

Official sponsors of the Malawi National Netball Team, FDH Bank, have travelled to Capetown in South Africa to offer their support to the girls as they kick start their Netball World Cup finals tonight.

The Queens will open their group B with Scotland in the first Netball World Cup in Africa.

FDH Bank Public Relations Manager Lorraine Chikhula said they felt the need to follow the Queens and give them support to power them up for the competition.

“As a sponsor, we are very excited about the start of the Netball World Cup and The Queens’ participation. We are in Capetown offering them full support, and we wish them all the best as the games start. Our expectations are very high, and we believe The Queens will give a world-class performance and bring back the cup,” she said.

The Malawi Queens interim coach Samuel Kanyenda commended FDH Bank and all Malawians for the support, saying they feel charged up and ready to burn Scotland.

“The good thing is that we prepared well for the competition. We know we are not facing Scotland alone, but we just want to make sure that we start on a high note with a win against Scotland. They are not a new side, and we know them,” he said.

The Queens, ranked sixth in the world, will face third-ranked England on Saturday before playing Barbados on Sunday.

Tonight, Australia will play Zimbabwe, while South Africa battles out with Wales, and Uganda is facing Singapore.